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Cockroach Control: from gels and liquids to traps, scarers

Cockroaches in the house - indicators and source of unsanitary conditions. They carry infections and even bite people. It is noticed that parasites can eat the stumps of the skin on the human body, while he sleeps. Agree, not a very pleasant discovery.

Omnivorous parasites eat not only crumbs, sugar and other food debris. They even paper to taste.

A sufficient amount of moisture provides insects with soil in their flowerpots. They are in a hurry to get rid of unpleasant neighborhoods by means of modern chemicals and proven folk remedies.

Sprays and aerosols

This is a real "ambulance" in the fight against cockroaches. Active chemical compounds in the composition of drugs able to poison the parasites instantly. It is enough to spray the spray in the direction of the largest concentration of insects.

For home use it is best to choose drugs with low toxicity. Important and the lack of smell. So, along with Karbofos, which has a sharp aroma, the Combat is known with a faint pleasant smell.

Spraying is easy and simple. We put on a mask, spray means. After some time, ventilate the room. We arrange wet cleaning.

The average price allows you to choose the means afford. What to poison cockroaches in the apartment? Proven as effective insecticides for insect sprays and aerosols Raid, Raptor, Combat, modern Dichlorvos, Clean House, Get, Hangman, Regent.

Powders and Dusts

it slow death for insects. Than starve cockroaches in the apartment, so it is dust. Powders and dusts are scattered in all corners where the baleen can live. No need to pre-prepare the apartment for processing. The main thing is that pets do not get to the powders. Powders are convenient because their action stretches from several weeks to several months.

Some of the products can be dissolved in water and used as a spray. Spray it with a spray. Along with store powders and dusts, the folk remedy popular is boric acid. I use it in its pure form, diluted or prepared from it a poisonous bait.

Crayons and gels

An alternative to powders is crayons and gels. They benefit from the fact that they can be applied on vertical surfaces. With chalk, continuous lines are drawn along baseboards, around windows and doorways.

The most popular chalk brand Masha.

Gels are applied with dotted lines. They operate on the principle of a chain reaction. Cockroach poison itself and infect other insects. After applying these tools, the effect will be noticeable after 1-2 weeks. The elimination of cockroaches in the apartment: Dohloks, FAS, Forsythe.

Cockroach traps

Traps convenient for prevention. Their action differs depending on the type of trap.

Glue. The simplest designs. Cockroaches catch on a sticky basis. They stick and gradually die. The glue trap can be made independently using glue.

Poisonous. These are miniature houses with poison inside. The aroma attracts insects and makes you try the bait.

Electric. Looks like glue. Insects climb into a small box to eat. Inside they die under the influence of current.

It should not be forgotten that even the most low-toxic products are chemicals. All of them can cause poisoning if used incorrectly. Do not be lazy to use gloves, a mask. And after using the medication, wash hands thoroughly.

Most well-known manufacturing companies offer a choice of a range of products of various shapes and types.Choose a drug depending on what purpose they pursue. Only sprays and aerosols can immediately kill cockroaches. All other insecticides are valid for a week or more. Derive cockroaches forever allow only an integrated approach.

So, we told how cockroaches are removed and what helps cockroaches in an apartment to effectively and quickly today.

Gels and adhesives for the fight against cockroaches

Gels are comfortable and safe to use. Among them are preparations of domestic and foreign manufacturers. Thanks to the syringes-dispensers, the composition is evenly distributed in the habitats of cockroaches: in the space under the sink and refrigerator, on the ventilation pipes, baseboards, legs of tables and chairs, on the back of the gas stove cover. The tool is introduced by dotted lines in the paths of insect movement. It can be called a “time bomb”: cockroaches, falling into the sticky mass with their paws, die, but first they bring the poisonous substance to their brethren, expanding the spectrum of the drug’s action.

Globol (Global) gel is especially popular among German products. It is made on the basis of chlorpyrifos - a broad-spectrum substance with a long-lasting effect. Testing showed that German manufacturers managed to achieve such a concentration that is safe for people and animals. The product is not toxic, no pungent odor, but it is expensive.

Among the domestic preparations Legion Gel is in demand. Created by the latest technology, it destroys both adults and young insects. Manufacturers take two chemicals as a basis: pyrethroid deltamethrin, which causes paralysis of cockroaches, and diflubenzuron, which leads to genetic changes in the offspring. This allows you to achieve a lasting effect (up to 3 months). Legion Gel has a high speed of action: the first insect corpses appear in an hour. It has an affordable price, it is considered safe for children and animals and does not contain an unpleasant smell.

The advantage of the Taiga brand is its low cost and ability to kill cockroaches and ants with the help of chlorpyrifos, acting through the digestive system. The same substance is contained in gels Great Warrior and Deadly Power. The first, according to customer reviews, has an unpleasant smell, and the second - the sweetish aroma of vanilla. Manufacturers have added a bitter taste to the tool to protect against poisoning of pets. Both drugs have an affordable price. Instructions say that insects can not adapt to the active substance, however, in the reviews, customers are advised to use the tools comprehensively. Good reviews of Gallium Bullitt, Dohloks and Domovoy, the duration of the active action of which is about 2 months. Raptor manufacturers promise that cockroaches will not disturb for 8 months.

In the fight against insects also use a special glue. It is squeezed out of a tube onto cardboard, placed on the paths of movement of cockroaches. The tool is inconvenient because it is possible for a person to step on it and get his feet dirty, so glue traps are more often used. These are boxes with several entrances through which cockroaches get inside to smell the bait. Once in the sticky mass, they can not move and die. Popular glue traps - Taiga, Forsyth, Raptor.

High Speed ​​Insecticides

Liquids, aerosols and powders quickly destroy pests, but require special care in the process. Emulsions are more toxic than gels, but more effective. The substance from the vial is diluted with water and sprayed from a spray bottle, distributing throughout the room over a large area. The drug fights insects, even in remote places. Before the procedure, turn off the electricity to spray the liquid on sockets and household appliances - areas where cockroaches hide.Air vents are sealed, eliminating the possibility of insect shelter. After that, the processing of sheets, blankets, pillows, carpets, upholstered furniture and cabinets. For the implementation of the procedure you need glasses, a respirator, rubber gloves. During the disinfestation, it is necessary to leave the accommodation for 8 hours, then ventilate the room and carry out wet cleaning in the rooms. Consider the most well-known drugs.

The German brand Executioner is a yellowish liquid with a specific odor. It contains a poisonous substance, fenthion, which through the respiratory tract enters the body of the insect, paralyzes the nervous system and leads to the death of a cockroach. The tool destroys not only adult individuals, but also their offspring (larvae and eggs). It is safe for humans, so it is used for disinsection in children and hospitals. The executioner leaves no residue, disappears quickly. Significant "minus" - its high cost. Sold in bottles of 5-10 ml. For processing, for example, one apartment of 40 square meters uses 12 units of the facility for the primary and repeated procedures.

The Russian drug Tsifox fights cockroaches, bedbugs, ants and other insects with cypermethrin. After half an hour the substance begins an active action, the result is maintained up to 3 months. Among the disadvantages of the drug can be distinguished by a sharp smell and the need to prepare the tool, observing the exact dosage. Insects cease to react to the substance during secondary processing, by this time they are adapting. Similar characteristics of the means Taran.

Domestic liquid Cucaracha different affordable price. This is a chemical mixture of a bluish color with an unpleasant odor. Effective, but can cause allergic reactions, has a carcinogenic effect.

Aerosols and sprays quickly deal with insects. Cockroaches die within minutes of contact with particles of the active substance. Domestic manufacturers offer aerosol Clean House and spray Baron. Preparations are ready to use, convenient to use - the usual balloon is supplemented with special nozzles that help to spray the substance in hard-to-reach places. Aerosols are toxic to humans, therefore it is necessary to use protective equipment. A large amount of inhaled vapor leads to poisoning.

Powder (dust) - the product checked by time. It is economical, affordable, but requires caution in the application. Accidental inhalation or ingestion results in poisoning. Small particles are permanently deposited in the air, difficult to clean. Pure house powder is based on cypermethrin and karbofos, has a grayish tint, is enhanced by piperonyl butoxide, paralyzes the nervous system of pests. It is not necessary for a cockroach to eat a remedy; it is enough to run over the surface with the substance scattered on it, as dust particles soil its paws and abdomen, penetrate the chitinous membrane into the body. While the insect is being cleaned, the product enters through the digestive tract and kills the pest.

Powder Clean House is effective in fighting cockroaches

The Fas line of products offers not only powder, but also tablets and gel against cockroaches, ants and bedbugs. The combination of cypermethrin and thiamethoxam causes insect paralysis. Tablets and powder are dissolved with water, the resulting composition is sprayed from the spray room. The substance does not kill the larvae, so after 2-3 weeks requires repeated pest control. A person spraying Fas must use protective clothing, a respirator, gloves and goggles, as the product is toxic.

To protect pets and children from exposure to gels and powders, use traps. Their peculiarity is that poisons are located inside a plastic or paper box with holes through which insects penetrate inside to the smell of fatty bait.Then the cockroaches spread the substance to their habitats. Traps are convenient because they can be glued on vertical surfaces. Popular brands are Dohlox and Taiga.

User feedback on sprays, powders and aerosols

In the store, the sellers advised the FAS remedy, although earlier a different remedy helped me a couple of times. But since lately, the reviews on Regent are bad, I decided to try the recommended FAS. And what? no effect. Absolutely. I even think they became more. Just a nightmare. I do not know how to cope with them. So, do not waste, buy something else. And I'll probably try the proven old Regent again.


Spray Baron is a real salvation for our family. It’s hard to say where cockroaches come from, one day they discovered one, then another. They became more and more. I did not think long, took up their destruction. We have a small child and it was impossible to take a long time. I got the drug, sprinkled it, went to sleep with my mom, the next day they seemed to be less, they were paralyzed. In hard-to-reach places, I also sprayed extra and after a week they disappeared. Totally. The tool works, but not immediately, for us, in principle, it is suitable, as compared with others, it is not so toxic and more benign for people.

Anna Robent

Quite by chance in the store came across a remedy for Medilis Supercil from cockroaches. It is in the form of a spray. Convenient packaging and economical consumption, as it turned out. I sprayed the whole apartment with this spray and went for a walk for 15 minutes. Returning, washed all the work surfaces. The next day, in all the apartments I found corpses of cockroaches. It worked! A week later, she repeated the same procedure (recommended in the instructions). Cockroaches retreated - not even believe it. The tool has a smell - but quickly disappears. It does not act on people - they checked it themselves. The smell is tolerable. In general, Medilis SuperSyla coped 100%.


Latest pest control technologies

Means for the destruction of insects are constantly being improved. Today, fumigators are becoming popular - heating devices for toxic agents. Distinguish between smoke, electric and water. The principle of action of drugs is that the active substances, when heated, enter the air and destroy pests.

Smoke fumigators can be in the form of a spiral, which, burning, releases toxic fumes and repels insects. This tool came up in Japan. The smoke bomb is placed on the floor in the middle of the room (kitchen), placed in a deep metal dish so that it does not fall out, then set on fire. Smoke begins to emit, which fills the room, penetrating into small cracks. At this point, you need to leave the room. After a few hours, it is thoroughly ventilated, wet-cleaned. After two weeks, the procedure is repeated. Smoke Bomb Raptor destroys a population of insects. Popular brands are Silent Evening, Cifume, City. The tool is effective, but throughout the week remains an unpleasant smell. The drug can be dangerous for people with allergies and asthma.

Aqua-fumigators require the same precautions as when using smoke bombs. They are based on cyphenothrinum, safe for humans, but toxic in large doses. To start the process, you need to add water to the tank with aqua-fumigator. The reaction begins with the release of steam containing toxic substances. The room envelops the fog with an unpleasant smell, penetrating into all the cracks and destroying pests. After two or three hours it is necessary to ventilate the room, do a wet cleaning. After three to four weeks, the procedure is repeated. Among the negative aspects of the drug is a strong odor, which persists for a long time, as well as another drawback - the high price compared with powders, gels, aerosols.

Akvafumigator the Raptor is simple and safe in application

No chemicals work drugs brand Typhoon. The device generates high frequency sounds that you do not hear, unlike insects that are under stress due to noise.Repellers that fight pests with electromagnetic waves damage the nervous system of cockroaches. If you use the devices constantly, but not periodically, the insects will leave the room.

The repeller Pest Reject is safe for humans and animals. Its action is based on a combination of electromagnetic waves and ultrasound. Powered by mains or batteries, the impulse penetrates the walls. The area of ​​action is up to 200 square meters.

Video: rules for the use of cockroaches

Pest control is a serious and responsible matter. Discovering a large selection of tools, you realize that you can free a room from cockroaches by yourself. It is important to choose the right tool in this fight, carefully study the instructions, observe all conditions and do not forget about the precautionary measures. Gels and traps are the safest products for humans and pets. If the number of cockroaches is frightening, they will help fluids, but they need to be used carefully. Aerosols are effective, but can not cover a large space of the room. Smoke bombs and aqua fumigators work well with the problem. If you are not afraid of a sharp residual smell, choose these drugs. Repellers, electrical and ultrasonic traps are safe, convenient as an additional means of pest control. Plan a set of actions and use of substances. Make the right choice!

However, it is necessary to immediately take into account several factors:
  • pets in the apartment
  • having small children
  • allergies in the family.

When choosing products, one must remember that poisons are not only harmful to insects.

Remedies for cockroaches can cause both allergies and poisoning, be it aerosols, gels, powders or solutions. When purchasing a product, you should carefully read the instructions for use and pay attention to the warnings.

It is best to give preference to drugs that act quickly, are not available for children and animals, do not cause allergies. And there are such funds. You can see a lot of offers on sites, in stores, hear tips from neighbors, friends. Which drug is better? The most effective remedy for cockroaches is one that will help exactly in your situation.

"Chocolate" for cockroaches

Very effective insecticide containing gel. Sometimes this gel smells like chocolate, sometimes with sugar syrup - for baiting baleen parasites. Lay out the gel in the field of cockroach trails: near the gutters, sinks, on baseboards, near the ventilation holes. The advantages of this method: the bait is not visible to the eyes, it acts very effectively, does not require reapplication for a long time. Cons: dangerous to animals and children

They are now trying to make them not too stinky, interrupting the scents of flowers and fruits. Pros: instant effect. Cons: in addition to toxicity (for children, animals, patients) and allergies, the effect is not stable, the cockroaches will return again. In addition, there may be stains on furniture and wallpaper,

Traps in the form of "houses" with stickies

Usually, chocolate for cockroaches, a toxic gel, is left next to them. But without the gel, the insects crawl into traps and cannot get out of there. Pros: the humane method, cockroaches stick well. Cons: the scale of the destruction of parasites is not great. With a small number of cockroaches in the apartment, it is a suitable means.

Cockroaches live on earth for millions of years, because they can even adapt to poisons. Therefore, it is necessary to change the means of combating parasites.

Traps, appliances, scarers from stores

In the store you can see a lot of interesting devices to combat cockroaches. For example, there are wheels. They do not smell, do not leave a trace. But in order for the cockroach to become infected and suffer the poison of its congeners, it must run through this disk. Lay out such an “ambush” on the trail of cockroaches. Traps for cockroaches with Velcro - also one of the running means.But as insects accumulate, such a trap will have to be thrown out. The alternative is an electric trap. She lures the parasites with the smell of food, warmth, and then kills them with electricity. It is only necessary to shake out the contents of the trap from time to time and reuse it.

There are still devices such as ultrasonic repellers. Sometimes you can hear an advertising proposal that the lonely system destroys both midges, mosquitoes, and cockroaches. In fact, flying parasites can really get scared and fly away, and cockroaches need other ultra-waves, which most likely also have a negative effect on humans and animals. This is not proven, but not disproved. However, you can often hear complaints about the fact that cockroaches do not get less from such scaring, and people have a headache, pets lose appetite.

Popular methods of breeding cockroaches

During the years of persistent struggle against cockroaches, the people came up with a lot of their own methods. One of them is based on the use of boric acid. It can be mixed with boiled egg, butter and potatoes. Roll balls and spread out in the favorite places of insects. Often this place becomes the kitchen. Cockroaches will quickly disappear. But if the house has pets, this method will not be safe for them.

Another method is to use a glass jar as a trap. Inside the jar, you need to grease with a non-quick-drying glue and put bait, for example, fresh onions. Cockroaches gladly climb on the smell, but can not get back.

Good for these purposes, duct tape or ordinary tape, which must be put adhesive side up. Next to such a trap is an odorous piece of food.

In the ranking of numerous anti-baleen parasite drugs, several drugs are leading:
  • Globol - German pasta, which has not high doses of toxic components, harmless to people and animals. It is laid out in small places in the habitats of cockroaches. There is no smell. After a couple of weeks, the insects disappear completely, and you can forget about them for several years,
  • Regent - an excellent remedy for the Colorado potato beetle, but also effective for cockroaches. It is enough to dissolve a tiny bag of 250 grams. water and spray cockroach trails. Even when the product dries, the slaughter effect remains. Cockroaches just disappear for a long time. Neither smell nor trace leaves. But it is better that there is no contact with this substance for pets, perceptibly toxic,
  • Get - an excellent tool that is diluted in water 1:10 and sprayed in problem areas. The drug is not toxic to humans and animals, has no odor, leaves no trace. And cockroaches will not be many months,
  • Dohlox gel is not toxic to humans and pets, kills only cockroaches. Apply easily dashed line on the cockroach paths. Already on the third day there will not be a single mustache. The effect persists for a long time.

Which of the named means is the best - it depends on the number of cockroaches in the apartment and the presence of their relatives in the apartments of their neighbors. When choosing products, one should only choose less toxic and more effective ones. They are more expensive, but they are worth it.

Disinsection and extermination of cockroaches in the apartment: specialized services

Calling to the house specialized services to combat insects, it is necessary to prepare in advance. Remove edibles, take away pets.

Experts, going to the specified address, first check the places of insect accumulation, select the appropriate means to combat them. Usually, these remedies are safe for people and animals, but disastrous for cockroaches, fleas, rats, and even mold.

Processing may take several hours. “Cold fog” is not rarely used. This is an effective method for indoor and outdoor spaces. After processing, the owners should air out everything, do a wet cleaning.

Timely prevention of the appearance of cockroaches

Cockroaches love unsanitary conditions. And also water. In order for uninvited whiskers to appear in the house, it is necessary to keep the house clean, first of all, the kitchen. And try that nowhere was there a drop of water, no leakage of plumbing. Trash can should be tightly closed. And food for animals does not lie in the clear on the floor. Plates and cups should be washed and laid dry in cabinets. Worktop must be cleaned after use.

We must try to block the paths for insects - cracks, cracks. And you should definitely take out the garbage at night from the house. And after that, wash the trash bin and wipe it dry. For such insects, even a small crumb of food and a drop of water is enough for life. It is necessary to block access to these two components.

And if there were cockroaches earlier, then let for prevention in the places of their possible appearance there will be gels from insects harmless to people and pets.

However, the hungry and dehydrated cockroaches themselves will go from such living conditions to where they are more pleased.

Another method of prevention is to air the room on cold days. Cockroaches are thermophilic, they die of cold.

Effective means of cockroaches in the apartment

There is an opinion that unpleasant insects cockroaches appear in those apartments where uncleanliness and chaos reigns. But this is absolutely not the case - these beetles can even live in expensive luxury apartments. Cockroaches can move from a neighbor's apartment, or the person himself can bring them home, for example, while visiting. The ideal habitat for them are damp, dusty and dark places with high air temperature, especially if there are a lot of food residues and water nearby.

Methods of struggle

In order to effectively and permanently get rid of these insects, it is necessary to carefully study their habits and behavior:

  • They are able to stay for a long time without food, but if they restrict access to water, all insects will die. For effective pest control, it is necessary to completely restrict their access to the liquid and keep the apartment completely dry and clean.
  • Cockroaches love everything bright and pleasant smelling. This feature can be successfully used for the manufacture of poisoned baits.
  • These bugs are able to share information with their own kind. Therefore, even if one cockroach escapes from a trap, its relatives will bypass this place.
  • Pests do not tolerate bright saturated light. In order to get rid of them forever, it is necessary to make the room well lit at any time of the day.
  • Since cockroaches are night insects, it is better to exterminate them at night, when the colony begins a real peak of activity.
  • The cockroach can live without a head for several days, after which it grows a new one. Cockroaches feed on any food and household waste (paper, cloth), dead insects, animal hair, carrion, etc.

Danger to humans

Cockroaches are constant carriers of pathogens (Escherichia coli, tuberculosis and even hepatitis), worms eggs.

These whiskers are able to climb a sleeping person into the ear or mouth, can bite in some cases, and if there is a shortage of food, they spoil household items.

Our readers recommend! To get rid of cockroaches, our readers advise repeller Pest-Reject. The operation of the device is based on the technology of electro-magnetic pulses and ultrasonic waves! Absolutely safe, environmental remedy for humans and pets.

Buy an effective drug to get rid of cockroaches and other pests today is not a problem. They are sold literally at every step - in supermarkets, household chemical stores and, of course, in specialized agricultural stores. Modern means of getting rid of these insects are divided into 3 large categories, each of which has its own pros and cons:

  1. Means of operational action (various insecticidal sprays, aerosols and special devices - fumigators).
  2. Delayed products (baits, traps, stick sticks, smoke bombs, gels and powdery substances).
  3. Ultrasonic electronic devices to repel pests.

Means of operational action

These drugs have a lot of pros and cons. Among the advantages include:

  • The rapid achievement of the desired effect - the destruction of insects within a few hours after the treatment of the room.
  • Wide range.
  • The possibility of processing even in remote places (narrow crevices, ventilation pipes, small cracks, the space under the furniture, etc.).
  • They destroy not only adult cockroaches, but also make their larvae unviable.
  • Can act not only on cockroaches, but also on other insects in the house - red and black ants, moths, weevils, etc.

In addition to the advantages, insecticides and flaws are not without them. Minuses:

  • An overly toxic composition of drugs can affect not only insects, but also pets and people.
  • Although manufacturers declare the relative safety of insecticides for humans, poisoning is still possible (especially for those who process the premises). The consequences can be headache, allergies, nosebleeds, nausea, and in some cases even loss of consciousness.
  • Suitable only for the treatment of small rooms, and only on the condition that then it can be well ventilated.
  • The cost of these types of insecticidal drugs is much higher than that of agents with delayed action.

Good old Dichlorvos

One of the most familiar and frequently used drugs is Dichlorvos. In the modern market, it has long been impossible to find a tool with a sharp unpleasant odor known to everyone since the Soviet times. Manufacturers have released its upgraded counterpart - Neh Dichlorvos, which differs from its counterpart in that it has no smell and acts more efficiently and safely for humans.

For quick disposal of fleas, there are only three effective options:

This insecticide belongs to the third class of toxicity. Its active substances are substances of the permethrin class, as well as dimethyl sulfoxide, piperonyl butoxide, etc. This drug is capable of killing adult individuals of cockroaches and their larvae, and also for a long time to scare their colony from the chosen territory. But modern insects had time to get used to it and neutralize the negative impact.

Spray Raptor and Raid

Insecticidal agents in the form of fine aerosols Reid and Raptor have a similar mechanism of action, which are very convenient for use in the fight against these harmful inhabitants of human dwellings.

After processing, uninvited guests - cockroaches and other insects - die almost instantly and do not return to their former habitat for a long time.

But these drugs are toxic and represent a serious danger when inhaled by humans or pets.

Microencapsulated drugs

The microencapsulated substance Geth is a long-awaited novelty on the market, which managed to win the deserved attention and demand of the consumer. Moreover, this drug fights against insects in the house in a complex way - it destroys not only cockroaches, but also ants, bugs, fleas and even spiders.

Everybody is capable of qualitatively and quickly treating a room contaminated with cockroaches without the help of professionals. Inside each microcapsule contains a concentrated active ingredient chlorpyrifos. The drug must be diluted with clean water at a concentration of 1: 5 (or 1:10, depending on the size of the colony of cockroaches), let stand for 10 minutes and treat the room. After that, it is necessary to air for at least 3 hours.

The drug has a lot of advantages: it is absolutely harmless to children, adults and their pets, hypoallergenic and does not have a specific pronounced smell, does not leave spots and marks on the surface, has a long duration of action from 0.5 to 1.5 years.

Universal Insecticide Regent

A good tool for the rapid extermination of cockroaches is Regent - a means of odorless cockroaches. He managed to establish himself as an effective drug to combat various insect pests (including the Colorado potato beetle).

The active ingredient is activated in the gastrointestinal tract of the beetle, causing epidemic diseases, as a result of which the entire colony dies as soon as possible.

The concentration of the drug depends on the degree of contamination of the treated area. The usual dosage - 1 bag of Regent must be dissolved in 250 - 300 ml of water, mix thoroughly and treat the places where cockroaches accumulate.

The drug is toxic, so the treatment should be carried out in a respirator and thick rubber gloves, avoiding the slightest contact with open skin, respiratory tract, eyes and mucous membranes.

With a delayed effect

This group is the most numerous in a variety of forms of insecticide preparations, as well as the mode of action on insects. It includes a variety of gels, baits, traps, powders, crayons, stick sticks, etc. To achieve the best effect, it is recommended to use them in combination with preparations of rapid exposure.

Advantages of delayed action:

  • Low toxicity compared with express drugs.
  • The possibility of total destruction of pests: cockroaches - “contact” insects that will definitely come to the bait with their relatives.
  • Democratic price.
  • A variety of insecticide forms in every situation.
  • Convenient to use.

Disadvantages of delayed action:

  • Bring cockroaches in several days will not work, for a full disinsection will take from several days to several weeks time,
  • Some gels, crayons, and powders may leave unaesthetic marks on surfaces.
  • Requires frequent updates.
  • For complete destruction of all entrances and exits of insects from the premises must be carefully isolated.

Dustov powders

One of the oldest and time-tested funds is dust. Douste is the name of any powder whose purpose is to effectively fight insects. In addition to traditional powdered products, powders from Chinese-made cockroaches are rapidly gaining popularity. One of the most famous insecticides from the Middle Kingdom is a tool called the Red Dragon.

The specificity of its practical application is very simple: in a dry concentrated form or dissolved in water. For the effective destruction of insects, dry matter must be scattered in places of the largest accumulation of cockroaches.

To prepare the solution, it is necessary to mix the powder with water at a consistency of 1:10 and carefully treat the sites of baleen pests. The active substance through the holes in the chitinous shell enters the body of the insect directly and causes him to severe intoxication.

It is important to remember that, although powders are considered to be one of the safest products for humans, they should still be used with caution, especially where there are pets and small children.

Tarax insecticide

Tarax powder is an effective insecticide for controlling cockroaches and other insect pests. Its distinctive feature is the ability to handle premises up to 60 square meters. In addition, this tool is harmless to humans and pets.

Tarax is used in dissolved form and does not cause addiction to pests.For the treatment of the premises, it is necessary to dissolve the package with the preparation in 200-250 ml of water and thoroughly process the resulting solution using floor plinths, ventilation shafts, surfaces near cracks and cracks, as well as other places of the greatest accumulation of insects. The most convenient way to disinfect with a syringe with a long needle.

When a substance hits the surface, a film forms, with which cockroaches adjoin their abdomens and legs. Subsequently, the ingress of active ingredients into the body intoxication occurs, and the insect dies. Moreover, cockroaches themselves can infect their relatives by direct physical contact with them.

Tool Executioner

The German drug in the form of a powder is one of the most effective insecticide products, which compares favorably with its market analogues. Its main advantages are absolute harmlessness, the absence of smell and quick action.

The active ingredient of Executioner is fenthion - a development of German scientists. When inhaled by insects, it enters its nervous system and literally paralyzes the pest. Fenthion has an effect not only on adult cockroaches, it also makes their larvae and eggs unviable. The executioner is very economical to use - one bottle is enough to handle an apartment of 50 square meters. m and, in addition, no stains on the surface.

In addition to powdery preparations, there are many other modern means of cockroaches in the apartment: gels, traps, baits, crayons, pencils, etc.

Ultrasonic Electronic Scare Device

Ultrasonic cockroach repellers are one of the most harmless ways to get rid of cockroaches. It is an absolute guarantee that neither a pet nor a small child will become victims of intoxication or allergies. In addition, such devices will not exactly leave unaesthetic marks on surfaces in the house.

Producers promise that insects will leave the house forever, and at the same time the consumer will not have to mess with insecticides and cleaning the bodies of poisoned insects. But the effectiveness of such devices is still questionable.

The best means of cockroaches in the apartment

Saw a cockroach in his kitchen or where not to be still in the apartment - be sure, he came to visit more than one. Cockroaches can migrate in various ways, they can crawl into bags or other things and move with you from other places. And if urgent measures are not taken, soon there will be no salvation from these invaders. You can call professionals, but it will take time, blocking access to the apartment. You can also try to get rid of pesky neighbors yourself. The following are the best means of cockroaches in the apartment, according to feedback from network users.

Global. Not cheap, but an effective remedy for cockroaches seems to be a German manufacturer. It has a long lasting effect, for maximum effect, you need to use it for two weeks. The drug is packaged in tubes and has the appearance of a paste. Through a special dispenser, small balls are squeezed out in places where cockroaches accumulate. The product is safe for pets and people. Does not form immunity to the active substance in cockroaches. But, nevertheless, you should not neglect the precautionary measures, it is advisable not to contact with the drug.

Regent. This remedy can meet you in various forms, capsules, ampoules or powder. Depending on the concentration of red invaders in your apartment, it is determined how much cockroach agents need to be added to the solution. At home, the maximum concentration of the drug is a bag or two capsules of 250 ml of water. The solution should be applied in protective equipment such as a respirator and rubber gloves. Then clog the apartment for a couple of hours. Before letting into the apartment of its inhabitants air.Clean up in the coming days. The tool was originally developed to fight the Colorado potato beetle, but our inquisitive people thought of using it against cockroaches and did not lose.

Concentrate GET. If it were not for its relatively high price, the tool could be considered the best in the fight against cockroaches. He destroys not only cockroaches, but also other unwanted insects. The drug is not toxic, but do not neglect the elementary safety rules. The product is sold in bottles of 100 ml, it must be diluted in a liter of water and sprayed in places where insects are detected. It has a barrier effect and prevents insects from getting into your apartment from the outside. When processing the apartment, pay attention to the mines of pipes, and other places from which the invaders can seep out. Insects become infected only after passing through the spraying sites of the drug. Concentrate "GET" does not leave stains and traces, has no smell. It is also harmless to mammals.

Dohlox. This drug can be used with alternating with other means of cockroaches, as it is addictive and immune to it. "Dohloks" is sold in the form of a gel, in a tube, having the form of a syringe of 20 ml. Apply the gel in a broken line in the habitats of cockroaches, the result is noticeable after about 6 hours. Poisoned insects die within 5-8 hours. On the third day after applying the product, the red pests will disappear altogether. An attractive feature of the drug is its low price. The manufacturer indicates that the insecticide is harmless to humans and pets, but strongly advises to avoid direct contact with it.

COMBAT. If all the grass and grass cockroaches, and they all climb, then this tool is for you. The trap is valid up to three months, it infects cockroaches caught in it, they in turn spread the insecticide to other individuals. Complete disappearance occurs within two weeks. The trap, unlike some gels, powders and solutions does not leave any traces, has no smell, does not cause allergies. The manufacturer claims that the drug used in the trap is not toxic, but do not disassemble it and check it. In the fight against a large insect invasion, it is necessary to use more disks, otherwise the effect will not be.

Masha. The most popular remedy for cockroaches among the crayons. Due to the combined mixture of insecticides in the composition is quite an effective tool in the fight against cockroaches. Apply the chalk should be in places where cockroaches are seen, greasy not dashed line. Insect stumbles on an obstacle and eats it and die within 24 hours. The chalk applied lasts about a week, if the cockroaches have not disappeared, repeat the application. Although the chalk is non-toxic to animals and people, take precautions. Especially when storing chalk, keep it away from children and pets. With direct ingestion, any insecticide that is most harmless to humans will cause a lot of unpleasant sensations.

Raptor and Raid. Spray is considered to be the most rapidly acting means of cockroaches among insecticides. Due to the combined content, they have a more enhanced effect. Insects are killed almost instantly. Spray can be sprayed in the most inaccessible places of insect nesting. The lack of such means is their insecurity for people. When spraying the room must be freed, take precautions in the form of a respirator, avoid contact with exposed skin. For more effective action it is also recommended to clog the apartment for a couple of hours.

Dichlorvos. The spray familiar to everyone since childhood differs from others in its specific, unpleasant smell, but its attractiveness is in its instant action. It kills almost all insects, and is considered the best cure for cockroaches among sprays. Spray must be sprayed directly on the cockroaches, their larvae.It is also used to scare away mosquitoes in the open air, flies in the apartment. The disadvantages of the means, in addition to its unpleasant odor, is still addictive cockroaches to the composition of the insecticide.

Boric acid. Safe, for humans and animals, low toxic and non-allergenic insecticide is widely known among the population. The most effective remedy for cockroaches is the manufacture of baits with the addition of powder. The bait is made from egg yolk or flour and powder, small balls roll out of the mixture. It is also possible to sprinkle powder on the cockroach detection sites. But the cockroaches themselves do not eat powder and are poisoned by their paws. This method is less effective, many recommend the first option. When detecting cockroaches, in addition to the use of insecticides, it is necessary to arrange general cleaning weekly and clean out possible places for feeding cockroaches.

Ultrasonic scarers. This remedy for cockroaches is the safest for humans and pets. Choose such devices should be selected depending on the area of ​​the room and the radius of the unit. It can operate on mains or batteries. These devices do not kill cockroaches, however, due to the inaudible human ear ultrasound, it makes the insect's stay in this room intolerable. Initially, ultrasound was used to repel mosquitoes, but when exposure was detected and the device was reconfigured to cockroaches. Shops offer universal ultrasonic emitters that simple users can tune to the frequency they need. Be it cockroaches, mosquitoes or rodents.

Types and types of funds

There are three ways to fight cockroaches:

  1. Chemical method It involves the use of poisonous drugs acting on the insect's nervous system. Best suited for the extermination of a large population. The following chemicals are presented in the stores:
    • Aerosols. They are easy to use and give quick results. They begin to act immediately after spraying, the insects die in a day. On the second day the apartment is cleaned, and it is suitable for living. True, for the treatment of the room will have to be freed from people and pets. In addition, insects eventually adapt to the same chemicals, so aerosol brands must alternate.
    • Gels. Do not pose a danger to people, act throughout the crescent, are quite effective. Sold in tubes and syringes, applied to the places of movement of pests: plinth, under the furniture, behind the refrigerator. Having tasted the poison, the cockroach does not die immediately, and therefore manages to transfer it on its paws to its native nest. Mass infection begins, and after a certain time the insects disappear.
    • Powders Their principle of operation is the same as that of gels. The result is delayed - it will take time for all the individuals to die. It will be necessary to process the apartment at least once a week until complete removal of baleen pests.
    • Crayons and pencils. With their help they draw closed lines near water sources, slots, ventilation grilles, along plinths. The duration of the crayons is small - only 7-9 days. If the apartment is densely populated with cockroaches, the tool may be ineffective.
  2. Physical way. It is suitable when there are few insects or they occasionally run in from their neighbors. The following types of tools are available to the average consumer:
    • Traps. They can electrocute a creature inside. Or disguised as a feeder with a poisoned bait. Many traps are covered with a sticky substance that holds the cockroach. All tools are very easy to use and do not pose a danger to other inhabitants of the apartment.
    • Scarers. These are special devices that affect insects by ultrasound or electromagnetic waves.They are connected to the outlet, they are simple to use, but they can only scare away the pests and not destroy them.
  3. Biological method. The fight against cockroaches instruct other living creatures. For example, a cat. True, overfishing a large number of insects in domestic Murka is not under force.

Overview of the best tools

Cockroaches are a huge amount of drugs. To help people make the right choice, their rating was based on customer feedback. We present to your attention the funds that took the first 10 places.

  1. ConcentrateGET. Available in the form of polymer capsules filled with white liquid. The active ingredient was flapyrifos, which also kills bedbugs, fleas, ants, and flies. The tool is diluted in water and sprayed from the spray. It does not pose a danger to people and animals, leaves no traces, there is no unpleasant smell. Cockroaches disappear in 7 days. The effect of the drug continues for another six months. Average price: 720 rubles.
  2. Global gel. Created on the basis of the same active means as GET. Experiments have proven that one drop of it kills 500 cockroaches. Paste is applied on paper strips and laid out in secluded places. Its action is delayed, a pronounced effect can be observed after 2 weeks. The agent retains its destructive properties for two months. Cost: 250 rubles.
  3. Insecticide "Regent". It happens in the form of powder or solution. Invented against the Colorado potato beetle, but copes well with cockroaches. The active ingredient - fipronil - requires a person to observe precautions. Cockroaches will die within a few days, infecting each other. The main disadvantages are the Regent’s toxicity and the short duration of action is only one month. 100 grams cost 2700 rubles.
  4. Gel "Dohloks." Low toxicity agent based on fipronil. Safe for pets, begins to act after 6 hours. The maximum result is visible on the third day. Protects the apartment for about two months. It is inexpensive - only 50 rubles.
  5. Pitfalls "COMBAT». Suitable for families with small children, can be mounted in hard to reach places on the walls, near the products. Active agent - gidrometilnon. Having climbed inside the trap, the insect comes in contact with poison and transports it to its congeners. Protection works 3 months. Four containers cost 170 rubles.
  6. Crayon "Masha". Includes two insecticides - deltamethrin and zetacypermethrin. Bold continuous lines are drawn under the bathroom, on baseboards, window sills, near the ventilation grilles, near the thresholds, on the back of the furniture. Cockroaches, who ate the drug, die within a day. Effective drug for about a week, and is more suitable for prevention. It costs about 50 rubles.
  7. Spray "Raptor". It contains cypermethrin, tetramethrin and piperonyl butoxide. It acts instantly, does not spoil the wallpaper, does not leave a specific smell. Non-toxic by inhalation. One tube is enough to handle a two-room apartment. Price - 150 rubles.
  8. Aerosol "Raid". Created on the basis of strong insecticides from the class of pyrethroids. Destroys not only insects, but also the larvae. It is quite toxic, it smells strongly, has a prolonged effect for 6 months. It costs about 200 rubles.
  9. Spray "Dichlorvos." Contains substances such as permethrin, tetramethrin, dimethyl sulfoxide, piperonyl butoxide, diethyl toluamide. It has a pungent smell and fast action. Available - will cost only 50 rubles. Frightens cockroaches for 1-2 months. However, they very quickly adapt to it, and the drug has to be changed.
  10. Gel "FAS". It consisted of two insecticides - cypermethrin and diazinon. The tool has a smell that attracts insects. You will see the greatest effect in 7 days, and in 3 weeks the apartment will be clean. Protection lasts up to 8 months or more. Price - around 50 rubles.

Folk remedies

They are not as effective, but they are absolutely safe for the health of apartment owners and pets.

  • The first place deservedly belongs to boric acid, which causes insect paralysis and death. To make animals eat it, baits are prepared:
  • mix 30–40 gr. boric acid and boiled yolk,
  • kneaded "dough" of equal parts of flour, sugar and boric acid.

From the resulting mixtures, balls are molded and laid out in the habitats of cockroaches. Also boric acid is poured into the water, which is left to the insects at night, scattered on the plinths.

  • You can do it yourself traps for cockroaches:
  • lubricate the neck of the jar, pour honey or beer at the bottom,
  • stick the tape on the cardboard with the sticky side up and drop some honey on it.
  • Widely used to repel insects smells. To do this, rub the baseboard with kerosene, turpentine or denatured alcohol, clean the floor with ammonia, wipe the tables with lemon juice or dilute geranium flowers.

Causes of cockroaches

To solve a problem, you need to know the cause of its occurrence. Most often, cockroaches infest:

  • moving from neighbors who have a lot of them
  • escaping from the chemical-treated apartment,
  • get accidentally in a bag, with things, packages and linger, finding living conditions suitable.

Suitable conditions for cockroaches are:

  • food in the public domain (empty garbage can, unwashed stove, food left on the table),
  • water (wet sink, water in a flower pot, dripping tap),
  • the presence of cracks where you can hide.


Therefore, it is possible to protect oneself from an undesirable neighborhood with cockroaches if:

  • maintain an ideal order in the apartment (to carry out general cleaning, to throw out garbage in time, to clean food for the night, to wipe dry all the plumbing, to water the flowers in the morning),
  • to seal up the gaps and holes, to close the ventilation holes,
  • to treat insects from the best chemicals from the TOP-10, united with neighbors,
  • in severe cases, resort to the services of professionals,
  • some time after processing, use crayons, traps and folk remedies to avoid re-settlement.

Cockroach Behavior

To make the result more predictable, you need to know as much as possible about the behavior of cockroaches. There are many myths, people believe them, and then they wonder why they did not manage to get rid of nasty insects.

It is believed that it is enough to leave them without food and water, and the problem will be solved by itself. In part, it is. But for this you need to collect all the cockroaches and put them in a completely empty metal or glass container.

In an ordinary apartment with no restrictions on movement, cockroaches will always find food and water. They will eat wallpaper glue. It is even easier with water - there is always water in the cistern and toilet sink. This complicates the fight against insecticide cockroaches, as their use of liquid reduces the concentration of poison.

Since cockroaches live in colonies, this feature of them simply needs to be used in the selection of funds. It is very convenient to pour or pour poison and wait for one cockroach to eat it to pass poison along the chain of the entire colony.

Insects are not able to determine the danger, if it does not smell like what cockroaches are afraid of at the genetic level. Typically, the poison bait mask under the pleasant and beloved insects goodies. It can be an attractive smell of fruit, vanilla, honey.

Having tried the bait, the cockroach carries it to the nest, where it infects other inhabitants. This is convenient in that you do not have to look for everyone, it is enough to wait for time, and the cockroaches will do everything themselves.

To get a good effective poison today is not a problem, the question is how to choose the best one. Without exception, labels and advertising slogans promise complete and effective extermination, but for some reason, as a population, cockroaches are still not eliminated.

It is necessary to approach the purchase of funds with all seriousness, since it is difficult to keep toxic substances in the apartment and constantly repeat the processing troublesome, unsafe and unprofitable. You can use the recommendations of friends, read reviews and only after that should go to the store.

There are several types of tools from cockroaches. We have already talked about what traps are and how effective they are, and today we’ll share with you information about gels and powders that allow you to forget about insects for a long time, or even better, to forget forever. If the situation is not out of control, you can cope with the cockroaches without having to call the specialists of the disinsection service.

Gel dohlox

Let's start the review from the product with the eloquent name "Dohloks". The advantages of the drug are as follows: this gel is not expensive, it is completely ready for use. Prepackaged poison in syringes.

To make it easier to handle narrow gaps, there is a thin tip with which the gaps between the wall and baseboards can be easily filled. At the same time, the risk of dirty clean wallpaper is minimized. If you act slowly, then the consequences after such treatment should not remain.

Toxicity to cockroaches does not mean that this poison is deadly to humans and their pets. In the case of the drug Dohlox, this statement is justified.

On the recommendation of the manufacturer should be concerned that pets do not try the dish prepared for cockroaches. The effectiveness of the tool becomes clear in a couple of days, but the fastest individuals who first reached the bait, will die within 6 hours.

If you are not sure that you have exterminated all insects, with their repeated mass appearance it is better to use another means, since cockroaches become addictive to Dohloks and those who survive will no longer be as susceptible as during the initial processing. As an option - from the very beginning process as many surfaces in all the rooms as possible in order to deliver a decisive blow and not leave a single cockroach alive.

Another inexpensive and effective remedy is gel Fas. Its structure includes not one, but two different drugs, destructive for cockroaches. If a part of the insect is addictive to one of them, the second will work. This explains its high efficiency.

The composition also includes food attractants that attract insects with their smell. Due to this, the cockroach will not pass by, it will definitely try the cooked bait. Available gel in tubes and syringes. The narrow cone allows processing in hard-to-reach places. Like all gels, Phas is applied with a thin dashed line.

Gel Raptor

This gel is not only for cockroaches. He also copes well with ants in the apartment. The raptor can no doubt be attributed to effective means, it contains poison, which is not very common, which means that cockroaches do not yet get used to it.

As an attractant in this tool is used vanilla. The smell is unobtrusive, even after processing the entire apartment, you will not feel it, but cockroaches, having a very delicate sense of smell, will smell it at once. Gel Raptor acts on everything types of cockroachesliving in an apartment, that is, on both red and black.

Conveniently, the gel does not dry out on surfaces for a long time. This is done specifically so that it can be easily removed after the cockroaches are completely exterminated. It usually takes from a few weeks to a couple of months.

The mechanism of action is as follows:

  1. The cockroach tries the bait and on contact infects other insects.
  2. Since the poison begins to act not immediately, one individual has time to poison many of their relatives.
  3. After a while all the cockroaches in the apartment die from paralysis.

The activity of the drug persists for a long time, because the gel does not dry out.

It is convenient to put means as the tuba is equipped with a narrow nose. If you need to instantly destroy cockroaches, gel Raptor will not work. He acts gradually. If you are aiming at a slow but absolute deliverance from insects, then this tool is what you need. For a medium-sized kitchen, one tube of gel will suffice.

Tarakanoff gel

This remedy acts in the same way as all gels: one tries a cockroach — others get infected from it. When applied, there is a smell that disappears in a few hours. If you are looking for a completely odorless poison, it is better to pay attention to other brands or forms, for example, you can set traps. The gel is in the tube, to squeeze it, you need to trim the tip of the spout.

On the one hand, this is not very convenient, it would be better if there was a screw cap, on the other hand, the amount of the gel was calculated so that the average-sized room could be processed, so it would not be necessary to keep it in the apartment. If the kitchen is small, you still have to work out the entire gel, but a lot is not enough. The denser the means is applied, the higher the likelihood that more cockroaches will try it.

The most effective powders from cockroaches

Powders, like gels, do not belong to the means of instant action. They should be scattered in places where insect paths lie and where their density is observed. Penetrating into the body of cockroaches through the organs of digestion and respiration, the poison kills adult cockroaches and larvae, and when new cockroaches appear from the streamhouse, even they will die. This is the effectiveness of long-playing means - they kill several generations of insects.

In the case of powders, there is a difficulty in applying them if there are animals in the apartment. To scatter the drug in such places, so as not to poison the curious four-legged, is problematic, because the cockroach trails and the path of movement of animals often intersect.

Many cats love to dig in the trash. It is necessary to tightly cover the door of the locker, and it is already there. But it is precisely near the bucket of food waste that poison should be poured first. If there are no animals in the apartment, and the age of children allows keeping toxic substances in plain sight, then powders from cockroaches are the most effective means.

When buying a drug, pay attention to the fact that it was “Fenaxin” that was written on the label, without any additions, since it was he who was meant to persecute cockroaches. The same company produces another drug, only “Plus” is added to the main name. This does not mean that it is the best and there is some kind of super additive in it.

This word indicates that the product is produced in the form of granules, which are completely unsuitable for our purposes. Firstly, cockroaches are unlikely to gnaw hard granules, secondly, they will not be able to carry them into the nest, and this is one of the conditions for effective processing.

This drug belongs to the group of peritroids, so it can be used where there are children and pets. Pyrethrum is dangerous only for insects, animals and humans do not harm it. But there is a danger that with drafts the dust gets into the respiratory organs, but this should not be allowed. In this regard, in a room where phenaxine is scattered, you cannot use a fan and a vacuum cleaner, if possible, try not to turn on the hood and not open the windows.

Clean house (dust)

Probably, everyone heard about the dust. Under this name, cockroach powder is produced in the Clean House line. When there were still no traps and especially electronic and ultrasonic devices, they successfully fought not only with cockroaches, but also with garden pests. It is inexpensive, easy to use and still belongs to quite effective means. There are two main points due to which dust is in good demand.

The first is that it begins to act almost immediately. On the same day, you will see cockroach corpses. The second is that the tool acts as long as the powder is within the reach of the cockroaches, that is, until it is removed. The composition of the dust includes 3 active ingredients. If for some of them the cockroaches developed addiction, the rest will act.

The smell of the powder is not very pleasant, but this is not the main thing. The high toxicity of the drug applies not only to insects, but also to warm-blooded animals, therefore it is better to leave the apartment during the treatment.

To complete the extermination of cockroaches will take several days. Do not spill around the product. Dishes, too, must be removed away. Treatment should be carried out in a respirator. If there is no opportunity to go for a few days, then it is better to look for another tool.

The Syrian drug belonging to the group of toxic substances of moderate degree of danger, includes in its composition the substance cypermethrin. The fine fraction of the powder type makes it possible to scatter it in a thin layer, which ensures the extensiveness of the affected area.

The tool is packaged in plastic bags and containers with a lid. Soft packaging is more economical, the powder from the can is easier to use and store. The action of the drug is contact-intestinal, that is, catching itself, the cockroach transmits a lethal dose of the drug to its congeners.

The advantage of this tool is that the active substance is not addictive. This makes processing effective in all conditions. The powder does not change its properties in case it has been under direct sunlight for a long time, so it can be easily scattered on window sills.

He is not afraid of temperature drops, he does not lose its properties with increasing temperature, which makes it possible to treat surfaces near radiators, behind electric and gas stoves.

Since fine dust can penetrate into the respiratory organs during processing, work should be carried out in a protective respirator. All products are necessarily carefully packed, the dishes are removed in cabinets.

If there is an aquarium, it should be covered with a lid and turn off the filters. A day after application, the powder can be removed, and all surfaces on which it was scattered should be washed with soapy water. Since the tool acts only on imago and larvae, after 10 days it will be necessary to carry out another treatment.

Criteria for choosing insect repellents

There are many drugs from cockroaches, which are characterized by high power and effectiveness. But in order to choose a more suitable one, one should rely on a set of criteria:

  • Safety for others - even a very powerful tool is unacceptable in the application in the apartment, if it has a high toxicity and can lead to intoxication.
  • Efficiency - the safest and most convenient tool does not make sense to use if it does not destroy pests.
  • Time of action - all drugs show their effectiveness after a certain time period. Some are valid for an hour, some give results in a few days and weeks. Therefore, the choice depends on specific tasks and deadlines.
  • Ease of use and cost.

How and what to poison cockroaches in an apartment on their own? Consider the tools that are as convenient, safe and effective in home use.

Effective means: review and application rules

How to get rid of cockroaches in the apartment forever? First you need to establish the source of infection and eliminate its cause. After that, you can begin to destroy the already existing colonies of insects in the house. Do not forget that the long-term use of any one tool leads to the gradual adaptation of pests and it loses its effectiveness. Cockroach preparations are produced in several forms that have their own characteristics and nuances.

For home use, insecticides are produced in aerosol form in cans. Today it is one of the most common and best means of cockroaches in the apartment. Their The main advantage is the high speed of action. Through the air, aerosol vapors penetrate the cockroaches' lungs, and they lose their ability to breathe. Immediately after spraying, insects die and leave their habitat.

These tools have a number of disadvantages:

  • they do not act on laid eggs,
  • toxicity,
  • short duration.

Popular aerosols from cockroaches:

Mostly produced in plastic tubes with a convenient dispenser. The composition of the gel may include insecticide, which determines the effectiveness of the drug. Fat base does not allow the tool to dry and harden. Unlike an aerosol, a gel-like agent acts more slowly. Typically, the effect occurs no earlier than a day after the treatment of the apartment. In addition to the insecticide, the preparations contain aromatic baits that attract cockroaches.

The advantage of gels is the long duration of their action. They are also safer than sprays. But when using it is necessary to observe precautionary measures, to avoid poisoning (especially if there are children and pets in the house).

Popular brands of gels from cockroaches:

How to get the cockroaches out of the apartment forever? The tool should be applied over the surface of the places where the most cockroaches are found, in small drops.

Powdered products are considered to be a more economical option for controlling cockroaches compared to gels. But they have no visible advantages. Moreover, the powder is less safe option from insects, because it is dusty and can penetrate the human respiratory system.

Known powders:

  • Insect Clean House Clean
  • Phenaxine,
  • Pyrethrum,
  • Boric acid.

Insecticide-based powders should be scattered in places inaccessible to children and animals. Thanks to such means you can get rid of pests in a few weeks.

Boric acid is suitable for the preparation of various baits for cockroaches, causes them intestinal poisoning. Over time, insects adapt to the tool and it loses its effectiveness. Therefore, it is not recommended to use it for a long time.

Insecticidal pencils (crayons) are very convenient to use. They can handle not only horizontal but also vertical surfaces.

  • Masha,
  • Titanic,
  • Deltacid,
  • Clean house.

Powders and pencils are suitable if the number of cockroaches in the house is small. In advanced cases, it is advisable to combine different types of tools to achieve a positive result.

This method of dealing with Prussians is suitable as an aid. Traps can be used as prophylaxis or with minimal contamination of the premises.

There are several types of cockroach traps:

  • sticky,
  • electric,
  • with poison bait inside,
  • containers for luring insects from which they can not escape.

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Review of popular anti-cockroach remedies as they are effective

Over the years Dichlorvos is considered to be the most effective means in the fight against cockroaches. If earlier this spray had a strong, acrid and unpleasant smell, now, manufacturers have made it more acceptable, and the smell is not so sharp.

From the advantages of this tool can be identified: speed of action, except for adult cockroaches, instantly larvae die. Also, over several years of testing, a significant shortcoming was revealed - this quick addiction to the components of the tool. But the main thing is that this spray best and faster will destroy the parasites in your house.

Kombat aerosol

Combat takes the second place, as well as effective fight against cockroaches and larvae, may be preventive insect repellent. With the help of an additional built-in spout, it is convenient to penetrate into distant parts of the apartment.

Since the aerosol missing an unpleasant smell, it can be used in living quarters and children's rooms. In addition, the spray can be used against other insects. Experts recommend that after use, it is good to wash the places where the spray is applied, in order to avoid intoxication of the body.

Among the most effective funds in the fight against cockroaches in the apartment, takes cockroaches spray raptor. Potent substances in the preparation can quickly destroy insects, as they block the nervous system and do not cause addiction in cockroaches.

For a small cost you get really effective remedy. Users note that after spraying the drug, cockroaches begin to lick from all corners and instantly die. After use, ventilate the area well and thoroughly clean the floors. As a means toxicit is better not to spend the night in an apartment for a few days so that the toxins disappear. You can also find Raptor aqua-fumigator in the same way.

Universal spraywhich can be used not only against cockroachesbut against other insects in the apartmentsuch as bedbugs, goosebumps and midges. Such a tool for several years in demand, since odorless. But the funds need to be used a lot to destroy all cockroaches.

Also many users point out that after first application, need repeatedly spray room for preventive purposes, as well as for the destruction of possible larvae of cockroaches. This tool is produced not only in the form of aerosols, but also crayons, powders, traps.

Professional a means by which you can destroy any insects in the apartment. The remedy is very toxic, and the active substance can severely damage the respiratory tract, so experts recommend the use of protective equipment and gloves.

The high cost of the drug (about 1000r.) Due to the fact that the tool is professional and rarely used in apartments by the owners, as well as the fact that it does not smell. There are also lenses.

It is worth remembering that better to confide in specialistswho know how to properly use such sprays, to avoid ingestion.

Raid Aerosol

Raid means narrow spectrum an action that fights only cockroaches and ants. Manufacturers warn about toxicity of this tool, for this purpose there are protective gloves and a respirator. Remedy enough effectivebut requires some applications for the complete destruction of insects.

The main advantage of this tool is that it odorless, and the spraying itself will have enough long lasting act. In addition to the aerosol, you can buy additional nozzles that will help destroy cockroaches in remote places. And this spray can be used in children's rooms, after which you need to thoroughly ventilate the room.

Cobra spray

Russian spraywhich destroys crawling insects. Manufacturers warn about safety precautions, working with this aerosol, since the active substance tetramethrin can severely damage the respiratory and nervous systems of humans.

3-5 days after use to air the room and carefully remove from surfaces the remains of the spray. Low cost due to strong smell aerosol. Of the minuses, users note the impossibility of using nozzles, that is, the spray should be sprayed only on visible surfaces.

Spray can with strong a smell that is capable destroy crawling insects. Flexible nozzle allows you to spray the tool in remote areas of the apartment. Users say this is a remedy. OK copes with one-time detection of insects.

If you do not destroy the source of the appearance, the cockroaches will be in the house all the time, regardless of spraying. This substance also causes addictivethat does not make it so popular. Very important to follow instructions, and after spraying you need to leave the apartment for a few hours.

Although a means of Get and popularly, occupies the last place in the rating because inconvenience in use. The spray is sold in the form of a powder, which must be diluted with water in a ratio of 1: 5, and sprayed on all surfaces of the apartment.

Since the package does not provide nozzles for aerosol for convenience, such a spray can not be used in hard to reach places. And also this substance strong smellwhich can cause allergic reaction, in order to avoid skin contact, you need to use protective gloves.

Also, manufacturers recommend not to heat the balloon with the aerosol, and during use to open all the windows for ventilation.

In addition to these, the most popular remedies there are many more aerosol dispensers to fight cockroaches in the apartment. Very often, based on dichlorvosBy mixing different aromatic substances, but such a tool becomes less effective.

In addition, all sprays have both advantages and disadvantages. And for each case you need to carefully select the desired spray. The sprays very popular, since they can be used independently, without calling specialists.

The advantages of aerosol means in the fight against cockroaches

  • Aerosols are very easy to use, they are easy to spray on a large area. Perhaps to handle the whole apartment you need a few cylinders.
  • Hard to reach places are easy to spray with special elongated tips.
  • Sprays can be applied on different surfaces, some after spraying do not need to be washed off with water. This is especially important when using the tool in children's rooms.
  • Unlike crayons and gels, cockroaches are instantly destroyed. The main thing to spray means in 20 cm from a surface.
  • Very large selection and different price categories that will suit everyone.

Spray Disadvantages

  • If the source of insects is outside the apartment, aerosols will have to be used often, and the effect will not last long.
  • Although the spray can destroy cockroaches and larvae, it cannot completely destroy cockroach eggs. And after spraying, they may appear again.
  • Since the spray is highly atomized, the active substance rises into the air and is unable to destroy all insects. But if you have special attachments for sprayers, you can get rid of insects in hard to reach places.
  • Only in combination with other means can you kill all cockroaches and get rid of them at all.

Terms of use

  1. Before use, be sure to shake the bottle.
  2. Hold the container at a right angle, directing the sprayer to the desired area.
  3. During processing indoors should be below 10 degrees. It is necessary to open all the windows to create a draft.
  4. After spraying means, you need to close all windows tightly and leave the room for at least 30 minutes. Thus, the tool will work better.
  5. If the substance gets on the surface, after treatment, they must be thoroughly washed with detergents. Depending on the toxicity of the substance, many do not require additional treatments.
  6. Pay special attention to such places in the apartment that require careful treatment: plinths, areas behind the furniture, sink and sewer pipes, all containers in which there are products.
  7. If there are pets in the house, you need to pay special attention to the processing of the places where the animal sleeps and lies, as well as around the bowls of food.

To cockroaches do not appear again need thoroughly and daily perform wet cleaning throughout the house. Especially behind the cabinets and furniture. Can be used disinfectants facilities. Throw away unnecessary magazines and newspapers, various insects are very often infested in them.

The kitchen hood should be closed with a dense net into which an insect, in particular a cockroach, could not penetrate. Very often it is through kitchen hood cockroaches get into the apartment from the places of congestion. It is very important to protect yourself from insects.

All sorts of gaps to eliminate with sealant and construction foam. So that as few as possible areas were open for free access.
Very important carefully remove kitchen from the remnants of food and garbage. Food is the most important thing that attracts insects.

Such simple methods will allow either eliminate the appearance of insectsor prevent new ones from appearing. To follow such rules is easy. But if you are faced with cockroaches in your own apartment, you need to be prepared for the fact that the fight against them takes time and the use of good and high-quality means.

Remedies for cockroaches in all their diversity

First of all, it must be borne in mind that every modern remedy against cockroaches can be attributed to one of two groups:

  1. High-speed products (aerosols, sprays, fumigation products). The preparations of this group allow to destroy the cockroaches in the apartment in just a few hours. If you act correctly, you can quickly "squash" the entire population of pests, even in highly contaminated areas,
  2. Means that destroy cockroaches in a room slowly - as they say, slowly but surely (gels, insecticidal pencils, powders, and various kinds of traps). If you use only the tools of this group, the fight against cockroaches can take several weeks, but with the right approach, it could well end in a complete victory over pests.

Now a few words about what nuances it is useful to take into account when using funds from cockroaches from the two groups mentioned above.

As you already understood, if it is necessary to promptly eradicate pests in an apartment, insecticidal agents that are used in finely divided form - in the form of an aerosol or spray, are well suited:

  • Preparations in the form of an aerosol or spray are easy to spray on a large area, and the smallest particles of poison are able to penetrate even into hard-to-reach places where cockroaches can hide (various cracks, holes, cracks),
  • It is among the concentrates of insecticides for dilution and subsequent spraying in the form of a spray that today you can find the latest means of cockroaches, including the so-called microencapsulated,
  • It should be borne in mind that most universal aerosol products that can be bought in cans destroy insects quickly, but do not have a long residual effect (as a rule, such drugs have, as a rule, the same active substances - pyrethroids). In contrast, many modern microencapsulated drugs have a long-lasting protective effect that persists on treated surfaces for up to several weeks (Get, Delta Zone, Lambda Zone, Xulat Micro, etc.),
  • Perhaps one of the main drawbacks of using aerosol preparations and sprays is the need to somehow "breathe chemistry", even through a respirator. And although the manufacturers of the majority of such drugs from cockroaches, bedbugs, fleas and other insects declare relative safety of preparations for humans, however, as you understand, inhalation of an insecticidal aerosol will not add any health to you,
  • So to say, home remedies for cockroaches in cans are excellent for local processing of insect accumulation sites, but it will be financially expensive to process a large apartment (or, especially, an industrial facility) in this way. In this regard, the use of insecticidal concentrates is much more economical.

Insecticidal smoke bombs also belong to fast-acting means for killing cockroaches - they are rarely used at home, because the smell of burning can persist for some time in the room after treatment. Nevertheless, insecticidal smoke bombs on the basis of permethrin are very effective against cockroaches (for example, smoke bombs from mosquitoes Quiet Evening, City, etc.)

Photo permetraym smoke bombs Silent Evening:

Slow acting means to kill cockroaches are well suited as a supplement to fast-acting:

  • Insecticidal gels, powders, pencils and traps are highly recommended to be combined with aerosols or sprays, even if you think that the whole cockroach population in the apartment has been completely destroyed. (there may be single surviving individuals and, moreover, cockroaches can periodically enter the apartment from the outside - for example, from neighbors),
  • Modern insecticidal gels are generally one of the most effective, though not very fast, means of fighting cockroaches,
  • It should be understood that if the fight against cockroaches is delayed, then the gel on the treated surfaces must be periodically updated, as the drug dries out over time. The effectiveness of cockroaches in the dried gel drops sharply (almost zero),
  • Insecticidal pencils are much more convenient to use compared to powders - in particular, they can be used on vertical surfaces,
  • If you were unable to block all the paths for cockroaches to enter the apartment from the outside (cracks in the walls, ceiling and floor, sockets, ventilation grilles, etc.), then the considered means of prevention from cockroaches in the apartment must be constantly present - their presence will be a guarantee that pests won't have chances to multiply here massively,
  • Boric acid or borax mixed with egg yolk and other poisonous baits based on these substances really help to destroy insects. However, such home remedies for cockroaches are effective only if there is no easy access of pests to the water (otherwise they “get drunk”, and the effectiveness of the poisoning effect of boronic acid sharply decreases).

Today, a gullible consumer is lured by advertising to buy so-called ultrasonic cockroach scarers (sometimes also called magnetic resonance) - they say these modern tools from cockroaches and other insects will help solve pest problems in a house in just a couple of days. So, practice shows that scarers of this kind do not help in the fight against cockroaches and, moreover, do not give any effect at all - cockroaches not only do not hurry to leave the premises, but also crawl freely at their own devices.

Well, the above were listed the main groups of modern tools that can be used to combat cockroaches in the apartment. Now let's look at examples of specific drugs, and at the same time we will get acquainted with some of their important features.

Aerosol insecticides and their use

First, let's look at a few examples of classic aerosol preparations, that is, those that are sold in cans:

  • Raptor from crawling insects is a fairly effective universal preparation suitable for the destruction of cockroaches, domestic ants, bedbugs, fleas and other pests and parasites. Although the manufacturer claims that one Raptor aerosol can is enough to handle an apartment of 50-60 square meters.However, in case of severe contagion of the premises by the Prusakians, one of the cartridges may be clearly not enough. The tool is recommended to spray mainly on habitat, shelter and movement of insects. After the treatment, the apartment must be ventilated and wet-cleaned,

“Advise a remedy for cockroaches. Recently parents poisoned Raptor, they really helped. In one day, the three-room apartment was cleaned with three cylinders. But with us I do not find it on sale. I'm afraid to order through the online store. Maybe there are some more affordable counterparts? "

  • Combat Multispray is a well-proven and widely known crawling and flying insect repellent. The drug is quite effective against cockroaches, easy to use and, in addition, contains in its composition flavoring with the smell of lemon,
  • Dichlorvos Neo - by its effectiveness against cockroaches this aerosol means is quite comparable with the previous two. It is important to keep in mind that Dichlorvos Neo, as well as other modern variations of Dichlorvos - Varan, Eco and others, except for the name, have nothing in common with the old Soviet Dichlorvos. The fact is that the active substances of modern Dichlorvos are insecticides from the pyrethroid group, while in the outdated Soviet version, organophosphorus insecticide dimethyldichlorovinyl phosphate, which is more dangerous for humans, was used.

On sale there are many other aerosol products designed to kill cockroaches and other harmful insects. In particular, it is possible to find aerosols, almost not creating an unpleasant odor in the room.

Insecticidal concentrates for dilution and subsequent spraying

As already noted above, among the concentrates of insecticidal preparations, one can find the most modern means for fighting cockroaches - these are the drugs that the professional disinfestation services prefer to use in their work (primarily because of their high efficiency and cost effectiveness).

Useful advice - choosing a tool, you should not strive only for the highest possible efficiency. There are very powerful pesticides, however, at the same time, very toxic to humans, having an unpleasant smell (can persist in the apartment for months) and being sold only in large industrial containers, for example, in cans of 5-10 liters.

Much more correct when choosing a good means of cockroaches in the form of concentrate to choose the optimal ratio of consumer characteristics, the most important of which are:

  • High efficacy against cockroaches,
  • Relative safety for humans and pets,
  • No unpleasant odor in the room after treatment,
  • Profitability in use
  • Long residual effect
  • An opportunity to buy means in small packing.

The following concentrates of insecticidal agents suitable for the quick extermination of cockroaches in an apartment satisfy all of these properties today:

  • Get is a microencapsulated drug based on chlorpyrifos. The drug is today one of the most popular means not only against cockroaches, but also against bed bugs (which are often more difficult to remove than even getting rid of seemingly indestructible Prusaks in the house),
  • Lambda Zone is a microencapsulated drug based on lambda cyhalothrin. Also quite popular means of universal action, allows you to quickly destroy cockroaches in the apartment, without creating virtually any foreign smell in the room,
  • Xsulat Micro - microencapsulated drug based on a combination of three insecticides at once (tetramethrin, cypermethrin and piperonyl butoxide). This Spanish remedy for cockroaches, without smell, in the Russian Federation is distributed through a network of dealers.

And some others.

Quite popular today is also a German remedy for cockroaches and bedbugs. The Executioner is an effective, adapted for home use, but, unlike the above preparations, it has a certain not very pleasant smell (which, however, quickly disappears from the apartment).

But no matter how fast-acting a tool from the group of high-speed against cockroaches, we recall once again that for a reliable victory over pests in 9 cases out of 10 it is necessary to combine such drugs with tools that can be said to be used in prevention mode. Let's talk about them further ...

Cockroach Gels

To date, it is insecticidal gels that are considered the best way to control cockroaches in an apartment in those cases when a high rate of pest control is not required. Gels can be used without disrupting the order of life (in particular, not leaving the apartment for the period of fighting cockroaches), they are odorless, easy to use, inexpensive.

But the main thing - high-quality cockroach gels are very effective, and sometimes one tube of gel is enough to destroy the entire population of cockroaches in a multi-room apartment or a large private house.

Cockroaches in their development are extremely dependent on water sources, so the water-rich gel substance is an excellent bait - the Prussians greedily eat it, while they get dirty in it and dragged to their shelters. As a result, insects are often poisoned en masse by a kind of chain reaction: a poisoned cockroach brings poison in its body and on its paws to places of shelter, dies here, and its relatives devour the victim, while also being poisoned.

Of the gels against cockroaches today, the following are quite popular:

  • Gel Globol - German remedy for cockroaches, perhaps one of the most famous gels. Available in tubes of 100 grams, this amount is enough to process a two-room apartment. The gel is applied in separate drops on the surface near the baseboards, heating pipes, trash cans - in general, where pests occur most often. In its composition, the gel contains powerful insecticides, aromatic bait for cockroaches and bitterness, which make it disgusting to taste for pets and children. One tube of Globol costs about 200 rubles, and it is easiest to buy it online. Only it is worth being vigilant: like all successful products, Globol gel is actively being forged, and the market today is filled with Global and Global drugs. The original gel is available in tubes labeled in German only. The photo shows the packaging of this gel:

By the way, according to the results of tests, one drop of Globol gel is enough to kill about 500 insects. Of course, in practice such efficiency is not achieved in most cases, but the results reduced several times will also be quite sufficient.

By mistake, many believe that Globol is a French remedy for cockroaches. This is wrong - the brand is purely German.

Note: unfortunately, since the end of 2015, the gel under the brand name Globol in the Russian Federation is no longer available. However, its almost complete counterpart is Exil Schaben Paste gel, also made in Germany.

  • Gel Fas is also a very effective and relatively new remedy for cockroaches. As part of the Fas gel, two insecticides of different nature are present at once, which ensures reliable extermination of cockroaches even where they are poisoned often and unsuccessfully, as a result of which the population develops resistance to individual insecticides,
  • Storm-gel-paste Kapkan, with its composition almost completely repeating Fas. It is inexpensive, effective and, when properly applied, safe enough for humans and animals.

There are many other gels from cockroaches, no less effective and available: Dohloks, Combat, Forsyth, Raptor, Brownie, etc.Many of them can be safely recommended for use in the apartment.

For the most part, gel-form cockroaches are relatively inexpensive. The price of 100 grams of an effective remedy is about 200-400 rubles, and this amount will be enough if used correctly for the whole apartment.

“And we bought Assault. Also all very quickly plastered and forgotten. And then every week when cleaning from behind the cabinets began to sweep the cockroaches. Good tool, only in stores with us is not for sale. You need to order online ... "

Cockroaches Powders and Pencils

Prusak powders are often also called dusts. This is not entirely correct, since Dust was originally adapted for home use of DDT (dichlorodiphenyltrichloromethylmethane). However, in the people it is this name stuck on all powdered insect drugs.

Insecticide powders have no pronounced advantages over gels. Moreover, it can be said that powder is a generally less safe alternative to a gel (for example, powders are dusting). In most cases, the gel is more effective, and the powder is cheaper.

The most famous of insecticidal powders:

  • Insect Dust Clean House - Russian development, inexpensive and effective. A good remedy for red cockroaches, but requires compliance with certain security measures - the powder should be scattered only where it can not get pets,
  • Insecticidal powder Fenaksin - is positioned as a remedy for cockroaches, bedbugs, fleas and flies. Its application in residential conditions usually shows a fairly high efficiency against Prusacks. Powder enough to scatter in the tables and places where rarely cleaned, so that for several weeks he effectively destroyed cockroaches,
  • Boric acid and borax are, one might say, folk remedies for cockroaches, time-tested and actually working. True, unlike contact-effect insecticides, boric acid and borax have only an intestinal poisoning effect, that is, cockroaches must also be made to somehow eat these substances, making various baits on their basis.

Pyrethrum (also known as Persian powder or chamomile) is a powdered insecticidal preparation that differs from its analogs in its completely natural composition. Actually, the poisonous component in it is the powder from dried flowers of Dalmatian chamomile, which is a powerful insecticide. Therefore, if you decide which remedy helps against cockroaches and at the same time represents a minimal danger to children and animals, then you can take a closer look at Feverfew.

The photo below shows one of the packaging options for Pyrethrum:

Separately it is necessary to say about pencils (crayons) from cockroaches. The most famous of them is Masha, famous since Soviet times. Insecticidal pencils under this brand continue to be produced today - they are inexpensive and have a more modern (and more advanced) composition, so this tool can be considered quite suitable for the destruction of cockroaches in an apartment.

Moreover, an important advantage of insecticidal pencils compared to powdered means is the ability to apply lines on vertical surfaces, thereby increasing the damaging ability of the drug.

In addition to the well-known pencil from cockroaches, Masha today can also buy similar crayons: Titanic, Pure House, Deltacid, etc.

As for the price, insecticidal pencils are very inexpensive means: in particular, the same Masha costs about 40-50 rubles per pack. With a low number of insects in an apartment of one piece, it is sometimes enough to successfully fight them.

Today, there is even a cheaper Chinese remedy for cockroaches in the form of crayfish in red-yellow or green packaging with hieroglyphs, characterized by increased efficiency. However, with regard to its safety for humans and warm-blooded animals, it is difficult to say something definite, since the composition of these crayons can only be guessed.

It is important to keep in mind that in neglected cases (with a large number of cockroaches in an apartment, as well as if they are allowed to enter the room from the outside) insecticidal powders and sticks are highly likely to be incapable of destroying all pests - it is the combination of different types that is important. The most preferred option is to use one of the modern microencapsulated preparations (the names are listed above), and in addition to this, use a gel and an insecticidal pencil.

It is this combined approach that will give the highest possible result in self-control of cockroaches.

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