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Continuing video tutorials. June, bloom, the layout of flowerpots. We continue to monitor our petunias. Petunia varieties and their features.
The beginning of the cycle
The official website of biotechnology
For self-control and identification of problems with seedlings an excellent test for beginners in growing seedlings of petunias. Comparing the development of plants at different times with the standard, it is possible to determine the main problems in growing.
"School of Petunia" OB Proskurina
Illumination for seedlings and indoor plants

Video We grow petunia without errors. Part 7. Biotech channel

Growing petunias from seed part8

The final video about growing petunia from seeds. Beginning of the cycle Seedling lighting The official website of biotechnics For self-monitoring and identifying problems with seedlings an excellent test for beginners on growing seedlings of petunias. Comparing the development of plants at different times with the standard, it is possible to determine the main problems in growing. "School of Petunia" by OB Proskurina

Planting petunias in pots Soil composition, pot size, fertilizers

Planting petunias in street pots is a very important process. The composition of the soil structure should ensure the normal development of the root system, as well as nutrition of macro and micronutrients throughout the season. A large amount of flowerpot will provide long-lasting beautiful flowering. We create a bed of petunias, lobelia, gazanias and pelargoniums - Planting petunias in the open ground -

Petunia, grow without errors. Part 1

How to grow petunia from seed. Professional video tutorials, part one, planting seeds and germination. Subtleties and pitfalls. For self-control and identification of problems with seedlings an excellent test for beginners in growing seedlings of petunias. Comparing the development of plants at different times with the standard, it is possible to determine the main problems in growing. Official website of biotechnics Modular transparent stand for growing seedlings of petunias lumos-biotechnica.html Novelties: Sferika Petunia - Sensation 2016!

Sturdy seedlings without light

At the request of our gardening friends, we share our way of growing strong healthy seedlings without additional highlighting. Subscribe to our website to keep you open Watered with Perekine

Petunia cuttings in summer

Cutting is a great way to literally decorate the entire area with petunias, without buying a lot of planting material. After all, seedlings of flowering petunias, and especially - baskets with them - this is not cheap. Moreover, the purchase of truly rare varieties is difficult. Therefore, having even only 3 - 4 pots, it is possible to inscribe petunias on the whole garden. And if on occasion you got a rare variety - even more so. And this can be done not only in spring, but also in summer. It’s just that spring and summer cutting have some differences.

The main mistakes in the cultivation of petunia

Irina Ershova, experienced petuniyevod, Kemerovo: - It became very fashionable to mix. Two or three plants are planted in one cache-pot. Surfinia and vegetative lobelia are planted here in pots. Vegetative lobelia let the twig, I put it in pots in a circle. Surfiniya in blue design looks good. Often, annual flowers are planted in pots like this, which gives a delicate cloud of orange. Many love alissum. In the pots with ampelous plants it is necessary to plant an ampelous alissum, because an alissum from seeds can be an aggressor. If the plant has started a long branch, do not cut it, carefully lay it in a circle, it will lock, side shoots will go, they will all grow, bloom, and it will be just a miracle. The plant is planted in pots, in April I did not have enough time to do everything correctly. Main mistake: growth restriction. The plant needs to grow mass, because at the expense of future flowering, these are the shoots. It is necessary to cut off all the flowers and buds. Need to build a good vegetative mass. We cut all the excess, will go a lot of young shoots. Large leaves also obscure the light, prevent the plant from developing. We make a haircut under the square. Freeing the young shoots access of light, heat. More information on our website - Subscribe!

Clematis. June. Gorgeous bloom. Clematis varieties. Part 2

Clematis in the design of my garden-indispensable vines, because they allow to make my garden incredibly attractive and individual. June is the most intense month of blooming of clematis and roses. I propose to stroll along the garden with me and admire the openwork weaving and gorgeous flowering of these amazingly beautiful vines. Clematis Terry Clematis Blossom, May Clematisation v = bW3JVH5cl14 Music from YouTube's music library Waltz of the Flowers Tchaikovsky

12 09 18g Jogging through the garden Early autumn

12.09.18 Jogging in the garden. At the beginning of autumn. ============================================== I have you in the garden. On the threshold of the beginning of autumn. All plants are already beginning to prepare for winter. This summer was very difficult for plants and their preparation for the winter cold weather went a little wrong. Because of the drought, they are not quite fully prepared for the cold weather. Let's see how and how we can help them. And so they ran.


Thank you, what a beauty, golden hands🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺

Ay yay what a beauty, I will grow on your advice. Petunia is my love!

You are not shooting a video anymore?

PPMM, on our website www many new videos.

They brought me a rose, the roots are wrapped in some cotton wool, you do not know whether you can plant it like this, or whether you need to remove this cotton wool.

Marina, what kind of material, what quality, it is difficult to give advice in absentia.

If today, on May 31, sow a petunia, when will we see flowering?

Marina, petunia blooms after 2.5 - 3 months after sowing seeds. Plant nutrition depends on the stage of development, on age.

Good day!
The seedling of petunias began to turn yellow between the veins. Can you please tell what to do to correct the situation?

Lyudmila, how old is the seedlings? What fed, processed?

"Such a pot volume .." So what is the volume of this pot. As the video It can be determined. Video made, but the most important information is not told.

Olga Proskurina Thank you very much for the answer. Revise the previous video, that, apparently, missed.

Marina, in the previous part of growing petunias, when we formed flowerpots, we talked about the required volumes. For one plant, bush petunia will require from 3 liters of soil, for ampelous petunia from 10 liters per plant.

Hello, tell me how much of the pot how much to plant flowers

Elena, one plant of bush petunia will need from 3 liters of soil, ampelous one - from 10 liters.

Thank you very much for the detailed video lessons. Took into account all the mistakes. Tell me why the granules dissolve poorly? I have more than a week and they are not included. whole peas.

SvetA, granules are different in composition, some dissolve immediately, others can remain intact until seed germination.

It would be interesting to have such a transparent coaster with backlight.

What a beauty, I want to live looking at this beauty and thank you for the advice.

For several years I have been growing Silver, my favorite variety. According to my observations and experience, this petunia does not like neighbors. It shows all its qualities in a flowerpot starting from 20 liters, planted in it alone. It produces a huge bush. Four plants for such a pot you planted it a lot. I’m generally surprised how they grow there! The videos are very accessible and useful. Thank you!

do not take your eyes off your flowerpot. and a group of flowering petunias in a flowerpots ball how many plants are in a pot?

Maria I, watch our videos from the very beginning, from sowing seeds to adult plants.

Beautiful, thanks for the video.

clever, thank you, how much I looked at the material on petunias, everything is fine, but you have it so clear, so simple and clear, respect.

And how do I fertilize

Everything is very beautiful. I have a separate question for you. Where I can take the pot as large plates, I can not find.

Olga, we did a whole cycle of lessons on growing petunias, everything is described in great detail there, and about fertilizers as well.

Petunias We live in Ufa

Olga, we bought such vases in Maxidom, but that was a long time ago. What and how to fertilize depends on what you are going to grow.

Are you a sorceress? Thank you for such beauty.

Tell me please, where in Moscow you can buy your petunia seeds at retail, otherwise you need to order 5,000 rubles in the online store, I don’t need so much.

Love, about orders and buying seeds all questions on our website www

And what do you feed, what fertilizers? Thank.

Good afternoon, thank you very much for the detailed video. This summer was rainy with strong gusts of wind. I have a question, which petunias are most resistant to wind and rain?

Natasha, well tolerated by bad weather ampelous petunias of the Typhoon and Tornado series. Also small-flowered shrub petunias, they form dense bushes with a sturdy stem. An important condition for all petunias is timely sowing on seedlings so that the plants do not stretch out and hardening. For fertilizing, we use Fertica complex water-soluble fertilizer, once every 2 weeks, instead of the next watering.

Flowers unmatched, it is a pity that you can not put the class twice!

You are just a sorceress. Incredible beauty of flowers, I could not stop looking. A little paradise on earth! Bravo. 🌺🌺🌺

It is a pity that the video is not shown before, I wanted to create a mini laboratory at home. Tlko lessons would be more useful if the drugs were written with subtitles and could be written in a notebook. At the hearing the names are not perceived.

Well, you are a master! Beautiful

Charm! Fairy tale ! And what pots ludshe of what material?

We use plastic pots, you can choose any shape and size.

Olga is easier to watch in Vaibera

Olga, you are in a watsap or in a vibera. just there you can send photos.

Alla, you can send photos and our website www biotechnica ru to the School of Biotechnology, section Ask Olga Borisovna.

Olga, I didn't grow a reason, bought a reason and planted it. But of course I really want it to flourish

Thank you Olga, you have so many types of petunias, such beauty is very inspiring, you also have a terry petunia, I decided to plant one also this summer, this kind of it grows luxuriantly or not. many flowers or not

Alla, if you properly grow the seedlings, so that it does not stretch out, was compact, then the bushes will be lush.

one more question that bothers me. I did the first time yesterday fertilizing the Fertika suite as you advised, how I did it: The earth dried up, spread the solution with water and poured it, I did not spray it with plain water before or after the solution. Tell me if you did it correctly, you may also need to water with simple water, as you do top dressing.

We feed once a fortnight instead of watering again, so you did it right.

yes when the heat is good of course. I myself do not like the cold. Thank you Olga for the advice. I will be watching

I did that. Mean correctly. You know I want to ask. we live in the south now the temperature of 30% 25% of degrees planted the pituan in pots already permanently, I don’t know it’s going to spoil the sun, because I’ve heard that it’s impossible to put on direct rays, in summer the temperature is up to 40% and higher. Now the sun is under the weight of the sun, it gives in the morning to it around 12 o'clock in the morning, then there is a shadow there. Here's how to put it right and where. So that she and the light was enough, so as not stretched out and the stalks were not thin and not burned. I really need your advice

Alla, as I envy you, you are warm, but we all will not end the frost. At high temperatures, it is better to keep petunia in place with the change of sun-partial shade, so you did everything right. Watch the plants, if they are drawn out, you can add the sun. Petunia can quickly grow and be drawn from the temperature, it is necessary to choose a middle ground.

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