Lawnmower Malfunctions And Their Elimination

Repair of lawn mowers is carried out taking into account the principle of operation and the cause of the breakdown of the unit. More often the device fails in 3-4 years after active operation.

Repair lawn mowers is necessary in the following cases:

  • the device won't start,
  • the unit quickly stalls after starting,
  • motor does not work at full capacity.

Causes of failure

Prerequisites for the failure of lawn mowers:

In the first case, it will be necessary to change the housing, handles, knives and wheels for lawn mowers. When locking knives, the unit stops mechanically. Such a breakdown is associated with an attempt to mow hard or higher weed. Repair mower is to release the cylinder from the stuck weed and scroll it the other way.

When operating a lawnmower with a blunt or warped knife, the grass mows unevenly. With all this, the device can vibrate or brake sharply.

If the blades are in the wrong position, the cylindrical mower makes sharp and uncontrollable movements. Normally, the gap between the cutting elements should be thinner than a sheet of paper. Faults lawn mowers and their elimination. Otherwise, the clearance is adjusted. For earlier it is recommended to study the annotation of the device, pull the plug out of the socket. When the connection is loose, whistling occurs. The device vibrates and rattles. Under the repair of the lawn mower is supposed adjustment bolted connections.

If the belt broke or stretched, then you need to change it. For this, it will be necessary to loosen the screws. Then the pulley moves, the belt is dismantled. A new piece is worn on a small one, and then on a large pulley. Gear wheel returns to its original position. The next step is to check the tension of the new belt. The deflection should not exceed 4 mm.

Malfunction of electric models

Prerequisites for the sudden shutdown of an electronic mower are associated with a cord break or lack of current. In the first case, it is recommended to check the cable for open circuit. To change the power cord, you will need to unplug the power cord, open and remove the switch cover.

Before unscrewing the cable clamp? need to understand the scheme of its connection to the switch. To unplug the cord, use hex (diameter 1 mm). The clamp is released, the conductors are dismantled. A multimeter is used to test the cable for an open circuit. A new cord is installed as needed. With all this, the reverse sequence is observed.


Do not start, Stalls, Peaf-bang-puh, Dripping gasoline of carburetor and the rest malfunctions on lawn mowers

In second case It is recommended to connect another device to the power supply network. Electronic devices may not work if the fuse in the plug is damaged. To carry out repairs, it will be necessary to disassemble the plug. To do this, use a screwdriver and tester.

Motor problems occur when the lawn mower overheats:

  • as a result of long-term work,
  • due to overload (the cutting element is blocked by some object).

Motor breakdown

The design of the gasoline mower in contrast to the electronic analog is more difficult. In some cases, the unit can not be repaired. If the engine does not start or stops immediately, then it is recommended to check the ignition. To do this, you will need to dismantle the candle. A dry candle indicates the tasks in the supply system, and a wet candle indicates the carburetor. In such cases, the repair work is carried out by the master.

If the candle is dark soot, then it is replaced. In this case, the cause of the lawnmower's breakage is not taken into account (carburetor setting, bad fuel). Often in gasoline models clogged fuel hose. If gasoline does not flow, then the saloon is cleaned with a needle, and the fuel filter is replaced with a new analog.

If the mower does not mow the grass, then inspect the knives. If necessary, they are replaced by new cutting elements or sandpaper. In the 2nd case recommendeduse safety glasses and thick gloves. It is possible to sharpen the mowing knives with the help of special devices included in the device set.

If the knives are blocked by long grass, then it is recommended to turn off the lawn mower. A wooden stick scrolls the cylinder (in the other direction) until its free rotation. If the mower does not work as a result of a breaker malfunction, then it is recommended to check and change it with a serviceable counterpart.

If there is no voltage in the outlet, the shield is checked. Some devices are equipped with thermal protection. When such a system is triggered, the ventilation grilles are checked for contamination. For their cleaning a soft brush is used.

Conclusion on the topic

Mechanical mowers are repaired when the cutting parts are blunt or damaged. In this case, experts advise dismantling removable knives without the help of others. For their sharpening used emery. As needed in the battery models, the battery is replaced.

Before repairing the mower, the type of motor is determined:

  1. Electronic - the engine is powered by current. The unit shuts down as a result of overheating or overload. Some models do not provide overheating protection. With mechanical damage to the engine will need the help of experts.
  2. Petrol - the device fails as a result of overheating, overload, breakage of the circuit supplying oil and fuel. Petrol lawn mowers, unlike electronic models, are repaired a little longer.

To extend the life of the lawn mower, it is recommended to follow the rules of operation of the device.

Repair benzokosy - malfunctions benzokosy and how to fix them with their own hands, gearbox lubrication, replacement of fishing line, video

At first glance, a simple device for mowing grass using a two-stroke engine, has fine tuning. Repair benzokosy should be entrusted to a specialist or to study the equipment itself, using the instruction manual. Maintenance spit lead necessary. Gearbox lubrication, fishing line replacement, teeth sharpening can be done in the home.

Malfunction benzokosy and how to eliminate them

Any type of benzokos has a hollow rod in which a connecting cable is placed between the motor shaft and the lower gearbox, transmitting rotation to the working body with the cutting tool.

In the upper part there is a carburetor and a motor, at the bottom - a gearbox and a working tool, closed by a casing. In the middle part there is a transverse handle in which the control buttons are located.

For unloading hands, there is a discharge belt holding the operator’s torso bar.

When choosing benzokosy preferable apparatus with a two-stroke engine, rather than four-stroke. The two-stroke engine is more maneuverable and easier to repair. With a four-stroke knot, vibration is lower.

They follow this, repair benzokosy consists of troubleshooting,

  • engine does not start,
  • the cutting mechanism is not gaining momentum,
  • engine stalls
  • gearbox is heated,
  • audible knock, strong vibration of a bar is heard.

Before troubleshooting, you need to diagnose, identify a non-working node.

It is important to know the lubrication points of the tool. Continuous care, cleaning the device after work will extend its life. Before work, tighten the mounting bolts, prepare the fuel and fill the tank.

The engine of the chainsaw does not start

If the mechanism does not start, immediately stalls, successively check:

  • is there any fuel in the tank
  • serviceability of the spark plug,
  • air and fuel filter cleanliness
  • cleanliness of the breather and outlet.

It is necessary to fill with a freshly prepared mixture based on AI-92, the oil is injected for accurate dosing with a medical syringe. This will help avoid expensive chainsaw repair.

It is necessary to make sure that the candle is working, gives a spark in contact with the body. In this case, it is necessary to dry the candle channel, clean and dry the part itself.

You can change the candle, but the channel still needs to be dried for 40 minutes. Check the serviceability of the high-voltage wire, may not always have a contact.

Malfunction in the ignition unit when repairing the gas mowers, do not fix it yourself.

If the air filter is removed and the engine does not stall, the reason is that it needs to be replaced or cleaned. Replace the filter on the fuel lead with great care. After checking the purity of the breather, remove the silencer net and clean the exhaust channel.

The next step will be the repair of the carburetor, where you have to find a fault and fix it, taking into account the tiny dimensions of the parts. If the simplest operations have not brought results, in order not to disturb the fine-tuning of the system, repair is better to entrust a specialist. How to start the diagnosis and how to properly repair the gas mowers with your own hands, read the video:

Repair and lubrication gearbox benzokosy

The role of the gearbox is to transfer torque from the motor shaft to the cutting tool through 2 gears with different number of teeth. The torque is transmitted at an angle of 300. The number of revolutions of the lower cutting disk is 1.4 times smaller than the engine revolutions. Gears must be clean and lubricated. To feed the oil on the teeth, there is a screw hole on top.

Lubrication gearbox benzokosy performed at least once per season. If the work is intense or there is extraneous noise in the lower node, it is necessary to lubricate more often.

First, the place where the cork closes the hole should be cleared of earth and grass. Unscrew the plug with an appropriate tool, it is included with the saw. We use grease from a tube.

Choosing either a native lubricant from the manufacturer, or well-known quality compounds, such as Oleo-Mas, Litol -24, Azmol 158. Open the protective layer of the tube and lay the tool on its side. Slowly rotating the knife, squeeze the lubricant into the gearbox housing.

The gears, turning, spread the composition with teeth over the entire surface. You can also pour grease with a special syringe.

A lack or large amount of lubricant can cause the gearbox to heat up. Heard knock and backlash signal the destruction of the bearing or the ingress of dirt due to damage to the anthers. Bearing replacement must be carried out using a puller, without using the warm-up method.

If the gearbox staggers and drives along the rod, it is necessary to replace the housing, or to temporarily pull off the assembly with a clamp to secure it to the pipe. If the knife has ceased to rotate, it means that the gears do not engage - the teeth have been torn down or spilled. It will be necessary to replace the pair with a complete analysis of the node.

Disassembly of the gearbox with the dismantling of the shaft and bearing assemblies can not be done by heating. When heated, the metal loses its strength properties and further the node becomes unreliable. To remove the bearings use a puller.

When replacing the gearbox, it is necessary to select a new node, guided by:

  • pipe diameter
  • drive shaft diameter
  • drive shaft section,
  • method of fastening protection

Care for cutting mowers

The saw headset will dull or wear over time. Work with the tool becomes intense, the load increases, the quality of the swath deteriorates. Metal saw blades sharpen, plastic change.

If the fishing line serves as a cutting tool, it gradually wears out, and a new material is inserted into the coil.

The principle of the cutter with the fishing line is concluded in the gradual unwinding of the coil under the action of centrifugal force. When in contact with grass, the line wears off, and is fed gradually from the reel.

Special winding is needed so that the two cutting elements come out simultaneously and not be confused with each other.

The figure shows how to properly wind the line on the reel of the gas mowers. Before reeling a new line it is necessary:

  • unscrewing the nozzle, carefully remove the cover, holding the spring with your hand,
  • from the coil to remove scraps of old fishing line,
  • measure out 5 meters of the new string and fold it in half,
  • in the coil, guides under 2 ends, hook the middle part of the notch and wind in the direction of the arrows for each half of the string,
  • hold the remaining 20 cm through special notches at opposite ends of the coil,
  • install the spring and washers, bring the ends of the fishing line out, close the drum cover.

In order to better learn how to change the line on the benzocos, watch the video.

Repair lawn mowers with their own hands, drawings, photos

Do-it-yourself lawnmower repair

The lawn mower is a wonderful alternative to the hand spit, making it easier and faster to mow the grass in a variety of places, including places where the regular spit just won't turn around. But behind the comfort and convenience there is a complex modern mechanism that requires untiring attention and regular maintenance.

Regardless of the manufacturer, all units have a similar design. Therefore, repairing a Viking lawn mower is done by hand, similar to repairing other brands: Husqvarna, Stiel, Bosch, Gardena, Oleo Mak.

A homemade lawn mower will not make an exception, but the elimination of a breakdown requires basic knowledge.

Consider the most common causes of engine failure and lawnmower repair with your own hands in the field.

Mechanical repair for all types of lawn mowers

Regardless of the type of engine, the mechanical part of the scythe includes knives, a device for throwing or accumulating mowed grass and a transmission mechanism. Most often out of order knives go out or the fishing line ends.

Cleaning the mechanical part of the Bosh mower

Breakage or bending of knives is visible to the naked eye. Depending on the material and degree of damage, the knives are replaced or restored by simple bending to the initial state.

With heavy wear, the cutting part can be sharpened. A do-it-yourself trimmer lawn mower can fail for a variety of reasons.

Most often this is the excess of the maximum permissible load on the torque and the motor, since a knife is used instead of a fishing line.

Trimmer knob restoration

During the inspection, check the state of the grass supply duct in the container and, if necessary, clean it. More complex mechanical failures require sophisticated tools, special equipment, professional skills and it is better to entrust the elimination of such faults to professionals.

Electric lawn mower do-it-yourself repair

Not only factory but also home-made electric lawn mowers fail. The main reason for stopping an electric motor is the loss of contact and the lack of power at the motor terminals.

Drawing electric mower for example TBH 1650

Therefore, first of all, we check the presence of voltage in the power outlet, the condition of the electrical cord and the absence of its breakage. Then, if a collector motor is used, check the condition of the brushes and replace them with heavy wear. A manual lawnmower with a collector motor is more durable, but requires regular replacement of brushes.

Engine repair electric mows do it yourself

Asynchronous motor mowers also have problems. The phase-shifting capacitor often fails, but it is difficult to make it checked in the field. An indirect sign of a capacitor failure is:

  • jerking the motor at the time of the power supply,
  • strong heating of the engine even at low load,
  • reduced speed
  • characteristic buzz.

Electric lawn mower with his own hands is made from scrap materials that can fail. If a malfunction is detected, in any case, you must make sure that the voltage is applied to the motor terminals, and if it is not available, check the operation of the switch.

Electric lawn mower do it yourself

If the voltage is present, the capacitor or the brushes are in order, then the most likely cause of the breakdown is a burnt winding. In this case, the unit will have to pass to the repair shop. Lawn mowers electric home-made most often have to be repaired on their own, because when assembling the device does not take into account all the nuances of his work.

Repair of a lawnmower with a gasoline engine

In the lawn mowers used gasoline two-stroke internal combustion engines.

When deciding how to make a lawnmower with their own hands, they often use engines from other household devices - chainsaws, compressors, motor-plows and trimmers.

The process of finding and fixing the problems of these engines is carried out by one algorithm. Repairing a gasoline mower with your hands begins with determining the cause of failure.

General scheme of gasoline mower

Bad start, but it works fine

The mechanical lawn-mower doesn’t start up properly with a gasoline engine, but it works normally in operating conditions (with gas supply). Such a malfunction can be caused by two reasons - failure to adjust the system idling in the carburetor or the wrong composition of the fuel.

Detail drawing of a gasoline lawn mower

To eliminate it, you should start with the fuel, combine the gasoline and oil of the required brands in the required proportion and pour this fuel into the tank instead of the old one. If this does not help, remove and disassemble the carburetor and adjust the idle system in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.

Repair lawn mowers if the engine does not start

It happens that despite the presence and the normal supply of fuel the engine does not start. Most often, the absence of signs of life indicates a failure of the ignition coil. If during visual inspection all electrical circuits are in order, then this coil will need to be replaced.

Engine repair lawn mowers do it yourself

A less common case is a strong soot or a failure of a spark plug. Determined by visual inspection of a twisted candle. The most effective way to identify this fault is to replace the candle with another, which is known to be in good order. When thinking about how to make a lawn mower if the engine does not start, pay attention to replacing the spark plugs with new ones, and preferably more reliable ones.

How to make a lawn mower do-it-yourself video

Considering the peculiarity of the “field conditions” in which the lawn mowers are operated, the manufacturers of these devices tried to protect their customers from possible problems as much as possible.

But, as you know, even a mechanical lawn mower is a hand-made, made by hand, can one day fail.

We very much hope that our advice will help you in this case and direct the troubleshooting in the right direction.

Do-it-yourself electric lawnmower repair: does not start, stalls

Reliable and simple tool for cutting grass in the garden - lawn mower, extremely in demand. However, it may break. Repair is required. As a rule, electric lawn mowers are repaired at service centers.

In order not to transport to the workshop a fairly voluminous apparatus, a number of faults can be eliminated by hand.

Types of electrical mowing faults

Why do not start the lawn mowers?

To answer the question, you need to understand that all failures are divided into mechanical and electrical. The first include faults:

To the second - everything connected with the engine, whether it is electric or gasoline.

It is not difficult to repair the blunted knives on their own, since they are removable and you can sharpen them with ordinary sandpaper, maintaining a sharpening angle of 30 degrees. In case of failure of other parts, i.e. body, wheels, handles, they also need repair or replacement.

In battery devices, battery failure is added to this problem. More difficult to cope with the repair of a lawn mower, equipped with a motor, i.e. gasoline and electric lawn mower.

In the first case, the problem of overheating and overloading, as well as faults in the oil and fuel supply circuit, is added to the possible failures. An electrical breakdown can also be caused by overheating or overloading, since not all models are equipped with protection.

Overheating results from prolonged operation of the device with an air filter in an inappropriate state, which makes it difficult for sufficient air to pass through.

It is necessary to cool the electric motor, disconnecting it from the power, and replace the filter. In the future, to avoid repair of the electrical apparatus, it must be cleaned at least once every three months.

The appearance of extraneous noise or smell indicates that the electric lawn mower needs repair. Not everyone will do it with their own hands, because they will need to replace the drive.

Electric lawn mower does not start or stalls

Sooner or later, many face the failure of the lawnmower. This happens, as a rule, after 3-4 years of active use or after the device was stored in the winter period in an unheated room.

The mower is out of order if:

  • does not start,
  • the lawnmower stalls soon after it starts up,
  • the engine is not running at full capacity or intermittently

Engine problems arise over time with all devices, regardless of whether a simple “Chinese” or expensive “Japanese” are standing on it. The moment is unpleasant, but you should not get upset, as you do not need to rush to the service center. You can try to repair yourself.

How to identify the cause of failure?

Repair must begin, guided by the principle "from simple to complex", i.e. repair is recommended to start with checking the presence of gasoline in the tank. If the gasoline unit starts up after wintering, the fuel should be replaced.

After all, the fuel, unfortunately, is not always of decent quality. Therefore, during a prolonged inactivity of the device, it may exfoliate or form a precipitate. And the quality of fuel engines are sometimes very sensitive.

If there is no doubt as the last one, but the mower does not start, you need to check the spark by removing the wire with the cap from the candle, unscrewing it with the key supplied in the kit.

Attach a spark plug to the clean metal surface (without paint) of the engine by first putting a cap over it and asking someone to pull the starter.

If the blue spark does not appear, the candle must be replaced.

If an unstable and weak spark appears, the candle will need to be cleaned with a needle file or sandpaper.

They change it even if black carbon is found on the surface, regardless of whether it was formed due to poor fuel quality or incorrectly tuned carburetor.

Another problem that is easy to fix is ​​a clogged fuel hose. Check it by disconnecting it: if the fuel does not flow, it means that the filter or the saloon is clogged. The filter will have to be replaced, the saloon can be cleaned with a needle.

Well, if after that the mower will work. However, the cause of the problems in 90% of cases lies in the other - the failure of the carburetor, which will need repair. You can cope with the repair with enough experience. In his absence, you will need the help of a service center.

How to clean the carburetor?

You should start by checking the absence of open sources of fire nearby. It is impossible to carry out repairs indoors. This is fraught with gas leakage.

Use a flat-head screwdriver to unscrew the screws in order to remove the plastic cover of the air filter from the motor. The filter is removed from the extracted filter, cleaned with a vacuum cleaner, or replaced with a new one (if the condition is unsatisfactory).

You also need to remove the inner filter cover, which is located under the cover. This, unscrewing the bolts, it is easier to make a spanner key. An air hose is attached to its inner side, which will also have to be removed.

Finally, got to the carburetor device, which can be dismantled. By disconnecting the fuel hose coming from the tank to him, i.e. removing the collar, turn the hose, trying to remove from the pipe. To do the work you need to carefully. After all, if there is fuel in the tank, it will be spilled.

The carburetor is mounted on the engine with two bolts, which will require a cap head to unscrew. Turning off the second bolt, try not to drop the carburetor, so as not to damage the spring suspension.

In the next step, the return spring is removed. It is more convenient to carry out the operation from the side where it is attached to the motor. Now you can remove the cable, responsible for the position of the valve, gently turning the carburetor counterclockwise.

After removing the carburetor, unscrew the bolt that secures the fuel chamber lid.

Cleaning is done with a special liquid or WD-40 and copper wire, which is removed from the insulation.

Finally, you can remove the plastic float, located under the lid of the chamber, which regulates the level of gasoline, for which purpose the pin is removed.

The camera must be cleaned of plaque. The interior of the carburetor is abundantly moistened with a WD-40 (or equivalent), wiped dry. Repeating the operation several times, they clean the fuel channels with the copper core, flush them, since their pollution is the main reason why the engine stalls or does not start.

Doing all the steps described, collect the carburetor in reverse order.

Having established it into place, having connected a hose, expel air from the fuel chamber. This repair is completed.

After the described manipulations, the equipment will start up easily and work stably.

Electric lawn mower faults

If the electric mower is silent, the cause may be a power outage and a broken cord. To check if there is any current in the network, use another electrical device that is plugged in. The cord must be inspected and replaced when a break is detected. Disconnect it with a hexagon, and check for an open multimeter.

As in the case of petrol-powered lawn mowers, overheating and overloading (blocking the element with a foreign object) can be the cause of a non-working electric motor. The troubleshooting procedure is similar to that described above.

Fault Repair Electric Mower

The long grass that has wound on them can lead to jamming of knives. For repair you need to disconnect the device from the network and twist the cylinder in the opposite direction.

If the electrical device is silenced, the drive belt needs to be broken due to wear and tear: it can be stretched or torn off. This means that you can not do without a replacement, for which you need to remove the protective cover.

A new belt is first installed on the small gear of an electrical apparatus, then it is put on a large pulley and turned it over.

To replace the power cable of this electrical device, you must de-energize the device and unscrew the cover.

To disconnect the cord, insert the allen key into the hole with the wires, releasing the clip.

New power cord is installed in reverse order.

There may be a reason in the faulty power switch, which is simply replaced by a new one.

Maintenance work

For the lawn mower to work smoothly, the owner must carry out regular maintenance after the end of the working season, i.e. before it is stored for winter storage. It will be cheaper than repairing or buying a new electrical device.

Among the main activities that ensure reliable operation of an electric mower, is keeping it clean. Mowed grass accumulated under the deck causes erosion of metal parts. Remove the remnants of mowed weeds will help the compressor or blower.

The electric motor of the mower has air cooling, therefore it also requires keeping it clean, which is the key to effective functioning. Suitable for cleaning cooling fins soft brush and compressed air.

Timely replacement of oil specified in the user manual will be the key to long-term trouble-free operation, as well as periodic cleaning of the air filter.

With some experience, it’s easy to repair your lawn mowers with your own hands. The following will help with this.

: How to repair a lawnmower engine

Where to repair the lawn mower?

If the owner of the electric mower does not have sufficient knowledge, the repair of your favorite equipment, which allows you to maintain a proper look around the house, will help to make service centers, More information about which can be on the sites:

  1. (Kiev). Repairs are carried out by highly qualified specialists, both at the location of the center and at the customer's home. Departure of the master in the city is free. They work with the equipment of all manufacturers, use high-quality spare parts. And get the full range of services offered at affordable prices,
  2. Even high-quality and expensive models have an unpleasant habit of breaking. In order not to spend money on the purchase of a new lawnmower, it needs periodic maintenance, which will be carried out qualitatively by the Repair All company ( The cost of repair depends on the breakdown and amounts to 150 UAH. Departure of the master in the city is free, in the region (at a distance of up to 50 km in one direction) - 8 UAH per km. Replacing the motor will cost 250 UAH.,
  3. “Master Engineering” is another service center in Kiev, where lawn mowers are repaired quickly and efficiently (,
  4. From 100 UAH. will cost operational repair in Kiev in the company, more information about which can be on the site % 2582% 2520,
  5. From 50 UAH. -,
  6. From 130 UAH. - (Kharkov),
  7. Any problem will be resolved in Minsk by specialists of companies, a large list of which is given on the website.
  8. Will provide expert assistance and address,
  9. At affordable prices you can repair it here.,
  10. In Moscow, the South-East Workshop is repairing garden machinery 9 where lawn mowers of such brands as Gardeha-Gardena, Husqvarna-Huskvarna, Viking and many others will be brought back to life. Repair time is minimal, and the cost is determined during the inspection.
  11. The employees of the Abris company () after accurate diagnostics will perform work of any complexity - from changing the engine repair oil. It will be necessary to pay for repair work: for diagnostics - 1200 rubles, adjustment and cleaning of the carburetor - 770, replacement of the spark plug and air filter - 120 and 240 rubles respectively, replacement of the gas cable and stroke, flywheel tabs and himself - 400 rubles each. etc.,
  12. Moscow (,
  13. More than 100 enterprises whose addresses can be found on this site offer their services for lawn mower repair.

Typical damage and repair lawn mowers

Active operation of garden equipment leads to the rapid failure of individual components or parts.It is not necessary to dispose of the equipment, as it can still be useful in the future. After all, having sometimes done a small repair of the lawn mower with your own hands, you can return it to its former operating state.

When the lawn mower does not start

Depending on the area of ​​the lawn and the growth of grass on it, the owners choose the optimal technique according to their characteristics. It is of several types:

  • petrol machines,
  • units with electric motor,
  • equipment on the battery.

The mower, average at the price, maintains in climatic conditions of St. Petersburg, Moscow or similar regions about four seasons. More expensive or less exploited garden assistants are able to endure 5-6 seasons in field conditions.

Also, rebuilding lawn mowers with their own hands will be required if the conditions for winter storage turned out to be inappropriate. For example, after use, the working surfaces were not cleaned or there was no interseasonal preventive maintenance. As a result, various problems appear:

  • requires frequent sharpening of lawnmower knives,
  • the lawn mower just won't start,
  • the motor starts, but after a short period the lawn mower stalls,
  • malfunctions appear in the carburetor, which requires not only disassembly, but also cleaning with repair,
  • Do-it-yourself lawnmower repairs are required with a significant reduction in power during operation.

Going to an expensive service center is not worth it. Many problems can be solved with minimal costs and carry out repairs on their own.

After each use of the tool it is necessary to clean the cutting elements. Change oil regularly and perform maintenance to minimize the risk of damage.

VIDEO: How to lubricate the gearbox motokosy or trimmer

Restoration of electrical equipment

Mowers, inside of which electric motors are located, most often begin to be capricious due to the oxidation of contacts. Terminals are covered with a layer of scale from excessive moisture in the room or other storage location. It is also worth checking the absence of wire breakage in problem areas. For this operation, use a multimeter or another type of tester.

Electric lawn mower disassembly

When a set of garden equipment contains a brush motor, we identify the performance of the movable node. Brushes can wear out quickly, resulting in a lack of contact. The repair kit with them costs relatively little, and it is easy to find it in specialized stores where they sell spare parts for such equipment.

Faults also await asynchronous motors. They are the failure of phase-shifting capacitors. This situation is diagnosed at home is problematic. It can be identified by indirect symptoms:

  • there is a buzzing sound
  • at the start of the body slightly twitches,
  • there is a significant heating of the motor even with a small load,
  • reduced speed.

It is necessary to diagnose the state of the power switch / button and the supply voltage to the electric motor. When the described nodes have been tested, and there have been no violations in working capacity, it is unlikely that they will be able to fix the damage to the lawn mower with their own hands. Then you have to use the services of corporate service.

VIDEO: Electric lawn mower does not start up well, clears the motor, repairs brake clutch

Do-it-yourself lawnmower repair: the main causes of problems and their elimination

Owners of beautiful and green lawns using lawn mowers may run into problems while working. In this article we will tell you how to repair gasoline lawn mowers with your own handsand also you will find out the common causes of breakdowns of this device.

Features of the structure of lawn mowers

Most mowers are driven by pushing from behind, but there are also models that can be controlled using the steering wheel. A specific type of device is designed for different jobs. Small ones deal with the usual middle section, and large mowers with steering control are used for large lawns.

But all devices have the same structure. Let's start with the case. Gasoline mowers have aluminum and steel enclosures.

Electric Lawn Mowers gasoline is lighter and their body is made of ABS plastic. It is used to create car bumpers. The wheels of the mower should be large in diameter, so they will easily overcome irregularities. They also create less pressure on the ground and do not injure the lawn. Bearings will provide high reliability and durability.

Many manufacturers make the two front wheels swivel. This allows for increased maneuverability. The front wheels turn around an axis and due to this you do not need to raise the mower to change the direction. Let's talk about knives. All of them, as a rule, are rotary and are located on the working shaft. The diameter of the knives determines the width of the mower.

The rotor performs following functions:

  • support knives at a certain distance from the ground,
  • rotates quickly and cuts the grass
  • has blades serving as a fan. The air flow from the fan carries cut grass to the collection box.
All knives are made of high quality steel.

Collector - This is a big bag or plastic box with holes for air. It is easily removed and the content is discarded. Many mowers not only cut the grass, but can grind it into flour. This process is called mulching. In this case, do not use the grass collector, as the greens after mowing will serve as fertilizer.

Rattling and crashing at work

If you hear a rumble and a rattle inside the mower during operation, this means that the engine bolts are loosened. Another option for extraneous sounds is a poorly fixed unit body. All this can be repaired. Check each mower bolt connection and, if there is an unacceptable play, tighten the loosened bolts.

Intense vibration when working

Another most common breakdown is strong vibration and sudden, uncontrolled movements during work. The problem is damage to the mowing knife or weakening of the cutting mechanism on the mower motor shaft.

In this case, you can simply tighten the loosened bolts or replace damaged knives, if you notice broken items.

Whistling while mowing grass

If you hear a whistling sound while the mower is operating, the problem is getting inside a foreign object. In this regard, the video in the aerator is blocked. To fix this problem, just turn off the movie and remove the unnecessary item.

The mower works intermittently or the engine does not start at all

If the mower works intermittently, this means that the drive belt has worn out and needs to be replaced. If during inspection of the unit you notice that the clutch cable is stretched - adjust it. Does the lawn mower start? Take the unit to a service center for qualified repair. The problem may be in the candles or making fuel. In such cases, simple replacement of a spark plug or refueling with gasoline will help.

How to extend the life of a lawn mower in the country: tips for care

In order not to repair the engine or other elements of the lawn mower, conduct regular technical inspections in the winter. You will find exact recommendations in the original operation manual.

Engine clean. It has air cooling so that the cooling fins work efficiently and do not overheat, clean it with a soft brush. Change of oil. In this case, the lawnmower engine must be still warm so that the remaining oil can be easily drained. When pouring oil, check its level. Carefully ensure that no dirt gets into during pouring.

At the end of each season we recommend replace air filter mowers. Since during work the dust settles in it. At this time, you can check the spark plugs. If you see that there is a small residue on the candle, white bloom or oil residue, then it will be enough to clean it or replace it with a new one. For any other damage, it is better to replace the spark plug immediately.

By the end of the season we also recommend work out all the gasoline in the tanke lawn mowers before putting the machine in storage for winter.

Lawn mower types

The traditional "pusher" technique has long received knife drives from electric motors, which greatly facilitated the work process. This type is still very popular, especially among those who want to get a beautiful lawn, but nothing compares to the relative novelty of the domestic market - rotary mowers that easily cut off even the highest grass.

Rotary mowers are powered only by the mains, and cylindrical mowers are fed from both the mains and batteries..

Both types are represented by different modifications. Gasoline mowers will not be considered separately, but the proposed options for repairing failures are in most cases identical. You should always have an operating manual at hand or seek professional advice if you have problems with care or use.

Cylindrical mowers

In their composition spiral knives, the combination of which resembles a cylinder. A large toothed pulley located at one end drives the belt (in some cases a chain), on the other hand, is attached to the second, small pulley attached to the motor shaft. The engine can drive and the roller, moving equipment on the ground.

Composed of these elements:

  1. Switch lever
  2. Emergency off and safety lock button.
  3. Switch.
  4. Filter.
  5. Air intake grille.
  6. Knife clearance adjuster.
  7. Fixed knife.
  8. Knife cylinder
  9. Large toothed pulley.
  10. Drive belt.
  11. Drive pulley
  12. Lever adjusting height.
  13. Electric motor
  14. The rink.
  15. Power cord.

When the cylinder rotates, the knives press the grass to a fixed knife attached under the cylinder, creating a cutting effect that resembles the principle of scissors. Any damage, even the most insignificant, wear, improper fixing of the knives make the equipment less efficient. The cutting height of the grass changes after adjusting the position of the roller or wheels located in the front or rear of the knife cylinder.

Rotary mowers

They have one knife horizontally attached to the engine shaft. Rotations with high speed make it possible to cut off both grass and other plants. Some models have discs with replaceable plastic knives - they are easy to replace if necessary.

Some mowers have wheels, but most models move on air cushions. Here the engine rotates the impeller, which surpasses the air masses under the hood - a lift force is created. A metal knife is placed under the impeller.

Rotary mower is composed of:

  1. Lever switch.
  2. Emergency shutdown and lock buttons.
  3. The switch.
  4. Electric motor
  5. Bonnet.
  6. Drive shaft (engine).
  7. Corps.
  8. Impellers.
  9. Clamping nut knife.
  10. The knife.
  11. Remote washer.
  12. Air intake grille.
  13. Power cord

If we talk about mowers on air cushions, then distance washers are installed above the kniferegulating the cutting height of the grass.

Alternatively, you can simply flip the disc with plastic knives to increase or decrease the cutting height.

In all types of equipment can be containers for collecting grass pruning.

Some gardeners prefer such that it cuts the grass as finely as possible and leaves pruning on the lawn as mulch.

The value of emergency switches

All modern lawn mowers have safety systems that will not allow starting work unless both knobs are in operation at the same time or a combination of the off lever with the safety lock button.. The switch is turned off as soon as the lever is lowered.

Working with electrical engineering, you need to take care of your own safety. Refuse to use the equipment if you are very tired and can not be attentive. Before plugging in the socket, check the condition of the power cord, check that all protections, knives and fasteners are securely fixed. Unwind the cord completely, lay the excess near you along the edge of the lawn, with which you will start.

Before work, check whether there are any small objects (pebbles, bones) in the green zone that can spoil the knives or be thrown back by the same knives with tremendous force. Hold the cord on your shoulder, grab the handle with both hands. In the process, make sure that the cord is always behind. Before adjusting the cutting height, the equipment must be disconnected from the mains.

After completion of work, pull the plug from the outlet, remove the remnants of grass from the knives and the air intake grille. Dry the body with a dry cloth. Use a plastic or wood spatula to remove the mulch from the bottom of the mower near the airbag. At the end of the season, thoroughly clean the lawnmower once again, and rub the knife with an oil rag. Remember to lubricate the bearings and regulators. Also check the condition of the power cord: if it is worn out, order a replacement to be ready for the start of the next season.

Mower does not cut the grass

In most cases, blunt or badly damaged knives become the cause.. To achieve the best results, simply change the knife every year. Pick a knife that is suitable for your model. When the knife is blunt, you can sharpen using an electric grind or file. When sharpening, be sure to use protective glasses and gloves. The angle of sharpening on both sides is about 30 degrees.

Simple sharpening devices can be purchased in stores. Before installing them, it is necessary to disconnect the mower from the mains and adjust the cylinder positions in such a way as to highlight the maximum cutting gap.

In cylindrical mowers, the gap between the knife and the cylinder should be less than the thickness of a sheet of paper. Some of the most advanced models have built-in knurled knobs. In other cases, you will have to use wrenches and screwdrivers to make the necessary adjustments. Observe the uniformity of the gap along the entire length of the cylinder. To check the adjustment, insert a piece of paper between the cylinder and the knife, slowly rotating the drum with your hand. Gradually adjust on both sides until the paper begins to cut cleanly at each point of the fixed knife.

Mower difficult to move

  • When the mower hardly moves on the lawn, you may be trying to remove too tall grass and have to adjust the level of mowing. When seizing rollers or wheels, they should be inspected to ensure that no grass or debris is missing. Most likely, they must be removed and cleaned.
  • If an obstacle is created to the air intake, then the lift on the mower's air cushion will decrease and it will become difficult to move it. The lack of air leads to overheating of the engine. Disconnect power and remove grass residue from air intake grilles.

Technology does not turn on at all

Long and wet grass can easily block knives. Remove the plug from the power supply and use a wooden object to rotate the cylinder to the other side from the knife until the movement is free. For gasoline mowers such a technique can not be used.

The belt, which provides the work of the cylindrical mowers, wears out over time, stretches and can break.Remove the belt cover and check if there is a break or the belt just jumped off. Loosen the fastening screws and move the small drive pulley to the large cylinder pulley. Put the new belt on the small pulley and slowly rotate the large one, gradually putting the belt on it. Move the pulley to the side to stretch the belt, then tighten the screws.

Before installing the cover, be sure to check the belt tension - the deflection degree should not exceed 4 mm (the indicator may vary slightly depending on the model, detailed information is contained in the user manual).

Cord break

With each use, you unfold, move and fold the cord. This may cause the internal conductors to break. In many models, the cord is connected to the screw terminals, which makes it possible to quickly check and replace it. If double insulation, a two-wire cord is connected.

Other models use clamping contacts to facilitate replacement. Unplug the power supply, peel off the plastic cover. When unscrewing the clamping plate, pay attention to connecting the cord to the switch to observe the polarity of the connection (the color of the wires).

In order to unplug the cord, insert a hex key into each of the holes in which the conductors are placed — to release the clamp and the conductor. Check where the gap formed.

If necessary, connect a new cord: twist together all the individual wiring of each core, then insert the twisted ends into the corresponding terminals. Pull lightly to check the connection. Then reinstall the hold-down plate, cord sleeve and switch cover.

Major problems with petrol cars

Primary diagnosis is carried out from the stage of eliminating the most obvious breakdowns. When the engine does not start, it is worth checking the presence of fuel in the tank.

If there are residues from last season, then it is worth replacing it. Low-quality gasoline after hibernation can lose its characteristics, give undesirable sediment or even stratify into fractions by density.

In this form, it is not able to start the engine, but only clogs the system.

General scheme of gasoline mower

At the second stage we find out why the spark does not appear. Its loss will not give the opportunity to ignite the fuel. We remove the cap from the candle and unscrew it from the landing nest with a special key that came with the mower. Next, throw the cap on the candle, bring it closer to the threaded part or the metal element of the motor, and at this time the partner pulls the starter.

Spark plug check

With such manipulations, a blue powerful spark should appear in the working node. It can be noticed even in daylight. It is important to test this next to the unpainted metal part of the motor capable of conducting current.

When there is no spark, you need to go for a new candle to the store. Do not return to the motor even with a weak or unstable spark. Beforehand, it is better to clean the working contacts on the head.

During operation there may be a rattle in the structure. At first, it does not affect the performance of the mechanism as a whole. However, it can lead to unbalance and increased noise during operation. It is necessary to tighten the mounting bolts on the frame.

Tightening the mounting bolts on the frame

A jagged cut of grass is evidence that you need to sharpen a lawnmower knife. Getting to them is not so difficult, but it is important to disconnect the equipment completely from the power supply.

Independent work can be carried out with the help of a yew and a file or on grinding sandpaper. It is important to ensure that the cut angle is uniform over the entire 30 degree line.

If there are chipped areas in the surface, this is evidence of contact with a hard surface. Replacing them will be quite expensive.

After switching on, a whistling sound appears. An unpleasant acoustic effect is associated with the penetration of foreign elements inside the structure. They can block the roller in the aerator. You can solve the problem by disabling the locked clip and then removing the foreign object.

Motor gasoline equipment becomes almost immediately after the start of a short work. The culprits - jammed crankshaft or piston. In parallel, we check the presence of oil in the crankcase. On a disabled engine, manually start the rotation or add oil as needed. However, in such a situation, it is often necessary to apply for restoration to specialists.

VIDEO: The main reason for the breakdown and repair of the drive self-propelled gasoline lawn mowers

Problem issues with the carburetor and fuel system

Before you start repairing the lawnmower engine, it is worth checking whether the pistons have fallen down. For this it is necessary to dismantle the motor. We also remove the carburetor from the design and conduct a visual inspection for possible defects. Usually, you will need a special TOREX screwdriver with nozzles for disassembly.

Combination reverse screwdriver TOREX with nozzles

Inspect the gaskets to identify gaps or burning. If it is found, then you need to ensure the integrity of the structure, replacing them with new ones. The air damper may contain a deposit layer, which reduces the quality of the air-fuel mixture. You need to get rid of it by cleaning the carburetor by washing the knot in a solvent or kerosene.

The choking during operation or the lack of dialing to get into operation together with the overheating of the power unit are the causes of such events:

  • Violation of idle adjustment. You can independently use a screwdriver to unscrew the nozzles in the correct position. It will be possible to do this even by ear, so that the motor runs smoothly. Knives do not need to shoot, but they should not rotate.
  • There is air filter contamination. It is enough to remove it outside and clean, rinse. Dry under natural conditions in the wind, not laying to the stove or fireplace.

Flat screwdriver remove the air filter cover

After removing the cover, the air hose is also carefully removed.

Remove the carburetor fuel chamber lid and clean it. For this purpose, a regular wag is quite suitable, but you can buy a special liquid.

To clean the fuel chamber, first wipe it with WD-40, then soak it for 15-20 minutes, then wipe it again. So you need to repeat 3-4 times to completely clean the camera and channels

After purging the carburetor is collected and returned to its place.

The clogging of the exhaust leads to a narrowing of the exhaust stream of the exhaust pipe. Resins appear on the inner surface due to the wrong ratio in the composition of the mixture of fuel and oil. We twist the crankshaft so that the piston reaches a maximum up and we clean its surface with a wooden stick.

In more serious cases, it is recommended to contact the warranty service. Otherwise non-professionalism will bring more breakdowns. Moreover, in case of independent troubleshooting and repairs during the warranty period, the warranty is no longer valid.

VIDEO: Instructions for disassembling and cleaning the carburetor on the example of BRIGGS & STRATTON

How does the household mowers?

A long tubular rod is attached to the gearbox of a two-stroke internal combustion engine. Inside the rod passes the shaft, transmitting torque from the gasoline engine to the cutting mechanism. Fishing line or knives rotate with a frequency of 10,000 to 13,000 revolutions per minute. The protective housing of the gearbox provides for the presence of holes into which grease is introduced using a syringe. For ease of use of the tool, the manufacturer equips it with a special adjustable strap that slides over the shoulder.

A cutting headset is attached to the benzocos:

  • The line, whose thickness varies from 1.6 to 3 mm, is located in the trimmer head. When mowing the grass, the fishing line is subject to wear. Replacing the fishing line is done quickly and easily in two ways: by winding the fishing line of the same diameter on the bobbin or by installing a new reel with an already wound fishing line.
  • Steel knives with double-sided sharpening benzokosu to clean the site from weeds, small shrubs, hard grass. Knives differ in a form, and also quantity of the cutting surfaces.

On the U-shaped, D-shaped or T-shaped handle, attached to the bar, are located the levers of the benzokosy. The cutting mechanism is fenced with a special casing. Domestic motor mowers are fueled with a mixture prepared from gasoline and oil, which is poured into the fuel tank. The device of semi-professional and domestic mowers, equipped with a four-time gasoline engine, is slightly different. The filling scheme is also different: the oil is poured into the crankcase, and gasoline - in the tank.

A measured piece of fishing line is folded so that one end is 15 cm longer than the second. We wind up the loop into the slot on the reel and start winding in the direction indicated by the arrow

What to do if the engine does not start?

If you can not start a benzokosu, the first thing you need to check the presence of fuel in the tank and its quality. For refueling the instrument, it is recommended to use high-quality gasoline purchased at gas stations, the brand of which should not be lower than AI-92. Saving on cheap fuel can lead to a breakdown of the cylinder-piston group, the repair of which can take a third of the cost of the mowers themselves. Equally important and properly prepare the fuel mixture of gasoline and oil. The proportion of these components of the mixture is indicated by the manufacturer in the manual. It is not necessary to prepare the fuel mixture in large volumes, as with long storage its properties are lost. It is better to use a freshly prepared mixture.

When preparing the fuel mixture, we pour the oil into gasoline using a medical syringe, which allows us to accurately observe the required proportion of components

Contamination of the fuel filter in the tank can also impede the operation of the engine of the gas mowers. Therefore, if there are problems with starting the motor, check the condition of the filter. Replace the filter if necessary. Do not leave the inlet pipe without a fuel filter.

Also needs to check and air filter. When contaminated, the part is removed, washed in gasoline in field conditions and put in place. At the cottage or at home the filter can be washed in water using detergents. After that, the filter is rinsed, wrung out and dried. The dried filter is moistened with a small amount of oil used to prepare the fuel mixture. Excess oil is removed by compressing the filter with your hands. Then the part is installed in place. The removed cover is put back and fixed with screws.

The air filter, washed in the fuel mixture, pressed and dried, is put in place in a plastic case and closed with a lid

How this procedure is done in more detail you can look at the video:

If all of the above procedures have been carried out, and the engine does not start, then adjust its idle speed, tightening the carburetor screw. In the video posted at the beginning of the article, attention is paid to this issue.

Quick Start Tips

So, in order:

  1. Place the instrument on its side so that the air filter is at the top. With this arrangement, the chainsaw ensures that the fuel mixture reaches the bottom of the carburetor. From the first attempt, the engine will start, if you remove the air filter before starting and pour a few drops of the mixture into the carburetor, then reinstall the dismantled parts. Method tested in practice.
  2. If the first advice does not work, then most likely the problem is in the spark plug. In this case, unscrew the candle and check its performance, as well as dry the combustion chamber. A candle that shows no signs of life, replace it with a new one.
  3. If the spark plug is in good condition, the filters are clean and the fuel mixture is fresh, then you can use the universal way to start the engine. Close the carburetor choke and pull the starter handle once. Then open the valve and pull the starter another 2-3 times. Repeat the procedure three to five times. The engine must start.

Some people are pulling the handle with such force that they have to repair the starter gasoline mowers with their own hands. This is possible only in the case of a cable gust or cable handle breaks. In other cases, it is recommended to replace the starter. This node is sold as an assembly.

How to replace the spark plug?

The order of work is as follows:

  • Stop the engine and wait until it cools down.
  • Disconnect the high-voltage wire from the spark plug.
  • Unscrew the part using a special key.
  • Inspect the spark plug for replacement. The detail changes if it is faulty, heavily polluted, has a crack on the body.
  • Check the gap between the electrodes. Its value should be 0.6 mm.
  • New candle inserted into the engine, tighten the key.
  • Install the high voltage wire on the central electrode of the candle.

As you can see, there is nothing supercomplex in this procedure.

A new spark plug for a two-stroke internal combustion engine of a gasoline spit is being installed instead of an old part that has failed.

Why does the bencocosa stall after launch?

After starting, the engine may stall if the carburetor is set incorrectly or there is a misalignment. By what signs can one understand that the reason really lies in this? It is very simple, due to vibrations that will be clearly felt when the mower works. You can adjust the fuel supply with your own hands by doing everything that is written in the instruction manual for the tool.

The motor may stall due to a blocked fuel valve. The cause is eliminated by cleaning it. If the benzokosa started up, and then stalled sharply, it means that the supply of fuel to the carburetor is difficult. Loosen the carburetor valves to ensure the right amount of fuel to it in the right amount.

If excessive air leaks, the engine may also stall. Add engine speed to air bubbles out faster from the fuel system of the unit. Still be sure to check the integrity of the fuel intake hose. In case of mechanical damage (cracks, punctures, etc.), replace the part.

How to clean and store the tool?

During the operation of the gas mowers, monitor the condition of the engine cooling system. The channels in the starter housing, as well as the cylinder fins, must always be clean. If you ignore this requirement and continue to operate the motokosa, you can disable the engine due to overheating.

Competent care for the gasoline spit during operation allows it to be used for several seasons in a row without major repairs.

Allow the engine to cool before cleaning. Take a soft bristled brush and clean the outer surface of the dirt. Plastic parts are cleaned with solvents, including kerosene, or special detergents.

At the end of the summer season, the mowers should be prepared for long-term storage. For this, the fuel mixture is drained from the tank. Then the engine is started to produce fuel residues in the carburetor. The whole tool is well cleaned of dirt and sent to the "hibernation".

As you can see, it is possible to repair faults in a household gasoline mowing on your own. In service services should contact in case of serious damage. At the same time, the cost of repair should be correlated with the price of a new benzokosy.It may be better to buy a new tool.

Watch the video: Riding Mower Surging Misfire Easy Fix (January 2020).