Feng Shui plot

In order for the plants in the garden to enjoy lush greenery and harvest, and the garden itself gave a feeling of harmony and contributed to the prosperity of its owner, you need to follow the feng shui area.

  • According to Chinese studies, there should be 9 zones in the garden, whose orientation may depend on the cardinal directions or on the orientation to the entrance that leads to the garden.
  • The site itself should be in the form of a square or rectangle, its surface should be uneven. If you are unlucky with the latter, then small waterfalls, artificial irregularities, arches, etc. will help. By the way, the waterfall or pond on the site should be by all means, like stones.
  • The third essential component is plants, their own for each zone.


Here is the zone of teachers and travel. This is the "male" sector. It should be restrained and rigorous. No flowers, but only trees and bushes. For this zone, suitable plants with a male name, such as peach, apricot, jasmine. To increase the possibility of traveling in this area, you should plant a plant that is associated with the place where you want to go. If you need help, advice or a patron, then in this sector you need to build a bird feeder. Here are appropriate products from metal, for example, forged lattice.

This is a career growth sector. Ideally, in this sector is the entrance to the house. You can activate the career zone with the help of multicolored delphiniums, hyacinths. In general, career growth should go on the principle of “slowly but surely”, and therefore this zone does not need a strong revitalization. Exactly trimmed lawn and a few black currant bushes are enough for everything to go according to this principle.


The area responsible for learning and achievement, as if specifically designed for the garden. There should be beds with root vegetables, spicy herbs. This place is desirable to "strengthen" the stones. For example, build an alpine slide or just lay out paths of stone.

This zone is responsible for the family in the broad sense of the word, that is, for all people close to you. If someone from the household is sick, attracting qi energy to this zone can speed up recovery. You can attract energy by planting flowers that are suitable for each family member in color. Grapes growing in this zone will raise vitality and help to work on the beds.

This is a “cash” corner. Oddly enough, dandelions are most effective in this sector. It will also favorably affect the growth of wealth of a large tree growing in this zone. Vegetables should grow zucchini and yellow pepper. In this sector there must be a fountain as a symbol of the endless flow of material means.

This is the center of good luck or spiritual center. Best of all, if the house itself is in the center, but since the rules of feng shui are unlikely to inspire you to restructure, it means that in this place we lay a round flowerbed and plant flowers on it in all colors and shapes. The main thing is that the flowerbed should “bloom” from early spring to late autumn, constantly attracting luck.

By carefully observing the animals, insects, and plants in the household plot, it is easy to determine which zone needs intervention. If there are large quantities of ants, it means that the energy is polluted and necessary: ​​first, remove insects, and second, add a plant suitable for this sector. And the emerging frogs, lizards and birds signal the harmony of all the objects in the garden.

There are some plants that just need to have on the plot. For example, viburnum. Planted at the gate or near the front door, it will protect the house from envy and evil. It is advisable to decorate the corners of the house with climbing plants so that negative energy does not accumulate there. For this fit ivy, kobey, ipomoea.

Mandatory in the garden should be primroses: crocuses, snowdrops. Blooming before everyone else, they attract awakening energy to the garden and charge everyone with vigor after hibernation.

The rules of feng shui prescribe all fruit trees are mainly planted over the fence to block negative energy from outside by crowns. As according to the rules of gardening, and according to the rules of Feng Shui, they should be at a distance of 5-6 m from each other.

Using these simple tips, you can turn the plot into a paradise, and the life of the household can be made more harmonious and successful.

Landscape Design and Feng Shui Principles

Home and garden on the theory of feng shui are one. And the basic principle of this philosophy is the empty space in the center of the plot. Emptiness in this case serves as a source of energy, giving great opportunities, and buildings line up around it.

The second principle of the ancient Chinese teaching is the idea that a human being has no right to impose unnatural forms on its nature.

Everything should develop and grow harmoniously.

Shrubs and hedges

Unnatural in this principle, in relation to the garden, are shrubs and hedges. If the plants are trimmed, then only in a sanitary manner, so that the lines are smooth. Reservoirs landscape design for Feng Shui accepts only the most similar to the natural. Naturalness is achieved by smooth, winding lines, characteristic of nature, and various turns in unexpected places.

The main point in the design of the dacha according to these principles is the lack of clear lines and coarse shapes.

Paths and paths

Winding paths with smooth turns, rounded flower beds, natural vegetation, flowers and fragrances. The road to the house should be wide, with smooth curves and a little winding. To help smooth out the influence of the negative energy of direct forms will help climbing plants, such as roses or grapes. The pots that can hide the angularity of the house will help to block the negative energy of sha.

Feng Shui Walkway

Natural heights and mounds

An essential element of landscape design, according to ancient Chinese wisdom, are natural heights and mounds of boulders, they need to be located in the south-western or north-eastern side of the site, which will contribute to stability. But at the same time boulders do not need much, it will greatly enhance the energy of yang.

For the free flow of positive qi energy, on the site you need to install a gazebo or fancy-shaped bench, but with smooth lines.

Wooden furniture in the summer cottage can be located in the eastern part, in the south or in the south-western part. And products and metal elements, such as barbecue, will be to a place in the northern, western and north-western part of the suburban area.

An important element is the lighting. Lamps and lanterns should be many, and they will be distributed throughout the territory. In the south of the site, lanterns stimulate the element of fire and bring good luck. In the southwest - contribute to the welfare of relationships in the family. In the west, romance is attracted to relationships.

The theory of interaction of the five elements

Fundamental to feng shui is the theory of the interaction of the five elements: water, wood, fire, metal and earth. The harmony of space is determined by the interaction of these elements. Landscape design for Feng Shui should combine all the elements little by little. Yin energy is considered a favorable energy for rest, for example, in the courtyard or patio, dim lighting and plants with rounded leaves will help you strengthen it. Objects in a place to rest should not be pointed and sharp. In furniture, a combination of elements is desirable, for example, a glass table with metal legs and bright colors. Ornaments in landscape design will add vases of ceramics and pots of flowers that combine two elements.

A pond or source on the site is a necessary element for a garden according to the traditions of the ancient Chinese philosophy. Water gives life to plants and promotes the free flow of qi energy. To comply with these conditions, you must dig a small lake or make a fountain not far from home. The shape of the lake should be round or with smooth curves. In the case when there is already a lake on the site, good lighting should be made along its banks and large boulders should be installed. Very good for attracting well-being the presence of fish in the pond.

Another important principle, according to experts of Feng Shui, is the principle of purity and harmony. It lies in the fact that the atmosphere of neglect accumulates negative energy. To avoid this, it is necessary to regularly clean the dacha, get rid of dead plants and carry out repairs or decoration of buildings. In a beautiful and clean place - favorable energy, which contributes to good luck and prosperity.

Trees and flowers in the garden by Feng Shui

For the suburban area it is better to pick trees with rounded crowns, such as maple or linden. Fruit trees fit quite well in the tradition: cherries, cherries, apricots and apple trees. Everything that bears fruit in itself attracts harmony. And if you have a lot of fruit trees in the area, then your life is fruitful.

All that brings fruit, in itself brings harmony

There is one piece of advice that Feng Shui experts give:

you can not cut down trees that were planted earlier, because the tree is a symbol of health and long life.

Trees at their summer cottage, in the tradition of Feng Shui, should have fleshy leaves with a good supply of moisture.

Plants like cacti and other varieties of barbed flora create tension and aggression.

Flowering lilac and jasmine bushes will add a special harmony to the landscape design. And flowers such as tulips, violets and daffodils will be the perfect filling of flower beds. To attract success in different areas of life, different flowers are used. Dandelions, for example, serve to protect against accidents and bring in money. Flowers such as geranium, contribute to prosperity, especially if they are planted in the southeast. Jasmine flowers will attract friendship to your life, but they should be planted in the northwest. The garden area where the mallows grow will bring you fertility, according to Feng Shui. And the flowers of a pale yellow narcissus will help broaden your horizons.

Flowers and plants are healthy and fragrant

According to ancient Chinese philosophy, the auspicious energy of qi flows freely and increases where the soil is fruitful, the flowers and plants are healthy and fragrant. To do this, it is necessary to regularly maintain the cleanliness and care of the site, cleaning weeds, withered flowers and faded leaves.

If there are hedges on the site from the bushes, it is not necessary to cut them often, giving an angular shape, but you need to leave them in a more natural form, only slightly removing the excess, not giving, to grow strongly.

Life in harmony with the elements and nature - this is life according to the ancient Chinese teachings of Feng Shui. Landscape design with fragrant flowers, green trees and murmuring water, filled with sunlight, will attract well-being and good fortune to your life, and our advice, we hope, will be useful to you.

Fon Shui Gardening Zoning

The entrance to the garden should be located on the north side. If this requirement could not be met, then in the north you will certainly make a false entrance (arch, decorative gate), and let the real one be inconspicuous, unremarkable. So feng shui garden will not be broken.

In the southern side we plant red flowers and shrubs that give red berries (raspberries, red currants), as well as green plants that will grow tall - best evergreens (fir, cypress, thuja, spruce, etc.). From flowers we prefer red and pink, and those species that will bloom one after another. If all conditions are met, then your social position will be on top.

If you have children or grandchildren, then this is the place for them. Here you need to make a playground, with swings, pool, sandbox-mushroom. If there are no children, make a rest zone in yellow, white and orange colors here. It will charge you with vital energy. The pond on the plot, if you want to do it, is also located in the west.

Responsible for a career. Here they plant powerful plants, best of all - trees, in extreme cases - perennial shrubs. Then the work will be argued without problems for many years.

Family area. Here is the place of a gazebo, lined with climbing vines - grapes of different varieties are perfect.

Central zone

An ideal place for a house whose entrance faces north. If we are talking about a summer cottage or a garden plot, where there is no home, then a large round flowerbed can be broken for replacement. There are no hard requirements for flowers, but if they bloom constantly, from spring to late autumn, then family welfare will reign continuously.

Feng Shui garden area also takes into account the areas between the main parts of the world.

1. So, in the southwest place a family vacation area with barbecue, swings and a table, plant yellow flowers - sunflowers, tulips, irises - any without thorns.

2. In the northwest we do without flowers, only trees and shrubs, everything is pragmatic - this is the male sector.

3. In the northeast a place for root crops, vegetable crops, seasonal greenery, and stone structures.

4. Southeast we plant dandelions - they will bring financial well-being to the family. From more cultural flowers zucchini fit, squash, chilli, sweet yellow pepper. There is also a place for a fountain and a spreading deciduous tree.

No symmetry

The correct garden area should be asymmetrical, with landscape differences, trees and shrubs of different heights. So Qi energy will be better to linger in different zones, whereas from a smooth and smooth area it will simply “blow away”.

On the site there must be a circulating water - a waterfall, a stream. It is possible and a pond or pool, then the water in them is recommended to regularly clean and change. Constantly moving streams of water carry over the negative and diseases, the standing water accumulates them.

Feng Shui in the garden

First of all, let's decide on the fact why it is necessary at all to be engaged in our section on this ancient eastern teaching. As is known, the essence of feng shui is to establish the flow of energy Qi. This favorable energy brings a large number of positive events to our home and life and makes us happier.

In addition, the correct construction of the internal space also helps to protect our home from negative external influences, protects each family member and strengthens the relationship between people. Feng shui inside the house also blocks the possibility of negative energy getting inside Sha. The appearance of diseases, problems and other negative aspects is connected with it.

When it comes to a country house or a cottage, here things are somewhat more complicated. The fact is that living in an apartment, our living space is limited only by its area, we only need to equip it.

If we have a separate house with a full-fledged plot, then the living area in this case is considered not only a zone inside the walls, but also a vegetable garden, a garden and so on. That is why the teaching of feng shui pay special attention to the fence surrounding the plot. This is the first line of defense and it depends on it what energy and in what quantity will get into our home and life.

The very same area of ​​the site is a kind of prism, which either enhances the impact of the internal feng shui, or else has a negative effect on it and weakens it. Agree that it is much easier to sift out negative energy before entering the house itself, rather than deal with negative influence inside the home.

In addition, the correct feng shui area several times enhances the favorable flow Qithat gets inside the house. This is almost inaccessible in those cases when we are talking about urban life in the apartment. This fact once again confirms the importance of properly arranging your plot and building the space inside it along Feng Shui.

Below we will talk about which plants are best placed in your garden and where exactly to do it. This information will help you to arrange a truly high-quality garden with feng shui with your own hands, and now we will touch on the topic of what can have a negative impact on the site.

Quite often, people who want to equip their plot, first of all get rid of the trees growing on it. Experts say that this should be done only in extreme cases, since the destruction of vegetation is always associated with negative consequences for the energy of the house. If such a tree is sick or dried, then its cutting will not entail absolutely no consequences for themselves.

The situation is somewhat different with vegetation beyond the territory of the site. There are quite frequent cases when just one or several trees grow immediately opposite the entrance to the territory, and quite close at that.

As you know, it is through the gate or gate that the bulk of the favorable reaches your site. Qi. In this case, the trees act as dividers of this stream, or else they completely block its ingestion. It is recommended to get rid of such vegetation as soon as possible.

If this is not feasible, then you can resort to tricks - from a wicket or gate to build a kind of corridor of hedges that would bypass the interfering trees. In this case, the flow of energy gets inside this tunnel, and then to your site.

Sick plants also have a very negative effect on the energy of the local area and home.

According to feng shui garden trees and other plants that dry and fall, it is recommended to either heal or dispose of them.

By the way, the lack of vegetation is often an indicator of the effect of negative energy. Shatherefore, you should be attentive to such signs.

Quite often, one can observe an abundance of creeping plants on the walls of houses and fences. In cases where the growth of this vegetation is out of control, it adversely affects the ingress of energy into the house. Creeping plants are good because they noticeably soften sharp corners, so using them at the site is not prohibited by the Feng Shui doctrine, but just do not forget that you need to take care of any vegetation, and especially for this variety.

Prickly plants can create a tense atmosphere in relations between family members, so they should be removed from the territory.

With a very big desire, you can drop them to the left and right of the entrance to the site, from the outside. In this case, the plant will act as a barbed protection, preventing the ingress of negative energy.

Garden Feng Shui: Defining Zones

In many ways, the principles by which the arrangement of the site, similar to the same rules when working with housing. Here we also use the Bagua grid, it lies at the heart of the distribution system of various plants on the local area.

The most successful case - the entrance to the house and the entrance to the site is directed to the north, this is the most favorable location in terms of feng shui. However, this is not always feasible, in this case, experts recommend to take that side for imaginary north, where your entry is directed specifically. Of course, in this case, the flow Qi will not get inside in full, but you will still feel the harmonizing effect on life.

The whole territory is divided into nine segments: the cardinal points and the central part. It is great if the house itself is in the center. If this zone is empty, then set up a small garden at this place.

According to feng shui, fruit trees symbolize the circulation of life and bring a lot of positive energy. Arrange one or more of these trees in the center of the territory and this will create a powerful flow of energy. Qi to your home. In more detail about the segments associated with the cardinal points, we will talk in the next part of the article.

Northern part

Traditionally, the north of the site is considered a career zone. The element is water. From this it follows that here it is necessary to plant those plants that need a large amount of liquid. It is desirable that they have a blue or black color. These can be black shrubs or blue flowers.

If you want to constantly grow in terms of career, then it is recommended to locate the moving water.

It can be a decorative waterfall, a small fountain and the like. In the event that you do not pursue career growth, then simply fill this space with plants.


This part is responsible for wisdom, learning and knowledge. The element is a small earth. There should be nothing moving here, it is desirable to make this area as suitable as possible for privacy. Choose yellow or beige shade plants for this segment.

Compositions from stones and everything connected with it will harmoniously fit in here.

In the northeastern region, you can arrange a recreation area for one person, which would allow you to be alone and reflect on different things.

East End

Traditionally, the eastern region is considered a place of health and family. The element is a big tree. In order to improve the health of all family members in this part is recommended to plant evergreens.

In general, it is desirable to plant this area as much as possible. If you arrange a family recreation area here, then this will have a positive effect on the relationship between the household.


Wealth is associated with this area. The element is a small tree. Place moving water here, it will contribute to the fact that you will always have money.

It is necessary to ensure that the water is circulated and not leaked, otherwise, the same will affect your finances.

Any tall trees, plants and structures will also favorably affect your financial situation. The higher the subject is here, the higher will be the income. You can plant purple flowers and evergreens here.

southern part

Reputation and fame - that's what this site is responsible for. The element is fire. As you probably already guessed, red plants should prevail here. It can be shrubs with red berries or flowers of the same color.

Water in any form should not be here. It will put out the fire and “dampen” your reputation. Also, experts do not recommend placing anything connected with stone and earth here, they will not let the fire inflame.

If desired, you can arrange a stove or fireplace here.


This area is connected with love. The element is a big earth. In this area it is best to place a small flower garden, it is desirable that the flowers have a pink tint. Since the relationship between the spouses depends on this area, it is recommended to place something here that will allow spending time together.

For example, it could be a bench for two, a big swing, a gazebo and the like.

West Side

This is a children's infield area. The element is a small metal. Since this zone is associated with children, it is necessary to create the most lively atmosphere. If possible, make a playground here.

If desired, a bright flowerbed of a large number of flowers can be arranged in the western part. You can also place a place for pets here, this zone is perfect for this.


This zone is associated with helpers and friends. The element is big metal. Usually, when people build a feng shui garden, they have a garage or parking zone in this area. It kind of pushes people to come to you as often as possible.

You can also arrange a veranda or gazebo for a large company. It will also favorably affect the number of your friends and strengthen your connection with them.

Feng Shui Garden DIY

Such a design is not a simple matter, because the knowledge of this topic is very extensive. It requires a painstaking assessment of the conditions on the site, you also need to analyze the date of construction of the house and the birthdays of its inhabitants. In this small article we will tell you only a few of the basic rules used by the feng shui expert when creating a feng shui design. But we have to start with something ...

School of Landscape Forms

The space around the dwelling is guarded by four mythical animals: the Black Turtle, the Emerald Dragon, the White Tiger and the Red Phoenix. Here is the value attributed to them:

  • Emerald DragonAlso called the Green Dragon, it is associated with creativity, fantasy and imagination - characteristics that correspond to the right hemisphere of the brain. Therefore, if to the right of the entrance to the garden there is a place to rest - a terrace or a gazebo, it will be easier for our thoughts to go beyond the current scheme, and this contributes to the emergence of creative thoughts.
  • White Tiger means action, logic, flexibility - qualities attributed to the left hemisphere of the brain. Thanks to him, and in fact thanks to the stimulation of our brain through him, we will be able to realize what we have planned with the help of the Emerald Dragon. For the White Tiger, the perfect place is the left side. His energy should not be woken up too much, so in this part of the garden one should not plant tall plants, place large boulders. This place is well suited for garden and compost.
  • Red Phoenix symbolizes perspectives. The free space in front of the house allows you to look into the distance and think about the future, make plans, dream. The absence of this space will prevent this (exercise: try to think about your career for the next five years, looking at the floor or at the wall, removed by 40 cm). Therefore, do not plant high plants here, but it is best if the place is occupied by a lawn or low bushes.
  • Black turtle Feng Shui turtle is a symbol of longevity, protection, health and wisdom. In Feng Shui landscape design, the turtle should be behind your home. The Chinese believed that there should be some kind of protection in the backyard, like a mountain. Considering that we operate with symbols, it can be considered a successful decision to install a slide behind the house. If there is another building behind your house, preferably a taller one, you can assume that the turtle is already protecting your home.

The school forms the landscape requires adjustment to the place of height of plants and other garden elements. The highest are in the Black Turtle zone, lower in the Green Dragon and White Tiger zones, and the lowest in the Red Phoenix sector.

A bush with red leaves (Barberry Thunberga). It is best to plant in the southeastern part of the garden, which, according to the rules of the compass is considered a sphere of wealth. Such an arrangement will favorably affect your finances.

Bench. It should be installed in such a place that there is a space behind it that the Black Turtle takes care of, because it provides a sense of security. It is also important that there is a beautiful view of the house and the garden from the bench.

Two large boulders. It is best to put them in the southwestern part so that it corresponds to the left part of the territory (White Tiger)

Stones, flowing water, two benches. These elements are located in the western part of the site. The combination of three elements in this place (Earth, Water, Tree) will well affect your plans and family life. The garden, designed in accordance with the traditions of Chinese art of feng shui, can provide not only a beautiful setting around your home, but also the well-being and prosperity of its inhabitants.

Elements Yin and Yang in Feng Shui

The art of feng shui originates from Taoism, one of the rules of which is to balance the feminine (Yin) and masculine (Yang). As Yin, we consider the lawn and the pond, and as Yang - trees and stones. None of these elements should dominate, so we will feel comfortable in such an environment.

A large lawn, on the one hand, will be a torment for a person who cares for him, on the other - it will be a space that removes interesting plants or other landscape elements from an observer in a house or on a terrace. In turn, tall plants, located close to a building, or large stones that are not properly lying, cause a feeling of irrational danger that affects a person’s emotional state.

Feng Shui Compass School

We take into account the directions of the world and the indication of the bagua, an octagon with dedicated areas responsible for various areas of life. The imposition of this octagon on the site plan allows you to determine which areas of life require special reinforcement, for example, by adding colored shrubs, tall trees or a body of water.

Geographical directions and the corresponding areas of the Bagua, together with the interpretation of their meaning:

  1. North is a career. A good accomplishment of this zone will make it so that residents will be able to conduct successful business, make new acquaintances, see professional and life opportunities and use them correctly. In this part of the courtyard, it is desirable to arrange a stream of running water.
  2. Northeast - knowledge. In feng shui, knowledge is understood as the ability of wise management, making the right decisions, fair judgments and the ability to raise children. In order to promote this, it is necessary to create a stone hill in the northeast part.
  3. East is family. This zone defines the relationship between people. Beautiful greenery and movement (for example, thin twigs and leaves in the wind) in the area of ​​the family is a condition for its development, that is, the birth of children.
  4. Southeast - wealth. Harmonious and beautiful arrangement of this zone will ensure the fulfillment of desires associated with the material sphere. This does not mean that you will have a huge fortune, but you can afford to buy what you want and what you want. Plant plants with red leaves here.
  5. South is glory. Glory should be understood as a satisfaction of what we do for family and friends. In order to achieve fame, you need to avoid exaggerations in the device of the southern part.
  6. Southwest - relationship. What happens in this zone has an impact on the relationship with a partner. There should be paired elements, for example: two trees, two stones, two chairs.
  7. West - children, plans. This is a place of rest, relaxation and fun for children and adults. It would be nice to arrange a playground here or to put a garden table for the bridge. Particular attention to this area should show people who dream about offspring.
  8. Northwest - responsive people. The area for people from our environment is our friends, neighbors, and employees. They will want to come to the rescue and do something for you. This is the best place for a gazebo, terrace, recreation area or a barbecue corner.

4 defenders of feng shui

Five elements in the garden

In accordance with the theory of the mutual influence of all five Chinese elements on each other - water, earth, wood, metal and fire, a connection with certain numbers, cardinal points, plants or objects. For example, a stone is a symbol of the Earth, a barbecue is a fire, a pond is water. Relationships between elements can be destructive or creative. Therefore, do not install barbecue (element of Fire) near the reservoir, as Water is destructive for Fire.

It is necessary to remove these elements from each other or to put a wooden arbor between them, which allows them to minimally influence each other.An example of the harmonious combination of elements in a garden is the location of red flowers near a wooden fence (Fire and Tree), bushes and trees around a pond (Tree and Water), and a boulder next to a metal bench (Earth and Metal).

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