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How to use the drug Sprouts, instructions for use

"Sprouts" - plant growth regulator based on arachidonic acid - polyunsaturated fatty acid of natural origin - activates the immunity of seeds and bulbs, accelerates their germination, enhances the growth and development of seedlings. Increased resistance to diseases, sudden changes in temperature, lack of moisture and other stresses, yield and yield of early products.

The active ingredient of the drug "seedling": arachidonic acid - 0,015 g / l
Analog: "Ward"

Method of use of the drug "Seed"

Dissolve the contents of the ampoule in 0.5 l of water or 10 drops per 100 ml of water and mix thoroughly. The prepared solution to use within 1−1.5 hours

Presowing seed treatment:

Cucumber. Seed soaking for 30−40 minutes Consumption - 2 ml / g

Tomato, cabbage, carrots. Soak the seeds for 1 hour. Consumption - 2 ml / g

Bow. Soaking seeds for 0.5−1 hour. Consumption - 2 ml / g

Peas. Spraying the seeds. Consumption - 100 ml / 10 kg

Pre-treatment of tubers and bulbs:

Potatoes. Spraying tubers. Consumption - 1 l / 100 kg

Onion sets Spraying bulbs. Consumption - 7 ml / kg

Security measures and the first pre-medical assistance: When preparing the working solution and applying do not use food utensils, comply with the general safety requirements and personal hygiene rules. To carry out processing in a dressing gown, a gauze bandage or a respirator, gloves and goggles. After work, wash hands and face with plenty of water and soap.

After contact with skin, wash it off with soap and water. In case of contact with eyes, rinse with plenty of water and, if necessary, consult a doctor for advice. If inhaled, remove to fresh air. If swallowed, flush the stomach if necessary. The antidote is unknown. Symptomatic treatment.

If necessary, deliver the victim to a medical facility (carry a container label or instructions for use with you). For advice, contact the poison control center: tel. (495) 628−16−87 (around the clock).

Store in a cool, indoors, in the dark, away from food, medicine and feed, in places inaccessible to children and animals, away from open sources of fire. Valid for 3 years. Spill the drug filled with sand, sawdust or earth and collect in a container for household garbage. Released containers are disposed of with household waste in designated areas.

Hazard class - 3 (moderately hazardous compound). Practically non-toxic to mammals, low toxicity to fish and birds. Do not use in the sanitary zone of fishery reservoirs. Not dangerous for bees, while observing general safety measures when spraying: when the wind speed is ≤ 4−5 m / s, the border-protective zone ≥ 2−3 km, the summer limit of bees ≥ 3−4 hours.

In this topic, you can leave add-ons and comments, reviews about your use of the drug "Seed".

Active ingredient and mechanism of action of the drug

The natural growth regulator “Sprouts” is a drug that activates the regenerative-oxidative processes, protein synthesis and carbohydrate metabolism in plant cells, and therefore, in order not to harm delicate shoots, you must strictly follow the instructions (the dosage can be viewed in the table). The drug increases the rate of use of germinating substances.

It is also a good growth promoter. The complex effect significantly increases the efficiency of the drug use, which makes it indispensable for growing various crops. When the seed is treated with seeds, tubers and bulbs, the planting material receives a false alarm about danger, which causes seedlings to mobilize all hidden reserves to combat stress. Simply put, the effect of the drug "Sprouts" can be compared with a graft, as it forms the plant's own immunity and enhances the intensity of their development.

How to use the drug

To achieve the maximum effect from the use of "Sprouts", you should carefully study the instructions, as the incorrect use of the natural stimulator of immunity can cause irreparable harm to plants. The drug is available in 1 ml ampoules. To prepare the working solution, it is necessary to dissolve one ampoule of the product in 0.5 liters of water, or dilute 10 drops of the drug in 100 milliliters of water and mix well. Remember: the working solution must be prepared immediately before use! The tool should be used within one, maximum one and a half hours after preparation.

Processing tubers and bulbs

Experienced gardeners have long appreciated all the advantages of sharing special preparations and traditional agricultural methods of processing tubers and bulbs. Understand the features of the use of plant growth regulator "Sprouts" will help the table below application, but it should immediately be noted that the processing of tubers and bulbs, most often used spraying technology. The operation is performed immediately before planting the bulbs or tubers into the ground. During processing it is important to ensure the most uniform distribution of the solution.

Before you use the "Seed" for the treatment of bulbs and tubers should pay attention to the table on the use of the drug. In this case, an example of the consumption of substances for potatoes and onions-sevok.

Sprouts: the pros and cons of the drug

Stimulation of plant growth is a complex biochemical process. We all understand that changing the life cycle of plants, as well as improving their adaptive characteristics, undoubtedly brings a great benefit to the gardener. But this is still an artificial process, and, therefore, it has its drawbacks.

Advantages of using the growth promoter "Prophet":

  • improved germination
  • seedlings are more friendly and strong,
  • sprouts have a more rapid pace of development,
  • seedlings are less susceptible to stress and have higher adaptive properties.
Disadvantages of using the growth sprout:

  • failure to comply with the dosage may damage the planting material,
  • excessive stretching of shoots in height
  • yield reduction.
When using the growth stimulator for the plant “Prophet” you should never forget that everything is good in moderation, and therefore the dosage should be strictly observed, and if you forget something, then look again at the instructions for use, which is usually presented in a table .

The rules of the use of the drug Seedlings, P

Title, preparative form,

registrant, hazard classes, number

registration, restrictions, expiration date of registration

(day month Year)

Method, processing time,

(R) Sprout, P (0.015 g / l)

Increased anti-stress activity, yield, increased protein and gluten content in grain

Presowing seed treatment. Working fluid consumption - 10 l / t

Increased anti-stress activity, field germination, accelerated ripening, increased yields, increased protein content in grain

Increased anti-stress activity and yield, improved grain quality

Increased yield, increased anti-stress activity and resistance to diseases, increased yield of healthy tubers

Processing tubers before planting. Working fluid consumption - 10 l / t

Tomatoes open and protected ground

Increased yields, increased anti-stress activity and disease resistance

Soak the seeds for 1 hour. Fluid flow rate -

Cucumbers open and protected ground

Strengthening growth processes, increasing yields, increasing anti-stress activity and resistance to diseases

Soak the seeds for 30-40 minutes. Working fluid consumption - 2 l / kg

Increased anti-stress activity and yield, increase in the content of dry substances, sugar, vitamin C

Soak the seeds for 1 hour. Fluid flow rate -

Increasing the germination energy and germination of seeds, anti-stress activity, increase in yield, increase in the yield of standard root crops and sugar content, carotene

Strengthening growth processes, increasing anti-stress activity and yield

Soaking seeds for 0.5-1 hours. Working fluid consumption - 10-12 l / t

Increase of antistress activity and yield, increase in the yield of marketable yield

Soaking seeds for 0.5-1 hours. Fluid flow rate -

Presowing treatment. Working fluid consumption - 7 l / t

Increased yield, increased anti-stress activity and resistance to diseases, increased yield of healthy tubers

Processing tubers before planting. Fluid flow rate -

0.2 ml (10 drops) / 100 ml water (L)

Tomatoes open and protected ground

Increased yields, increased anti-stress activity and disease resistance

Soak the seeds for 1 hour. Fluid flow rate -

Cucumbers open and protected ground

Strengthening growth processes, increasing yields, increasing anti-stress activity and resistance to diseases

Soak the seeds for 30-40 minutes. Working fluid consumption - 20 ml / 10 g

Increased anti-stress activity and yield, increase in the content of dry substances, sugar, vitamin C

Soak the seeds for 1 hour. Fluid flow rate -

0.2 ml (10 drops) / 100 ml water (L)

Increasing the germination energy and germination of seeds, anti-stress activity, increase in yield, increase in the yield of standard root crops and sugar content, carotene

Soak the seeds for 1 hour. Fluid flow rate -

(1 drop) / 10 ml of water (L)

Strengthening growth processes, increasing anti-stress activity and yield

Soaking seeds for 0.5-1 hours. Working fluid consumption - 200 ml / 100 g

0.2 ml (10 drops) / 100 ml water (L)

Increase of antistress activity and yield, increase in the yield of marketable yield

Soaking seeds for 0.5-1 hours. Working fluid consumption - 20 ml / 10 g

Soaking onion sets for 0.5-1 hours. Working fluid consumption - 2 l / kg

Natural stimulant plant immunity sprout - instruction, charm

The spring period is the time of preparation for the planting season of vegetable crops, greenery, garden berries and flowers. To fresh vegetables, berries and beautiful flowers for a long time could please, gardeners and gardeners lovers use the natural plant sprout stimulant, which is very simple to use.

Plant Immunity Stimulator is

Good growth, development, flowering, fruiting garden crops depend on immunity. Plant immunity stimulants have different directions:

  • The first - affects the growth of the root, improves seed germination,
  • Second, they increase growth, preventing the death of the seedling,
  • The third is aimed at protecting during the flowering period, contributes to the formation of a bud, the formation of the ovary,
  • The fourth stimulates the internal protection of seedlings from the harmful environment at any stage of development,
  • The fifth is to increase immunity and the development of weak or sick plants,
  • The sixth is to stimulate defensive reactions to phyto-diseases and pests,
  • Seventh - universal means, comprehensively aimed at improving the immunity of vegetation and to ensure their full development.

Produce immunity stimulants from a variety of raw materials:

  • Mushroom extracts,
  • Algae extracts,
  • Bacteria,
  • Brown coal,
  • Peat.

Using immunity stimulants, the soil is enriched for planting, the seedling receives all the necessary nutrients, vitamins for growth and development in a well-digestible form.

Stimulating plant immunity, sprouts develop rapidly, their resistance to adverse weather factors increases. In addition, fruiting, taste and quality of fruits, greens are improved.

Growth regulator "Prophet": a description of the drug

The drug for stimulating the growth of plants "Sprouts", made on the basis of the biologically active substance - arachidonic acid (polyunsaturated fatty acid, which has an exclusively natural origin).

Important!Stimulator "Seed" refers to substances of hazard class III. It is completely harmless to mammals, including humans, and has a mild toxic effect on fish and birds.The drug activates its own immunity of bulbs, tubers and seeds, and besides it accelerates germination, enhances adaptive abilities and increases the intensity of development of planting material. Thanks to its use, seedlings become less susceptible to phytoinfections, drastic temperature changes and poor-quality watering. In addition, the drug increases stress resistance and yield of plants, as well as contributes to their earlier flowering and rapid maturation.


For each immunity stimulator for plants, there is an attached instructions for use. The use of drugs, following the instructions, will bring only the benefit of seedlings. If you violate the points of dilution, dosing can achieve the opposite result:

  • Uncontrolled sprawl,
  • Poisoning plants,
  • In the worst case, the death of the root or sprout.

Natural remedies to stimulate immune defenses are used for:

  • Seed, bulb or tuber shoot improvements,
  • To improve the quality of the soil before planting,
  • The green part of the plant is being processed,
  • Root top dressing after sprout shoot.

Fully following the instructions, provides fast growth, a set of strength, high-quality harvest and immune protection of seedlings.

Natural stimulant "Prorostok"

This plant guardian is a natural immunity stimulant "Sprouts". The drug is used in preplant treatment of seeds, tubers, bulbs and other planting materials to provide internal immunity from diseases during germination, preventing the death of the germ at the nucleation stage.

Means "Seed" is made on the basis of natural fatty acid related to polysaturated species. Arachidonic acid is released from phytohormones of algae, harvested in salt water. The unique chemical composition of the acid provides:

  • The normal course of oxidation and reduction processes,
  • Improving protein synthesis and metabolism
  • Good carbohydrate metabolism
  • The absorption of nutrients by plant cells increases,
  • The complex effect of the composition allows to form a strong plant immunity.

The "seedling" begins to act at the molecular level of planting materials. Its use contributes to:

  • Fast and active action
  • High-quality germination sprout,
  • The rapid growth of the stem of the shoot,
  • It activates immune forces, increasing resistance to plant diseases, stressful environmental changes,
  • The growth of the green part of the plant, fruit formation and ripening,
  • Qualitatively increases fructification and its duration,
  • Protects the soil from weeds and pests.

Instructions for use

Guidelines for the use of the drug should be carefully studied, since the natural ingredients in the wrong dosage can harm the plant.

The drug to stimulate the immune system has a liquid appearance, is sold in ampoules in the mass of one milliliter.

In order to fully utilize the stimulator, it must be dissolved immediately before use in a ratio of one ampoule per half liter of water.

To improve the seeds before sowing, you should put the raw materials in bowls and pour the drug solution. The solution is prepared from the calculation of the type of seeds and their number. Each type of vegetable culture is soaked in liquid for a certain time from half an hour to an hour.

In the case of processing of tubers, bulbs, pea seeds, a spraying method is used just before planting in the soil.

A positive point in the use of the drug is that the plant becomes stronger and improves the quality of its life. The effect of the drug persists for a month. But since the tool is aimed at provoking the forces of the seedlings, excessiveness and non-compliance with the dosage leads to negative consequences and a decrease in fruiting.

"Charm" for seedlings

The second most common use of immunity stimulant is "Charm".

The directional effect of the drug allows you to strengthen the immune system of the seedling material. It contains polysaturated and unsaturated fatty acids, the main of which is arachidonic acid.

As in the preparation “Sprouts”, this acid acts on the plant immunity, ensuring its growth, development, fruiting in full.

Stimulating seedlings of fruit and berry and vegetable crops with the help of “Obereg” means, you can:

  • Improve the germination of sprouts from planting material
  • To ensure the stability of sprouts and growing plants to external factors
  • To increase the quality and quantity of the crop.

Means "Charm" can be used not only to strengthen the immunity of seeds, tubers, bulbs, but also the green part of the seedlings during periods of budding and flowering.

The drug is dissolved in the ratio of one ampoule per five liters of water. From the instructions it follows that “Charm” is used in a specific dosage for each type of seedlings and plants, as well as the amount of the drug is calculated for periods of budding and flowering. The use of repeated processing is possible after a month from the previous one.

The positive aspects of using the "Charm" are:

  • Processing fruit trees, berry bushes,
  • It improves the production of phytoalexins in plants, which strengthens the immune system and causes rapid growth, development, and high-quality fruiting.

The main drawback of the drug is its toxicity to a person of the third level, that is, when excessive use and exceeding the dosage causes a moderate risk to humans. This only means that it is necessary to carefully study the instructions and follow its instructions.

Natural stimulators of plant immunity “Prorostok” and “Charm” in complex use: the first for the treatment of planting materials, the second for the treatment of a growing plant - will help improve the quality of cultivated plants and fruit bushes and trees, which will undoubtedly benefit in the development of the garden and garden, will delight as an experienced gardener, and novice gardener.

Sprout - humic drug, 10 / 5l

Rostock - is a drug of a new generation of humic plant growth regulators, has stimulating and anti-stress properties.

The drug has a significant impact on the redox processes in the plant cell, activates protein synthesis and carbohydrate metabolism.

Sprout increases seed germination energy, rooting, growth and development of plant generative organs, yield and product quality, plant resistance to diseases.

A positive effect on the formation of chlorophyll in the leaves and photosynthesis, while in the plant body activates the metabolism, increases respiration, absorption of nutrients.

When using the drug, the utilization rate of nutrients from the soil and fertilizers is increased, since their intake increases due to a change in the permeability of the cell wall and increased metabolism, which makes it possible to optimize fertilizer application.

Especially effective is the physiological action of the germ is manifested under adverse conditions and man-made stressful effects on the plant, because the drug helps to restore the normal course of metabolism and cell division with the deterioration of environmental conditions and the accumulation of toxicants in the soil.

The drug is used in conjunction with pesticides in tank mixes.

The sprout in this case has an effect not only on increasing the yield and product quality, but also shows the properties of an adaptogen, that is, relieves stress from cultivated plants from the use of a pesticide.

The same drug Rostock helps reduce the accumulation of pesticides, heavy metals and nitrates in products and reduce the environmental risk of environmental pollution.

The drug is effective in very low concentrations, because unwrapping of the molecular chain packing occurs and the penetration of humic acid molecules through the cell membrane increases. It is quickly incorporated into the metabolic processes in plant cells.

Biological action:

- stimulates the growth and development of plants,

- adapts plants to natural and man-made influences,

- accelerates the passage of phenological phases (including maturation),

- actively influences the protein metabolism of plants (on the content of gluten in the grain),

- restricts the flow of toxicants into the plant.

Sprout effectively

acts on the membrane permeability of cells and redox processes in the system: enzyme-substrate,

activates protein synthesis and carbohydrate metabolism

increases seed germination energy, root formation, growth and development of the aerial part, accelerates the passage of phenological phases (including ripening),

increases yield and improves product quality

increases the utilization rate of fertilizer applied,

It limits the entry of toxicants into the plant, increases resistance to diseases and adverse environmental conditions.

The test of the drug has shown its high effectiveness as a stimulant and adaptogen in various cultures.

Humic drug Rostock - a universal, broad-spectrum. The preparation Sprout is used by soaking seeds, spraying and watering plants during the growing season.

Preparation of working (0.001%) solution: Dilute 10 ml of 0.1% of the drug in 1 l of water, dilute 10 ml of 1% of the drug in 10 l of water.

Processing of seeds, tubers, bulbs, cuttings: Soak for 6-24 hours.

Spraying: Conducted 1 time in 2-3 weeks (0.5 liters per 10 m²).

Root top dressing: Watering is carried out on a slightly moist land. The interval between watering 10-15 days (0.1-0.5 l per plant, depending on the size of the plant).

Bak mixes: We recommend using the drug in conjunction with pesticides when treating plants against pests and diseases. Thus, the plants are protected from the stress of pesticides and the accumulation of toxic substances in products.

Preparation of tank mix: Sprout 5 ml + Water 5 l + pesticide (according to the instructions for use of the pesticide).

You can add the drug Rostock to the solution of mineral fertilizers during watering. Plants will use mineral elements more efficiently.

Effective use of the drug sprout and reproduction by cuttings. Aging in solution for 24 hours increases root formation and increases the number of rooted cuttings by 33%.

Soaking the inoculation material for up to 12 hours in a solution of the Rostock preparation increases the viability of the vaccinations. The formation of roots on the stock improves, the stock grows together with the scion, which is reflected in the acceleration of the formation of blood vessels and the rapid resorption of the insulating layer.

Watering seedlings with a sprout increases survival rate, improves the growth and development of fruit and berry and ornamental crops, and accelerates the ripening of wood.

Sprout will provide:

yield increase by 15-55% and improvement of product quality,

reducing the cost of products,

acceleration of ripening and increasing the uniformity of seed ripening,

increase in resistance to diseases, frosts, drought, excess moisture,

increase of germination energy and seed germination,

accelerating the growth of the root system and increasing its mass,

reducing the negative effects of pesticides on cultivated plants and the content of toxicants in products,

increase in the utilization rate of mineral fertilizers,

reduction of storage losses and increase in the keeping quality of fruits, vegetables, tubers,

Properties of the drug Rostock:

- natural regulator of growth and development of plants from peat,

- immunostimulant, adaptogen and antioxidant,

- inducer to diseases

- high biological activity and wide spectrum of action on all cultures

- stability of the composition (production from precipitated humic acid)

- high degree of purification from impurities

- small consumption of active ingredient

- easily penetrates the plant cell

- lack of environmental effects after use, safety for humans, animals, birds and fish

- a guarantee of receiving an environmentally friendly, high-quality harvest

Epin extra fertilizer for seedlings

Epin extra for seedlings and seeds experienced gardeners use for many years, each time receiving confirmation of its high efficiency and impressive properties. Plants after its use develop well, become strong, give an excellent harvest in the future.

The drug with the name Epin, produced more than 10 years, in 2003 due to the huge flow of fakes was discontinued. He was replaced later by a more perfect one - Epin extra. It is available in 0.25 milligram ampoules (approximately 40 drops).

The main component of the biological product Epin extra - phytohormone epibrassinolide, which is an artificial similarity to the phytohormone brassinolide. Plants are able to produce it on their own, but in small doses.

Epibrassinolide penetrates into the plant and provokes inhibition of the production of growth hormones that slow down the growth of the hormones - Absisicic acid and ethylene. The use of Appin Extra contributes to the activation of ontogenesis, but does not provoke distortion of the leaves, stems and fruits.

How does the drug work?

Epin extra is used for seed dressing before planting in the soil, as a growth stimulator for seedlings and houseplants. For watering the drug is not used, because it is absorbed through the stems and leaves.

Soaking the seeds in Épinay extra improves germination, promotes the awakening of active growth, increases resistance to the negative influence of the environment. Spraying plants with a drug helps to improve immunity, increase yields, shorten the period of fruit ripening.

The tool contributes to the effective recovery of injured plants, the growth of new shoots from old and their rejuvenation.

Epin extra differs from Heteroauxin and Cornevin in that it does not force plants to grow actively, but by influencing the flow of physiological processes helps them survive in stressful situations: during transplantation, violation of the integrity of the shoots, disease, frost.

Epin extra has a positive effect on plants, but it must be applied in accordance with the instructions, strictly following the dosage. The drug solution is recommended to be used immediately after preparation, otherwise the properties of the substance are lost.

The diluted drug can be stored in a dark place for no more than 2 days. Under the sun, its storage time is reduced to 24 hours. The active substance absorbed by plants is broken down a few weeks after treatment.

Soaking seeds, bulbs, cuttings and root crops

Soaking the seeds in Épinay extra has a stimulating effect on germination and further rooting of the cuttings. In order not to harm the future plant, it is necessary to act correctly when using the drug.

Active substance Epin extra completely dissolved in an acidic medium. The water we use most often turns out to be an alkaline environment. Before diluting the drug, it is recommended to add citric acid (half a teaspoon per liter of water).

For the treatment of seeds, bulbs, cuttings and tubers of various plants their own dosage is applied:

  1. Vegetable seeds (cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, and others) are soaked for 18-20 hours in a room temperature solution prepared from 1-2 drops of the drug per 100 milliliters of water.
  2. At the same time, flower seeds are soaked, but the dosage is increased to 4 drops per 100 milliliters of water.
  3. The bulbs are kept in solution for a day, 1 ml of the drug is diluted in 2 liters of water.
  4. Cuttings for good rooting for 12 hours is immersed in a solution of the same dosage as for the bulbs.
  5. Tubers of potatoes before planting can also be processed. To do this, 250 ml of water must be diluted with 1 ml of the drug. This solution is enough to spray 50 kilograms of tubers, which after treatment can be planted in the ground.

Plant sprinkling with Appin Extra is carried out so that the sheets are evenly wetted with a solution. As shown, the most effective way to use the tool before and after budding. Spraying should be carried out in the morning or evening, if there is no precipitation and wind. The drug evaporates quickly under the influence of sunlight and the plant does not have time to absorb it.

It is necessary to spray only growing parts of plants - leaves and shoots. The drug is absorbed within 3 days, so the following treatment can be performed no less than 2 weeks. A healthy plant that is not subjected to stress, it is recommended to process for the entire season 3 times.

Epin extra is used for rooting seedlings and forming additional roots. Seedlings after treatment with the drug is not drawn out in the process of growth. Its frost resistance increases. Dissolving 6 drops of the drug in 0.5 liters of water, spray the seedlings after the seedlings have 2-3 leaves and before planting in open ground.

For tomato seedlings Epin extra can be used before budding: the drug stimulates an increase in the number of ovaries.

Spraying with a biological product (1 ml per 5 liters of water) is carried out to relieve the stress obtained during planting or during transplantation of all cultures. During the growing season Epin extra is used to process all the vegetables and flowers growing in the garden.

A solution of 1 ml of the drug in 5 liters of water is sprayed with strawberries after winter. The grapes are treated during the period of swelling of the kidneys with the composition of the same ratio.

Mushrooms and oyster mushrooms are treated during the formation of mushrooms, dissolving 3 drops of Epin extra in 5 liters of water.

Repeated spraying of plants with a solution of Épin Extra is carried out not earlier than in 2 weeks, since overdose threatens to have the opposite effect: the active substance of the preparation as a pesticide begins to accumulate in the plant cells.

Application of Epin extra for fertilizing plants

Using the agent as a fertilizer, it is important not to forget that for each plant there is a different phase for the treatment with the preparation:

  1. Seedlings of pepper, tomatoes and potatoes are processed during budding and flowering.
  2. Root crops are recommended to be treated with the emergence of shoots.
  3. Cucumbers - in the phase of 2-3 true leaves and the beginning of budding.
  4. Berry shrubs and fruit trees are treated in the budding phase, then every 20 days the treatment is repeated.

Epin extra is also used as a fertilizer for fertilizing indoor plants in spring or winter when they are deficient in sunlight.According to the instructions, for indoor plants in 1 liter of water is diluted 1 ml of the drug.

Epin extra with stress and illness

Cold soil, cooling, heavy rain or drought greatly weaken the plants, causing them stress. Weakened cultures stop growing, are more susceptible to diseases and attack by pests. All these factors contribute to a significant reduction in yield.

Epin extra is a broad-spectrum adaptogen that has a strong anti-stress effect. The drug is especially recommended in the presence of pests and pathogens, frost, excessive moisture. Getting into the plants, it activates the immune processes that contribute to the development of resistance to adverse weather conditions.

When signs of stress and disease appear, the plants are treated with Épinay extra, spraying with an interval of 10 days. The solution is prepared at the rate of 1 ml of the drug per 5 liters of water.

Such treatments are recommended until the plant recovers and does not grow. When the frosts return, the plants sprinkle with Appin Extra one day before and after them with a solution in the same proportion. Frozen or cultivated culture this tool will revive to life.

According to the instructions for use of the drug, Epin extra is not toxic to any living being, but working with the drug still requires caution. During spraying by means of seedlings and adult crops, a protective mask and gloves should be used; it is forbidden to drink, smoke, eat food.

In order to ensure a good “sticking” of the biological product to the leaves and stalks of plants, manufacturers dissolved epibrassinolide with technical ethyl alcohol and added shampoo. If this substance gets on the skin, wash it with soap and water.

If Epin extra gets into your eyes, you need to rinse them with plenty of water. If the drug gets into the mouth, rinse it, drink 2-3 glasses of water and induce vomiting. Then take 5-6 tablets of any sorbent or immediately contact the hospital.

The tool is recommended to hide from children, can not be stored with medicines and food. Shelf life - no more than 3 years from the date of issue.

Benefits of Appin Extra

Processing plants with other biostimulants leads to compulsory growth: even while in the “sleep” phase, the culture begins to actively develop. Epin extra acts on a different principle.

It helps to fill the seedlings with energy, stimulates and helps plants grow, relying on natural physiological processes. As a result of the work of the drug culture does not suffer, and the yield is growing.

This tool has several valuable benefits:

  • harmless to humans and animals when properly handled
  • does not saturate the soil with harmful substances
  • does not harm the environment
  • provides effective and careful protection of plants against diseases and pests, negative environmental factors.

Compatibility with other drugs

Gardeners and gardeners often resort to mixing drugs in order not to treat the same plant twice with different means. The combination of Épin extra with Tsitovit, Zircon, HB-101, Vitalizer will not harm the plant, since the components of the substances that make up the preparations do not weaken the action of each other.

The use of Epin to protect plants from disease and seed disinfection allows halving the dosage of pesticides. Epin is dissolved together with toxic and agrochemicals. The minus of a biological product is that when illumination epibrassinolide collapses.

The drug "Zircon" for seed and seedling: instructions

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Fertilizers for plants are important, often - needed.

In recent years, many gardeners seek to obtain environmentally friendly products, try as little as possible and use less chemical means for dressing, which tend to accumulate in the soil, in the plant itself. It turns out that instead of using the use of chemicals brings harm.

More recently, in 2001, a new drug called Zircon appeared in the agricultural markets, which in the country is produced only by the Russian company NNPP NEST M.

Zircon - what is it

This drug is difficult to attribute to fertilizers: it does not enrich the soil with mineral or organic substances. Conventionally, comparing with drugs, Zircon can be attributed to dietary supplements.

However, if Zircon and an additive, then one that works at the cellular level, is an excellent antidepressant, successfully copes with the stresses that often any plant is subjected to.

The drug, as a bio-immunomodulator:

  • activates the growth and development of the plant,
  • promotes the development of a strong, strong root system
  • helps to better adapt to the new place after transplantation,
  • helps the plant to better prepare for winter and survive all its temperature variations and stressful weather,
  • in the spring helps to wake up after hibernation,
  • strengthens plant immunity, is an excellent prophylactic against many garden and garden diseases,
  • promotes the best rooting of cuttings and seedlings,
  • successfully helps growth, flowering, fruiting,
  • improves germination, seed germination,
  • increases crop yields
  • improves fruit quality ...

and has many other beneficial effects on plants. For example, Zircon helps them to acquire strong resistance to various situations that provoke plant contamination by such diseases as:

  • Fusarium,
  • bacterioses
  • various rot,
  • powdery mildew,
  • late blight,
  • scab,
  • monilioz,
  • peronosporosis, etc.

Zircon is especially valuable for its versatility in its application. However, before you begin to use it, you should get acquainted with the drug, carefully examining the instructions, which are usually attached to this tool.

Soaking Seed in Zircon

Zircon can process any plants, as well as seeds, cuttings, bulbs, tubers, rhizomes, and so on.

Zircon solution is very well soaked seeds before sowing. The drug has a positive effect on them:

  • soaking the seeds in Zircon activates germination and growth,
  • sprouts awaken and germinate much earlier, start to grow faster,
  • receive high immunity and resistance to changes in weather, climate, transplants, etc.,
  • acquire resistance to chemical changes. soil composition.

Seed dosage varies according to the size of the seeds:

  • cucumbers: 200 ml of water - 1 drop of Zircon,
  • for the seeds of the remaining vegetables: 2 drops per 100 ml of water,
  • for flower seeds: 3-4 drops per 100 ml of water.

Seeds should be soaked in a solution for 7-8 hours in any container.

Zircon for seedlings. Application to experience

For seedlings preparing a solution based on 1 liter of water 4 drops of Zircon.

Emerging shoots gently watered from a syringe between the rows just a little bit every 3 days for 10 days. I also spray fragile leaves: using a brush for watercolor paints I shake off a few drops of the solution on the shoots that have appeared.

Be sure to water and spray the solution of seedlings for a couple of days before planting it in the ground. In the wells I also pour a little solution of Zircon (2-3 tablespoons), then plant bushes. Survival rate is almost 100%. After 4-5 days after planting I water and spray young plants.

With the help of Zircon, any cuttings are rooted very successfully. Excellent plants survived after transplantation.

In the second half of October and in the first decade of November, I water with Zircon roses: once every 4-5 days. Pour the solution directly on the branches so that the liquid over the remaining leaves and branches flows into the root. Treated so roses tolerate any winter "surprises" in the form of a sharp drop in temperature, severe frosts, thaws. In addition to roses, I also process all "sons of heat-loving".

Zircon is also spraying the roots of the plants that I am planting, as well as those that are unwell.

Attention! It is imperative that if the plant is watered with Zircon or Epin, at the very beginning, before processing it is necessary to moisten the soil well so that the root system of the plant does not get burned.

I try to process the plants with Zircon in the evening, in calm weather, I definitely look at the forecast, in order to process the crops a couple of days before the rain.

Good weather and rich harvests!

Article prepared: Lyudmila Melnikova, Belgorod

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