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Means Kombat from bedbugs: reviews, price and more

Produced by Henkel in the form of an aerosol of 2 types: Combat Superspay plus and Combat Multispray. Means Multispray produced in cylinders of 400 ml, 500 ml superspray. Both types of aerosols act against bedbugs, but Combat Superspray has a more pronounced effect than Multispray. In addition, Multispray has a more unpleasant odor.

The composition of the sprays is also different: the active ingredients of the Superspray are imiprotrin and cyphenothrin, in Multispray there are permethrin and tetramethrin.

Both aerosols have an enteric effect. In contact with the chitinous cover of the body of the bugs, they penetrate inside and infect the nervous system, causing paralysis and death of the insect.

Fact! Regardless of the chosen aerosol, a flexible extension is included in the kit. Its use allows you to handle hard-to-reach places and cracks, and the expense of funds becomes a little more economical.

Instructions for use

Spray Combat is quite easy to apply. His instruction contains detailed information on the sequence of actions when breeding bedbugs.

Before carrying out pest control measures, it is necessary to close all windows, excluding the appearance of a draft. Shake the can thoroughly. Spray from a distance of 20-30 cm at a temperature not lower than +10 degrees directly on the parasites themselves, their places of accumulation and probable habitat. Processing are:

  • Internal frame and rear walls of upholstered furniture, cabinet surface,
  • Computer location area
  • Sockets,
  • Rear surfaces of hanging pictures and photos
  • The perimeter of the room. Special attention is paid to baseboards and joints of ceilings and walls,
  • Windows and doorways,
  • Heating pipes and sewers,
  • Ventilation shafts.

Important! Despite the low degree of toxicity, using this anti-bed bug, it is necessary to observe precautions. Spraying should be done strictly with gloves and a respirator. It will also be useful to temporarily remove from the room children and animals who can foolishly lick the surface with a poisonous substance. Aquarium can be covered with a thick cloth.

At the end of treatment, it is necessary to restrict access to the room. After 30 minutes, it should be ventilated, vacuumed and wet-cleaned. Bed linen, furniture covers and clothing should be washed at the maximum temperature allowed for them.

Tip! The procedure for removing bedbugs should come with full responsibility. The consequences of negligent, surface treatment may be that the bugs "sit out" in a secluded place and, feeling that the danger has passed, will again leave the shelter. If this situation persists, they can acquire immunity to the composition of the insecticide at all, and the owners of the premises will have to spend time, time and nerves on the war with persistent "neighbors."

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Low toxicity. Treatment of residential premises can be carried out without the evacuation of people and domestic animals, as the product contains insecticides of a new generation.
  • Perfume Fragrances. According to the manufacturer, the product can be applied to furniture and wardrobe items without fear of a sharp odor.
  • The instant effect of the destruction of parasites.
  • Equally destroys the action of both larvae and adults.
  • Antibacterial and antifungal effect. According to the results of the tests, more than 90% of micro-parasites die on all types of home surfaces.
  • Existence of nozzles in a set which allow to make processing even in the most hard-to-reach spots - for plinths, cracks, etc.
  • Cost effective use. One aerosol can is enough to disinsect a room of 65 sq.m.


  • There is no guarantee of an absolute result. For reliability, it is recommended to repeat the disinsection every 1-2 weeks.
  • Fragrance fragility in practice. A few minutes after spraying, the perfumed notes disappear, leaving behind the unpleasant smell of an insecticide.
  • Exceptionally direct effect of the agent on the parasite and its offspring. Non-affected bugs continue to live.
  • Price. Although Combat is a brand of Korean company Henkel, which is produced in Russia, which allows you to avoid additional margins, its level of value is slightly higher than its counterparts.

Where can one buy

Combat Spray from bedbugs delivered in large quantities. The manufacturer has set a goal to create a drug for use not only by professionals, i.e. the victim himself can easily cope with the process of destruction.

Combat designed for a wide range of consumers. You will find it in any specialized stores, specialized online stores and can even be found in supermarkets - in the departments of household chemicals, or in an ordinary hardware store.

Price on the means of Combat from bedbugs:

  • Spray "Combat Super Spray" with a volume of 500 ml is offered for sale at a price in the range of 550 - 600 rubles.
  • Spray "Combat Multi Spray" with a volume of 400 ml, you can buy at a price of about 300 - 350 rubles.
  • The cost of “Combat Super Spray Plus” spray with a volume of 400 ml will be in the range of 450 - 480 rubles.

The cheapest price offered online shopping with direct deliveries from the manufacturer or dealer.

Kombat aerosols are popular because they easily available for sale.

Means description

Combat Super Spray and Combat Super Spray Plus designed for crawling insects, including bedbugs. In his composed two active ingredients:

The destructive effect is achieved when the drops of funds fall on the shell of the bug and act on the nerve endings, insect paralysis occurs. Bedbugs die.

Combat Multi Spray more universal remedy. With it you can fight not only with crawling insects, but also flying. To fight insects in his composed also two active ingredients:

This tool also paralyzes bedbugs.

Both of these tools are released in cans in the form of a spray. Aerosols belong to the 3rd class of toxicity.

If for any reason the spray got on the body of a person or animal, then it is not fatal. It is necessary to quickly wash the area of ​​contact with the spray in warm water with soap or just in running water.

For the fight against bedbugs are more suitable Sprays Combat Super and Combat Super Plus. They have a more targeted effect on crawling insects. Aerosols have a specific smellnot entirely pleasant for the consumer. Therefore, it is better to treat the room with a thick bandage or respirator.

Super Spray Plus Modified. It includes substances that have a detrimental effect on fungi and pathogenic bacteria that accompany the habitats of bug colonies.


  • Completely ready to use.
  • Convenient flexible nozzle allows you to spray it in hard to reach places.
  • Can not use a professional.
  • Slightly toxic.
  • Does not leave stains on surfaces.


  • High price.
  • Unpleasant smell.
  • Does not affect the eggs of bedbugs.

To economically use the spray before processing should identify as much as possible the accumulation of bedbugs, and do not spray anywhere.

The more colonies you identify, the better the result will be. Be patient and carefully examine all the cracks, furniture, bedding in the night rest area. You can combine two stages: survey and destruction. Spend more time - the effect will be high, there will be less complaints about a careless manufacturer. Expand the examination area gradually to 100% of the room inspection. Do not forget about furniture and walls - check everything up to a height of one meter.

Working with chemicals requires certain precautionary measures. Use:

  • special clothes with long sleeves,
  • respirator,
  • gloves.

After processing the housing, leave it for a while, if possible for at least 3 hours. At this time, the active phase of the action of the drug on blood-sucking parasites will occur. After returning open windows and doors, draft quickly removes unpleasant smell. Wipe all treated surfaces with a damp cloth, collect dead bugs and eggs with a broom, rinse the floors.

After some time for prevention repeat the fight with bedbugs, which came from eggs. Find out what preventive measures and protection against bedbugs can be applied here.

Combat from bedbugs. Reviews

Really complete with a large bottle of Henkel Combat is not a short nozzle. We live in someone else's apartment, furniture can not be changed. Several unsuccessful purchases of different means of bedbugs. They are survivors as terminators, they could not completely destroy them. After a while they made themselves felt. Means Combat liked, but very smelly. What they sdyha we saw with our own eyes. But after a long time the bugs appeared again. Understood that this tool destroys only bugs, but what about eggs? Pros: convenient large packaging. Cons: does not destroy all bloodsuckers.

Henkel Combat spray really helped. Six months were fighting with bedbugs. Even CEC summoned. No results! A Kombat processed and the result on the face. So many lifeless bugs swept out from under the child’s crib. Used it with the dog, all the rules. The smell seemed sweet to me. I was pleased. Pros: Kills right away! Die on the eyes! Cons: strong smell, but in principle tolerable.

War with bedbugs lasts 3 years. Bedbugs have always won a palm. There was a desire to get a double take, did not work. Recommended remedy for bugs Kombat, reviews of which are good. The fight against bedbugs was a success, I accidentally realized for myself that the tool is safe. Understood with a nozzle and sprayed spray on the face. Washed face immediately, after 40 minutes. Alive, healthy, redness and allergies were not. Four cats were taken away before treatment, but after cleaning they felt great. Pros: Effective, safe for humans and animals. Cons: To process large areas is difficult and expensive.

Release form

Against bed bugs are used aerosol products.

  • Superspray (Superspray) - combined insecticide. Contains synthetic pyrethroids cypentorine and imiprotrin. Thanks to these components, it acts quickly, destroying most insects in the colony. It settles on the surface, continuing to work for several days.
  • Super Spray Plus (S.s. plus) - modification of the previous aerosol. In addition to harmful insects, it also destroys pathogenic microorganisms, disinfecting the treated areas.
  • Multispray (Multispray) - insecticide universal purpose, eliminating not only crawling, but flying insects. It has a complex composition of several active substances. It can be used against ants, moths, cockroaches, spiders, kozheedov, bedbugs, ticks, flea beetles.

Pros of the series

Aerosols can be used immediately, they do not need to be previously prepared, for example, diluted with water as concentrates.

  • Multispray has a wide range of effects., destroying all household pests.
  • Superspray and its modification have a narrow effect, more effectively eliminating directly crawling insects.
  • All drugs belong to the 3rd class of danger, they have low toxicity for people and pets.
  • Superspray disinfects treated surfaces, destroying fungi and bacteria, which carry and distribute bugs.
  • Aerosols Superspray practically do not have an unpleasant smell.
  • Insecticides begin to act immediately after falling on the covers of bedbugs.
  • The bottles are equipped with a convenient nozzle., allowing to process hard-to-reach areas.
  • Means do not stain furniture, walls and fabricsDo not leave greasy and stained spots.
  • Ease of use of drugs allows you to independently destroy insects, without causing special services.

The composition of the drug

Combat - modern means with modern insecticides in the composition. The degree of contamination of the room depends on which type of drug to use. Multispray will cope with a small amount of parasites.

But if the room is teeming with bugs, and you later discovered the appearance of uninvited "guests" in the house, Superspray and Superspray Plus will have a more pronounced effect. Substances in their composition are aimed directly at neutralizing crawling insects.

Insecticide action

The drug contains imiprotrin and cyphenothrin, which differ in intestinal-contact action. A combatant paralyzes insects and kills them. Some brand drugs contain peritroid, which also paralyzes bedbugs. The tool is able to destroy the adult insect, eggs and larvae.

Studies of the effect of the drug proved that Combat not only destroys bed bugs, but also has antifungal and antibacterial action, destroying up to 90% of harmful pathogenic bacteria.

How to apply

To apply the aerosol, you must use a respirator or protective mask:

  • Shake the can.
  • Remove the protective cap.
  • Strengthen the flexible nozzle.
  • Open the windows before processing.
  • Spray the tool along the baseboards and the junction of the walls with the ceiling, on the window frames, heating and sewer pipes, behind the paintings on the walls, process the internal frame of the sofa and other upholstered furniture.
  • The aerosol is sprayed onto the detected habitat of bedbugs at a distance of 20-30 cm from itself.
  • It is necessary to spray not only infected surfaces, but also those places where insects were supposed to move and lay eggs.
  • Already after 15-20 minutes after treatment with Kombat you can air the room.

Do not rush to relax after the first spraying.

The bugs hide very well and they quickly develop resistance to harmful substances in chemicals. If not processed again, the parasites can reassert themselves.

Do not use aerosol in the presence of children or pets. It is also useful to know what smells bedbugs are afraid of.

Drug price

Presented in different dosages means vary in price. Combat is considered not the cheapest insecticide. The cost of a 500 ml can varies from 220 rubles, 400 ml - 160 rubles.

What insects harm our fruit crops, you will find out in our detailed article.

You want to know a lot of information about an effective drug? Http:// link you will find all the necessary information.

It helps very well from bedbugs. The main thing is not to feel sorry for the tool and process everything carefully, and preferably several times.

From bedbugs used Combat Multispray. A very convenient tool, though not cheap. But the most interesting thing is that cockroaches disappeared from the apartment along with the bugs.

Used spray from bedbugs in a country house. Super. Before that, they tried folk remedies and nothing. The store advised Combat. Sprayed the bed and all the furniture. 2-3 days passed, and the trail of bedbugs was gone.

Combat is suitable for use in homes, apartments, public buildings, as it does not emit a pungent odor and is less toxic to humans. The drug is ready to use, comes in the form of aerosols and gel, quickly and easily applied, but requires re-treatment. The price is average.

Positive feedback only confirms the effectiveness of modern insecticide.

The composition means Combat Super Spray

The composition of different types of Kombat products is also slightly different, but they have the same principle of action.Combat Super Spray from bedbugs reviews which are mostly good, contains imiprotrin and cyphenothrin.

These are powerful active components of contact-intestinal action. When they hit the body of a bloodsucker, they cause nervous paralysis and insect death. In addition, bugs can not find food, are lost in space, and the presence of toxic substances on their legs and chitinous shell causes a chain reaction.

The components of permethrin and tetramethrin, which are part of the Combat Multispray, act in much the same way. Therefore, the owners sometimes find it difficult to choose a drug. Much depends on what insects it is supposed to use against. When it is planned to bait wasps, flies and cockroaches, Combat Multispray is more suitable. If a colony of bed bugs is found in the apartment, it is better to choose Combat Super Spray.

How does the drug on bedbugs?

On sale you can find the following types of drugs for the treatment of apartments:

  • Gel Combat. This tool allows you to get rid of adults, but against eggs and larvae it is powerless. For ease of application, the gel is placed in a syringe, which helps to apply the substance in a thin layer. The concentration of toxic substances in it allows you to destroy insects, and for people and animals it is harmless. True, for small pets, for example, hamsters, the tool can be dangerous, so you should take all precautions. The tool in this form is suitable when the infection is strong enough. In this case, a quick result is not worth waiting. The gel lasts for several weeks, but each time its effectiveness decreases.

  • Spray form. The concentration of substances in these products is much higher than in the gel. Kombat aerosol is easy to apply, and the result comes almost immediately. Sprays are also available in several types. The most powerful of them - Combat Super Spray and Combat Super Spray +. The principle of infection of insects is also a chain. With the help of aerosols, adult bloodsuckers and larvae are destroyed; there is no impact on eggs. Therefore, in 10-14 days you will have to work the house again.
  • The Kombat bedbug trap is a modern and quite effective tool, similar to a small box. Its active ingredient is hydromethylnon. The substance does not cause addiction in bloodsucking, which is a great advantage. Another of its features is the effect of slow motion. The adult individual manages to crawl to the nest and pass the infection on to its congeners. If you leave the device in the apartment for three weeks, you can destroy the population. But with a strong infection, the trap usually does not help. In such cases, it can be used as a concomitant means of combating parasites.

The next questions that interest apartment owners are the price and where to buy such drugs. Since they are available in different dosages, the cost is different. So, for Multispray Combat from bedbugs, the price is about 180 rubles. Capacity of one bottle - 400 ml. A 500 ml superspray can costs about 270 rubles.

The cost of the gel depends on the volume of the syringe and is 300-600 rubles. The price of Kombat traps starts from 200 rubles depending on the number of boxes. Buy drugs in this series can be in any store of household goods or via the Internet.

Preparation of the room before processing

Combat remedy for bedbugs is quite effective, but it is a chemical, and when using it, certain rules must be followed. First you need to prepare the apartment for spraying the insecticide:

  1. Clean the floors and remove all trash.
  2. Move the furniture away from the walls.
  3. Products and all the dishes carefully pack or remove from the premises.
  4. Cover torn wallpaper.
  5. Wash linen at the highest possible temperature and pack well.
  6. Provide access to nooks.

To quickly destroy bed bugs, you need to remove from the walls of any objects: tapestries, paintings, carpets. They will have to be well cleaned and sanitized. If possible, it is desirable to disassemble the furniture so that it is more convenient to handle the back walls and soft surfaces.

Precautionary measures

Combat line drugs received a third category of danger, that is, they can be called moderately toxic. They are practically harmless to people and animals, but the destruction of domestic bugs by these insecticides requires precautionary measures.

Since the active ingredients are dangerous to fish and reptiles, the aquarium should be covered with a thick cloth. After the procedure it is necessary to ensure that pets do not lick insecticide residues from furniture and other surfaces.

Processing of the room is carried out in a respirator, gloves and a protective suit. If the substance still gets on the skin, it is well washed with soapy water. If the substance gets into the respiratory tract, rinse the mouth with plenty of water.

In the process of harassment outsiders in the apartment should not be. Well, if the family has the opportunity a couple of days after treatment to live in another place.

Reviews about the remedy for bedbugs Combat

About aerosol Kombat from bedbugs reviews are different. Here is what people think about the products of this brand:

When, for some unknown reason, bedbugs started, I read the forums and decided to treat the housing with Kombat spray. I hoped for advice and waited for a quick result, but the miracle did not happen. Filled all that you can: furniture, baseboards, window sills. For several days the parasites disappeared, but a week later they appeared again. In my opinion, they even became more. I decided not to experiment and caused disinsectors: as a result, it turns out cheaper than several times to process housing with chemistry.

Long could not drive out of the house bugs. We tried different methods, even the remedy for bugs Combat reviews about which talked about its high efficiency. The drug is really good: it smells good and the price is low. But do not wait for quick results, you need to poison several times. And the apartment will have to be ventilated for a long time: although there is no unpleasant smell, but it is difficult to breathe after the treatment.

Despite the large selection of insecticides in stores, it is difficult to get rid of bedbugs on their own. Regardless of the degree of infection it takes a lot of time and effort. To ensure a guaranteed result can only professional service. For disinsection used expensive drugs that are harmless to humans, but detrimental to pests. After such treatment, there will be no trace of dangerous parasites.

Watch a video about bed bug control

Why Combat is considered an effective remedy for bedbugs?

To combat bedbugs, Henkel (Korea) proposes using two types of Combat aerosols:

  • Combat SuperSpray or its modification Combat SuperSpray Plus, which aims to destroy the crawling insects, including bed bugs.
  • Combat Multispray, which has a universal effect on crawling and flying insects. It can be used not only against bugs, but also to get rid of cockroaches, fleas, mosquitoes, flies, wasps.

Both products are fully ready for use, unlike concentrates, which still need to be diluted with water.

Both aerosols contain modern insecticides. The Superspray includes imiprotrin and cyphenothrin, which have an effective intestinal-contact effect on insects. Contacting with bedbugs, these insecticides cause their rapid paralysis and subsequent death. In the composition of Multispray - permethrin and tetramethrin, also have a powerful intestinal-contact action.

It should be noted that the superspray and superspray plus aerosols will have a more pronounced effect on bed bugs as compared to multispray. After all, the range of their use is narrower than that of Multispray, and the insecticides included in the composition are designed specifically for crawling insects.

It is also worth noting that, judging by consumer reviews, Combat Multispray has a rather strong peculiar odor, although the manufacturer speaks of it as a pleasant lemon scent.

The above tools are presented in different dosages, they differ in cost. So, the price of Combat Superspray from bedbugs will be about 220 rubles. for a can with a capacity of 500 ml, and the price of an aerosol Multispray (400 ml) will average 160 rubles.

Another undoubted advantage in the Kombat Superspray aerosol used to control bedbugs is its antibacterial and antifungal effects (fungi and pathogens often accompany bedbugs).

To confirm the disinfecting activity of the aerosol Superspray, special studies were conducted. Various pathogens of fungal and bacterial infections were placed on such familiar materials as linoleum, tile, wood. Then Kombat Superspray was sprayed onto them. 15-20 minutes after spraying, it turned out that the overwhelming number of harmful microorganisms (more than 90 percent) died on the presented types of surfaces.

Combat Superspray is quite economical to use. Convenient in this remedy for bedbugs is that it has a flexible nozzle. Accordingly, the aerosol can be neatly sprayed in places behind baseboards, behind paintings, in cracks of walls and floor (if any).

The use of the nozzle also makes it possible, when processing, not to leave noticeable spots on the bright colors of household appliances or on absorbent surfaces such as wallpaper.

Although the price of the Kombat is not the lowest in the market, but the sufficient effectiveness of this aerosol justifies it.

I used to destroy bedbugs Combat Superspray. This was not an easy thing, because not all bugs died the first time. I had to once more properly handle the space on the floor under the bed, under the mattress and behind the pictures on the walls.

Valentina Ivanovna, Saratov

How safe is the remedy for humans and animals?

Kombat Supersprey aerosol is classified as hazard class 3 (i.e., moderately hazardous). It contains insecticides of a new generation from the group of pyrethroids. Characteristic features of this group of substances are a high toxic effect on insects in combination with low toxicity to warm-blooded animals and animals.

A lesser degree of harmful effects on humans compared to other groups of insecticides is due to the fact that even if they are ingested inside a warm-blooded organism, they will be very quickly removed from it, unlike the organism of insects.

It is believed that toxic doses of pyrethroids for dogs and cats may vary. And the amount of insecticide that suddenly inadvertently got into the dog's body (for example, when licking treated surfaces or inhalation of toxic fumes) and did not cause it harm, for a cat can be significant.

The problem of bedbug resistance to modern insecticidal agents today is very serious. According to the American scientist Gangloff-Kaufmann, in 2005 in the United States only about 6% of the premises disinsection companies stated that they would get rid of bed bugs in one visit, but more than 60% of companies guaranteed the destruction of bugs only in a few visits.

How to apply Kombat aerosols?

According to the instructions, the Combat from bedbugs should be sprayed at some distance from itself (about 20-30 cm). We must try to process not only the detected habitats of bedbugs, but also the places where they could supposedly move or where they could lay eggs.

Combat must be processed sofas, chairs, carpets, bed, places for paintings and cracks on the walls in a closed room. Do not use aerosol in the presence of children and pets in the room. When spraying, the use of a respirator is mandatory.

15-20 minutes after spraying means should be well ventilated dwelling. It is also recommended to wash all bedding in hot water and to carry out a thorough cleaning with a vacuum cleaner.

From bed bugs Combat Superspray helps only this way! The main thing is not to feel sorry for the remedy, it is necessary to splash all the slits, and best of all, two or three times!

You need to understand that almost always from bedbugs is not easy to get rid of yourself. First, they hide very well in secluded and hard-to-reach corners. Secondly, bedbugs can already develop resistance to even the most modern insecticides.

Finally, bedbugs breed at an incredible speed, so if the treatment carried out did not destroy all the laying eggs of bedbugs, and timely reprocessing was not carried out, the risk of getting a new colony of bed bugs in their dwelling becomes very large. Remember this.

Technology use

Before proceeding with the treatment of the premises, their need to prepare.

  1. To do this, you need to move the furniture away from the walls and place it in the middle of the room, opening access to the plinths.
  2. All the sofas and beds to make up to the frame, removing bedding and mattresses.
  3. Remove all items from wardrobes.

This ends the preparatory stage and processing begins insecticides.

  1. The aerosol bottle is shaken vigorously and sprayed into habitats of bedbugs.
  2. Processing is carried out from a distance of 2-3 dm.
  3. Be sure to spray the slits in the baseboards, beds, chairs, rear walls of furniture, carpets, mattresses, paintings and any hidden areas.
  4. After completing the procedure, you need to leave the apartment for 15-25 minutes, leaving insecticides to work.

Conduct The final stage operations.

  1. First of all, all treated rooms should be thoroughly ventilated.
  2. Then collect the corpses of insects and larvae with a vacuum cleaner and carry out final cleaning.
  3. To do this, make a soap solution, add soda to it and wipe all contaminated surfaces.

About after 8–10 days need to perform a second operation on removing bed bugs from home.

Combat aerosols do their job well, exterminating bedbugs. However, one should not expect from him a miraculous deliverance from all bloodsuckers from the very first use.

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In conclusion, we offer you a video on how to treat the room with an aerosol:

Variety of Combat Series Products

Modern insecticidal last generation is one of the most effective in the fight against bedbugs. The drug was developed in South Korea, but it is produced in Russian enterprises, as a result of which the price of it is available to almost everyone. A variety of forms of toxic substances, allow you to choose the most appropriate for a particular situation. In the product line Kombat presented:

    Gel Combat. Available in the form of syringes. It has a prolonged action and is most often used in cases where the main location of the parasites is unknown.Apply it should be thin stripes or points behind the furniture and on its inner and back side, on the plinth, in cabinets and other places of possible occurrence of bedbugs. The advantage is that the product is odorless and does not emit toxic fumes. Having become soiled with gel, the insect infects others, as a result adult individuals die. The result will be noticeable after a while due to a decrease in the number of bed bugs,

All this variety of Kombat products can be found on the shelves of supermarkets or specialty stores in Moscow or other cities of the Russian Federation. After analyzing reviews about Combat from bedbugs posted on the forum, and also taking into account the opinion and recommendations of the manufacturer, it can be concluded that the best are aerosol Combat Multispray and Combat Super Spray, as well as its modification Combat Super Spray Plus. They are fully ready for use and do not require fine-tuning to the required concentration.

Description of aerosol preparations and their composition

A highly specialized tool Combat Super Spray is available in aerosol cans of golden color with a capacity of 500 ml. The universal drug Combat Multispray is sold in 400 ml red bottles. When purchasing the above poisons, you should pay attention to the color design of the packaging so as not to purchase a fake. The composition of Kombat aerosols depends on the specific characteristics of each type:

  • Superspot Combat for bedbugs contains two highly effective insect-contact-action insecticide - imiprotrin and cyphenothrin. Getting on the outer cover of the bug, they provoke rapid paralysis and death of the insect,
  • Multispray does not contain cyphenothrin, but its composition contains strong substances - tetramethrin and permethrin, which effectively fight against synanthropic insects.

Tip! Narrowly directed means Combat from bedbugs - Super Spray or Super Spray Plus effectively cope with parasites, as they are most effective in dealing with bed bugs.

Pricing policy for funds from bedbugs Kombat

All types of products offered by the Korean company Henkel, differ quite affordable price. The cost of purchased drugs may vary in the direction of decrease or increase depending on the place of purchase, region, as well as inflationary fluctuations. The most likely quotes may be as follows:

  • Trap Combat. Depending on the number of boxes, their size and filler can cost from 200 to 700 rubles,
  • Spray. The price of a kombat from bedbugs in an aerosol package is in the range of 250 - 600 rubles per bottle.

All of these tools are easy to use and are recommended to be used to control bed bugs. However, you should pay attention to some features of the use of a drug. When treating surfaces with gel, it is necessary to avoid direct contact with a toxic substance. In general, any tool involves the use of personal protective equipment, as all members of the Combat family are composed of highly toxic substances. The instructions for use contain all the necessary recommendations, strict adherence to which will ensure the safe use of insecticides.

Rules of work with Kombat aerosols

Independent work with the Kombat anti-bed bug spray requires compliance with personal protection measures. To do this, you need to purchase a respirator or gauze bandage, gloves and a protective suit, which may be old and unnecessary clothing. Processing the premises involves a set of activities that involve the following actions:

  • Move furniture away from walls to provide access to baseboards, back walls of furniture and other objects,
  • If possible, make out beds, sofas and armchairs in order to disinfect the frames and soft parts of the furniture,
  • Bedding should be washed at high temperature and carefully packaged.
  • All cabinets free from things and handle the steam generator, dry cleaning or other available methods,
  • Remove paintings, carpets, tapestries and other objects from the walls, clean them well and, if necessary, disinfect them,
  • Food products removed from the apartment,
  • Remove from the room all outsiders, including pets,
  • Wearing protective equipment, direct a stream of insecticide to possible places of accumulation and directly on insects. Processed walls, sockets, slots, doorways, furniture, household and computer equipment and other possible habitats of parasites,
  • Upon completion of the process should leave the room at least 2 hours. After that, you need to ventilate the house and carry out wet cleaning.

Strict compliance with all requirements of the instructions will ensure the destruction of most of the living individuals. In two weeks, a re-pest will be required, as the preparation is safe for insect eggs, from which larvae will appear. You should pay attention to the fact that even the most effective remedy for bedbugs will not give the desired results if the processing is carried out only in one, separately taken room.

Reviews about the tool Combat

Numerous reviews confirm the effectiveness of the drug and help people who are looking for a remedy for bed bugs to make their choice.

Svetlana, Saratov: “Combat Super Spray saved us from bed bugs. The main thing is not to regret and process everything well. The effect is amazing. Managed to get rid of bedbugs and cockroaches. For reliability, everything was processed twice. ”

Sergey, Moscow: “A colleague from bedbugs was advised by a work colleague. There are no more bedbugs, but for this it was necessary to carry out three treatments. As it turned out later, this is not a disadvantage - most of the preparations require several disinsections. ”

Olga, Omsk: “Against the sudden emergence of bedbugs, my husband and I used Combat. To speed up the struggle, both traps and spray were used simultaneously. The bugs disappeared quickly and did not bother us anymore. ”

Description of funds Combat

Noticing signs of bedbugs in the house — bites, signs of vital activity, stains on bedclothes — immediately take steps to eliminate the parasites. They multiply quickly, and it will be harder to get rid of them later. One way to solve the problem is to use the Kombat series. Products developed in South Korea, but now produced in Russia, because available for domestic consumers.

Active substances and release forms

To combat bedbugs used aerosols. They act directly on insects, so they are effective when all habitats are known and accessible. Destruction of the parasite is possible after contact of the substance with the body. They produce three types of products - SuperSpray and SuperSpray + kill bugs and various crawling insects, Multispray is a universal option. Aerosols act only on those bugs on which they fell

Kombat traps and gels are not designed to kill bedbugs. Their principle of work does not imply an effect on blood-sucking parasites: they simply will not fall into the traps or try the gel, since the main food for them is human blood.

Active substances in aerosols - pyrethroids of the second and third generation:

  • cyphenothrin and imiprotrin - insecticides of contact and intestinal action, in contact with the chitinous membrane of the parasite cause paralysis first, and then death,
  • tetramethrin and permethrin - insecticides that enter the body of an insect through the digestive system or respiratory organs, kill creeping and flying pests, but are less effective from bedbugs when compared with previous substances.

Pyrethroids - a synthetic analogue of natural insecticides produced by plants for protection against pests - pyrethrins. They are characterized by less danger to animals and humans, in comparison with the classical insecticides that are part of dichlorvos - organophosphorus compounds.

Application features

Kombat aerosols are not diluted with water or mixed with something else, since they are already ready for use. Apply funds wherever bugs were seen and in places where they can live. These include:

  • walls, corners and floors for cabinet and cushioned furniture,
  • plinths, ceilings, curtain rods,
  • doorways, all the slots, sockets,
  • external parts of upholstered furniture and its frame,
  • bedside cabinets and wardrobes
  • pictures and various objects near the bed, behind or under which the bugs are hiding.
Bedbugs settle in places where people are often, especially in upholstered furniture.

How to treat the premises with aerosols

The procedure for the destruction of parasites using sprays is as follows:

  1. Preparing the room and protecting the person who will conduct the treatment.
  2. Spraying aerosol in places where parasites live.
  3. Cleaning the house after the procedure.
  4. Reprocessing. It is carried out in 1-2 weeks to destroy the bugs that hatched from the eggs remaining after the first treatment.

Preparatory stage

Before treatment with aerosol, you must:

  1. Remove paintings and other large objects from the walls.
  2. Remove bedding and other textiles from the rooms.
  3. Disassemble beds and sofas, if possible.
  4. Free cabinets with clothes and shoes from things.
  5. Take out all foods or cover them with a thick food film.
  6. Equipment and furniture move away from the walls.
  7. Pets, small children and other people from the room to withdraw.

Do not forget about other pets - reptiles, rodents, birds, fish, amphibians. They may suffer from the poison that fell on them.

How to spray and what to do after treatment

Before use, the balloon is shaken and the bedbug habitats are processed from a distance of at least 20 cm - first all surfaces of the room (walls, floors, baseboards, etc.), and after that individual items. Spray it is necessary to handle all the cracks, cracks, holes, where bugs can live

All air vents in the room during this open. After completing the procedure:

  1. The room for two hours left closed.
  2. Air out the dwelling for half an hour.
  3. Vacuuming carpets.
  4. To do a wet general cleaning.
  5. Laundry and all home textiles (blankets, curtains) should be washed in water at a temperature of +55 degrees. All that is not used, hide in plastic bags. Better if they are vacuum.

Is Combat Dangerous to Humans and Pets?

Although the active substances of any form of Combat belong to the third class of danger, when using them it is better to protect yourself. It is enough to wear rubber gloves and a mask or respirator. When treating rooms from bedbugs with Kombat aerosols, use a respirator

The third class is moderately hazardous substances. They have relatively low rates of toxicity, but if they are ingested, they cause poisoning.

The active ingredients of aerosols are rapidly excreted from the body and do not cause serious health effects. It is dangerous poisoning with large doses, but with the proper use of means Combat and respiratory protection is impossible. Signs of poisoning:

  • weakness,
  • high temperature
  • Strong headache,
  • tremor,
  • itching and burning of the skin at points of contact with the remedy.

The appearance of such symptoms requires immediate treatment to the doctor. You also need to drink more water, and wash your skin with soda or soapy water.

User Reviews

And decided to take Combat with the smell of flowers. In general, I sprayed it all over the couch, especially where their lair. They immediately began to fall and slowly die. Another convenient is that there is a special tube, with which you can spray the tool in hard to reach places (slots, baseboards, etc.). Today I slept on the couch. True woke up with 2 small bites, apparently I missed something somewhere. Well, for such a number of bedbugs, you had to buy 2 bottles of funds at once. Well, I will say that for one time the result is very good! Today I will buy another Combat and re-process it.

Kristina Sakvarelidze

Combat + was recommended as a temporary remedy. The tool has proven to be quite effective, and completely safe. Dealing with the work of the nozzle, he accidentally splashed his face with the tool. It was possible to wash in only 40 minutes. No health effects noted. After the destruction of the main mass of bugs using Fas-double, the remaining insects that got out of the cracks were effectively destroyed by means of Combat +. Not creating problems for the health of the owner and his 4 cats.


Combat from cockroaches, bedbugs and other insects - a convenient large bottle. Advantages: convenient large bottle. Disadvantages: does not completely destroy. Indeed, a very convenient attachment on a large bottle, we bought a remedy for bedbugs several times, but unfortunately we didn’t destroy the insects and besides the larvae, the furniture in a rented apartment could not be changed. The tool itself is not bad and smelly, we probably destroyed a certain amount, but we could not win using aerosols. Having just experienced a few, we noticed that this is the most effective, since the bugs appear after a longer time. Understand that these tools only relieve bugs, but what about the larvae?


For the first time I had to use this tool when I lived in a student dormitory and bed bugs appeared in the room. Tried a lot of different tools from the mass market, but nothing helped, Combat helped. The truth is temporary, because the source has not been eliminated. After the liquidation of the source, the disinsection service was already called, but the Combat was indeed effective.


Use drugs series Kombat - a good way to quickly rid the house of bedbugs. Observe safety measures when working with them and remember to re-treatment, to forget about the blood-sucking parasites.

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